Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about taking advantage of the more than 8.5 billion+ daily Google searches.

If you’re trying to get a piece of that pie, you need to master a few basic concepts.

But you might be thinking, “SEO sounds really complicated!” Or, “I don’t have time for it!

Let us put you at ease.

10 years ago we were super overwhelmed too. Since then, we’ve built startups via SEO that have been acquired for over $600 million in combined market value.

And we’ve grown Growth Marketing Pro to nearly $100,000 revenue per month all on the back of SEO and affiliate marketing.

Promise, it’s not that complicated!

If you want to learn, sign up for Mark’s SEO (free) SEO Bootcamp and read the articles below.

Learn SEO in plain, simple English ?.

Part I: Introduction to SEO

  1. Will SEO Work for My Business?
  2. How to Start a Blog
  3. How to Build an SEO Strategy
  4. SEO Best Practices

Part II: Choosing a Software Tool

  1. Choosing an SEO Software Tool
  2. The Best Chrome Extensions for SEO
  3. The Best SEO Tools for Bloggers

Part III: Getting Started

  1. How to Do Keyword Research
  2. How to Write a Blog Post for SEO
  3. How to Get Backlinks

Part IV: More Advanced

  1. How to Do Local SEO
  2. SEO for Affiliate Marketing
  3. 10 SEO Growth Hacks
  4. Ecommerce SEO Best Practices
  5. Shopify SEO Best Practices
  6. Which is Better for SEO: Wix or WordPress?