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If you’re here, you might be asking yourself — how do I get more customers? Whether you’re the 1) CEO of a startup 2) a small business owner or 3) you’re just selling a product or service — you probably want more leads.

We had no idea how to get leads either.

But over the past 10 years we’ve perfected it. How “perfected?”

If you were to Google “growth marketing,” you’d find us.

We’re usually in the top few results, depending on the day.

Growth Marketing Pro ranks #1 for "growth marketing" on Google search
We often rank #1!

We’re Hailey and Mark.

  • We’ve started (6 and 7-figure revenue) companies
  • We’ve led marketing at (7 and 8-figure revenue) companies
  • And we’ve grown Growth Marketing Pro into the biggest growth marketing blog on the internet — in under 2 years. And it makes us 6-figure passive income… and we did it all for free.


In an endless sea of marketing tactics, you have to prioritize. You can’t focus on everything — it’s impossible to do that.

There’s SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, PR, affiliate networks, influencer marketing, refer-a-friend widgets and a million other ways to get leads.

But we get amazing results like no one else because we’ve figured out a formula for prioritization.

There are a few tactics for every business that move the needle.

We know how to find them. And we’ll share them with you.

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Hailey & Mark