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4.6/5 6 reviews
Price: Starting at $99.95/month

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About SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one toolkit for search marketers. SEMrush is a suite of tools that allows you to monitor your keyword positions and performance across Google Ads and organic search. Companies like Ebay, Quora and Overstock use SEMrush for competitive insights, monitoring technical SEO performance, backlink audits, and even for paid social and PR campaigns. Most search marketers have either SEMrush, Moz or AHrefs in their toolkit.

Product Details

Backlink tools
On page analysis
Keyword analysis
Site audits
SERP rank tracking
Competitive analysis
Domain analytics
Price starting at $99/mo

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Name: Mark Spera
Title: Cofounder
Company: Growth Marketing Pro
Industry: Marketing

SEMRush is my favorite search marketing tool. While tools like Yoast are native to WordPress, SEMRush is a website that you can use to do keyword research, competitive stalking and keep track of your backlinks and tons of other SEO/SEM metrics. Frankly, the thing that might even be the most useful is researching competitors to find keyword categories to target and backlinks to try and procure. I also love the homepage setting, where I can add a list of my competitors and track their metrics as well. This is an important tool for any search marketer -- it will help you do your job better and it will be ROI positive, guaranteed. I love it.


*The Chrome extension for SEMRush is very limited, Moz and Ahrefs have better ones. *The user interface is a little difficult to navigate, but perfectly acceptable.

Value for the money

4/5 It's a bit expensive, but so are Moz and Ahrefs too. Just a relatively expensive category.

Name: Renea Hanks
Title: Owner
Company: Solid Solutions Today
Industry: Website Design

I have used SEMRush for years. Very helpful insights for search. They constantly make me aware of errors on sites, what to improve upon, and give important information about warnings that could cause a problem with my sites. They do not oversell themselves. They offer true value and if you want to buy, good for you. If you do not, good for you. Truly do not pressure you so it makes you want to do business with them.


I think that not enough people are made aware of SEMRush and need help to find their service.

Value for the money

Superior value for the money!!!

Name: Michael O'brien
Title: Member
Company: Luxe Concepts Llc
Industry: Ecommerce

SEMrush is an awesome tool for search engine marketing. I use this tool to see just how viable keywords are to rank on seo and their competition with their KD score. It's pretty accurate and you can tell what will rank with no backlinks or 10-50 and then huge keywords you need lots of backlinks. It's pretty accurate on search volume as another metric to see SV for your keywords. Overall it's a good tool and gets most things you done need for SEM.


A bit not as accurate as Keyword planner on search volume and ahrefs is a bit better for backlink checking.

Value for the money

Pretty good value on the normal plan at at 99 or 199 a month. Overall solid value for a small agency to use the tool or a small company online. Generates reports too.

Name: Justin Jaeger
Title: Project Manager
Company: Assemble
Industry: Marketing And Technology

SEMRush is a powerful and versatile tool that we used a lot in the SEO company I worked for. It has some of the most trusted metrics as far as SEO research goes. It's also pretty easy to use, which isn't true of all the big SEO software out there. I used this a lot for researching traffic of sites when searching for places to try guest posting. We needed to find sites with certain monthly traffic levels, rather than sites that only have 1 month of high traffic (which you can view the historical traffic for).


The pricing structure is kind of annoying. If you have clients and are looking to create reports for them, pricing shoots up. If you wanted to track information for more than a few sites, pricing shoots up as well.

Value for the money

If you are just doing research and work for your own site(s), you should be able to get by on the base plan. You can do a lot with this tool, so it's definitely worth the money. However, I still prefer Ahrefs to SEMRush, even though it costs more.

Name: Celi
Title: Marketing
Company: Growth Marketing Partners
Industry: Marketing

Have used SEMRush for SEM keyword analysis and competitive keyword analysis. I find the tool good for doing keyword expansion. Also keyword analysis. May also be useful for SEO.


The competitive spend data wasn't exactly accurate so I wouldn't rely on it.

Value for the money

Good Tool. Many SEM marketers use it.

Name: Mike Frank
Title: Marketer
Company: Himself
Industry: Tech

- easy to use - really helpful data - they consistently launch new interesting features - the site audit feature is solid


- data integrity is sometimes questionable

Value for the money

Its worth the money if you're investing time and money in sem / seo

SEMrush Competitors

Growth Marketing Pro's Review

by Growth Marketing Pro

SEMrush is a digital marketing research platform that has all the tools to help you analyze your competitors' sites and better understand exactly how and why they're performing how they are. SEMrush also helps you understand your own website's performance and ranking.

By simply typing in a URL, you can see the exact keywords that site is ranking for and their estimated organic and paid traffic. It also provides insight into their backlinks, paid ad campaigns, social media followings, and more.

SEMrush uses over 40 tools and reports to give you a deeper dive into what drives your competitors and market. For over 11 years (and a $40 million fund expansion later), the tool has been an excellent resource for any business owner trying to compete in SEO, from a startup to online giants like eBay or Amazon.

Read more to learn about its features, pricing, pros/cons, and comparisons to other SEO tools.

SEMrush Standard Features

Here are just a few features SEMrush offers:

  • Analytics reporting: This includes organic, advertising, and display ad research such as finding competitor's best-performing keywords and landing pages, ad budget, and exclusive audience targeting.
  • For more digging, the tool offers in-depth backlink analysis, intensive keyword research for SEO, and revealing a site's online presence - all while exploring new markets in your industry.
  • Data tools: The platform houses a few tools in its arsenal that cross, combine, and visualize data such as: 
    • keyword difficulty 
    • Site comparisons
    • A keyword generator
    • SEO optimization tools

The valuable data is broken out into charts and maps that can be converted into full-fledged pdf reports.

  • Campaign and project tracking: SEMrush offers metrics specific for your campaign needs, including:
    • Site audits to weed out any possible SEO or HTTPS security issues or analyze content
    • Brand monitoring and listening to find new opportunities for backlinks or partners
    • In-depth SEO rankings and comparisons based on Google ranking factors
    • A backlink audit tool to discover all backlinks and remove any dangerous links
    • Organic traffic insights such as "not provided" Google keywords
    • Ad building directly through the tool
  • Marketing solutions: SEMrush also offers business solutions for everyday operations like their:
    • Market Explorer dashboard that shows top players, indirect competitors, their traffic shares, and trends.
    • Personalized keyword master list
    • SEMrush Content Platform that helps pick and create the best content for your site 
    • Social Media Poster helps plan, schedule, and posts social content for your profiles. SEMrush also offers a Social Media Toolkit course to master the tool and understand key social data.


SEMrush offers a free 7-day trial for their pro and guru memberships but requires a purchased plan when the free period is over.

The "pro" plan starts at $99.95/month with a limit of 10,000 results per report, 3,000 reports per day, and 250 keyword metric updates per month. You can run up to 3 projects on this plan.

With the "guru" plan, you're able to manage up to 15 projects with unlimited access to content and reporting tools such as competitor historical data. This plan is $199.95/month.

The "Business" plan starts at $399.95/month. This plan allows you to create up to 25 projects and 50,000 results per report. This plan also grants access to 9 users per account.

For a customized experience, SEMrush offers an "enterprise" plan for more specific business-needs.

SEMrush Pros

  • Insightful keyword analysis: SEMrush provides a remarkably deep look into keywords that work, the ones that don't, and all words/phrases in between such as longtailed 
  • User experience: Each dashboard is straightforward and easy to follow. Key metrics are already split out for you, such as organic reach, traffic analytics, and advertising research. You can find all this data split out and labeled in the nav.
  • SEO help: The SEO toolkit offers unique content building optimization and assistance unique to your business' projects such as SEO Writing Assistant that fine-tunes your content for targeted keywords and readability.

SEMrush Cons

  • Cost: Although SEMrush contains a lot of useful tools and reports, the free-trial is a great way to get your feet wet and see if it's a fit for your business when the price tag is $1,000 annually.
  • Maybe too many features: When first introduced to the site, it can be a little overwhelming to find and weave through all features it offers in each toolkit.  

Looking Forward

SEMrush is continuously looking for new ways to become your SEO and marketing go-to. For example, they've just released the new Traffic Jet feature, designed to automate traffic acquisition on premium channels fully. It allows users to create, manage, and finally test online ads accurately measured through Google Analytics. This new feature opens opportunities for leads, sales, and affiliate revenue!

SEMrush Alternatives

Two of the more common comparisons to SEMrush are Ahrefs and Moz. Other similar SEO tools include SpyFu and our very own tool, Growth Bar.

SEMrush vs. Ahrefs


One of the most significant advantages SEMrush has over Ahref is the number of features SEMrush offers. While both platforms offer link and competitor analysis (and many more), SEMrush seems to cover all corners. SEMrush offers side-by-side domain analysis and overall market tracking that Ahrefs has not mastered just yet.


While both platforms come at a very similar rate, Ahref finds a little middle ground in their "standard" plan starting at $179/month. 

Both tools include 7-day trials to their starter plans, but only SEMrush offers a free trial period. Ahref charges $7 for the week.

The Ahref has four plans -- Lite $99/month, Standard $179/month, Advanced $399/month, and Agency $999/month. Unlike SEMrush, they haven't quite yet introduced a customizable "Enterprise" plan.

SEMrush vs. Moz


While Moz and SEMrush share very similar integral features as SEO tools, SEMrush continues to win over marketers based on the richness of data. The dashboard for each toolkit is more robust and continuously updated to give the most accurate numbers. Thanks in part to solutions such as the optimizing Content platform or the trend-reporting Market Explorer.


Both tools come with similar price tags. Compared to all SEO tools, Moz offers a generous 30-day free trial for the "Medium" plan (regularly $179/month). This plan includes management for up to 10 projects and 30 on-demand crawls per month. 

Moz also offers a "standard" plan for $99/month, which allows up to 5 projects. Or you can upgrade to their Medium, Large, and Premium plans for $179/month, $249/month, and $599/month depending on your business needs. 

If you plan to pay yearly, you can save 20%. 

You can find our full competitor comparison here.


SEMrush offers a wide range of features geared toward digital businesses to help find accurate competitor insight and performance while working to optimize your site and brand. Overall, as it continually refreshes and adds new features under the SEMrush belt, it proves its focus on search engine optimization with the most up-to-date metrics like the robust keyword analysis or domain-by-domain comparisons. If you take the time to dive into the platform, you'll find almost every tool to build a strong online presence.