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Backlink tools
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Competitive analysis
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Price starting at $99/mo

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Ahrefs is a tool for growing your search traffic, researching your competitors and monitor your SEO niche. See the exact keywords your competitors rank for in organic search and the amount of traffic driven by each of them. Get thousands of relevant keyword suggestions from a database of over 3 billion keywords. Watch your rankings climb with an advanced rank tracking tool. Monitor and garner new backlinks from a link database of 54 billion URLs. Ahrefs competes with SEMRush and Moz.

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Name: Justin Jaeger
Title: Project Manager
Company: Assemble
Industry: Marketing And Technology
October 22, 2019

Working for an SEO company for a while, I had access to ALL the SEO tools out there and used them all pretty regularly. Ahrefs by far is my favorite and I believe the most powerful. And easy to use. The amount of data you can get when doing keyword research competitor research and backlink research is second to none. Plus, their interface was far more user-friendly than some of the other big SEO tools. It's pricey, but honestly, the amount of information I was able to get, both for my personal website and clients I was helping, was definitely worth the price.


The price is the major setback for me. As part of a team, I wasn't paying for it. Now that I'm on my own, I absolutely know it's worth it if I'm doing SEO focused work. Otherwise, you are shooting blind.

Value for the money

The $7 trial (or however much it is at the time) is absolutely worth it. Try it out. Look up keywords and see their difficulty (my favorite part of Ahrefs). You can export massive lists of keywords that you can sort through later. And you can find all your competitors backlinks to figure out their SEO strategy. Worth it.

Name: Michael O'brien
Title: Member
Company: Luxe Concepts Llc
Industry: Ecommerce
October 27, 2019

Ahrefs is the current champ as one of the best backlink auditing tools and organic SERP data SaaS on the market. Its probably the most extensive tool for serious SEO and backlink analysis of competitors in organic search. This tool is powerful for keyword research and doing seo . audit competitors is easy with backlink auditing. Compared to other tools on the market more backlinks get crawled which makes this probably the best for seo there is.


a bit pricey without already ranking and already cashflow. costs a lot for someone just wanting to find a few longtails. For the serious company agency or team but not for the solopreneur thats just wanting to add 1000 more traffic a month on a few keywords.

Value for the money

Great value at scale. Very expensive if you're starting out in seo. Recommend for serious SEM only.

Name: Celi
Title: Marketing
Company: Growth Marketing Partners
Industry: Marketing
November 07, 2019

Good, easy to use tool for those in SEO. Good for different levels. Enjoying using it for analysis. Other SEO's I've worked with also use it and recommend it.


Not too many cons. Like others have mentioned, if the cost isn't within budget they may find it costly.

Value for the money

Good if you can afford. Offers valuable data and insights.

Name: Abel Tutrikuh
Title: Director
Company: Information Services
Industry: It
June 29, 2020

I can do pretty much anything I need to do in Ahrefs when it comes to SEO. I practically live in Ahrefs because of how many features and tools it offers. Ahrefs is easy to use and amazingly helpful. Ahrefs easily provides tons of information about basically any website and its SEO. All I have to do is put the website into Ahrefs, and voila, I have the data I need. Then I can sort the data and use Ahrefs to analyze it according to how I want. From everything from keyword search to competitor research, Ahrefs has it all covered. What’s more is they keep adding functionality and even more options. And on top of that, you as their customer can even suggest changes to them, and they listen! Customer support is excellent and has been a huge help. Ahrefs is very well-balanced between having amazing features and excellent customer service.


There's nothing not to like really. I haven't found anything that I didn't like myself. I guess the only thing that is a downside is when a tool is updating, it is unavailable for use. However, this is entirely realistic, so I can’t really complain.

Value for the money

Ahrefs is a great deal and you really can’t got wrong with using it.

Name: Jamae Canbakan
Title: Lead Designer
Company: The Wright Design
Industry: Design
July 01, 2020

Ahrefs is my favorite tool nowadays for everything related to SEO. I cannot live (or at least work) without it. Ahrefs is tremendously convenient and efficient, while still being easy to use. The interface looks really good and is pretty intuitive. Ahrefs also runs high quality SEO analyses on everything from keyword searches to competitor analysis. The customer support is excellent and very professional. I have had zero issues with customer support and have been treated as a priority every time. They definitely have one of the best customer service teams out there.


There's nothing really that I don't like about Ahrefs itself. One critique I would offer is the need for better training. I think it would be helpful if they expanded their courses in the "Ahrefs Academy" since last time that I've checked they only had a couple courses. Having something more advanced like Competitive intelligence, SEO on-page / off-page, and PPC tutorials, would really be an asset and attract more customers I would think. Other than that, I have no complaints or further critiques currently.

Value for the money

Ahrefs is well made and easily worth the cost. I can’t really think of any other SEO tool that even comes close in my opinion. I would 100% recommend using Ahrefs.

Name: Joe King
Title: Business Development
Company: Digital Analyst Team
Industry: It And Marketing Solutions
July 06, 2020

Ahrefs provides a great all in one for SEOs. Ahrefs is perfect for everything regarding links. Ahrefs also provides a ton of information such as site audits, keyword trackers, keyword research, etc. The best part with these features is that I can execute the command and then close out of Ahrefs before checking in later when it’s scheduled to be done. That way I can save time and work on other things without slowing down my computer. There are also scheduled crawls so that I don’t have to manually schedule them. Ahrefs is very intuitive and great for beginners, but also provides a lot of features for specialists with more technical skill. Customer support is excellent and has provided much needed help. The Self-help guide is also invaluable and has saved me when I’ve encountered various bugs and errors.


Ahrefs costs a lot if you have a large number of users. They don’t offer individual logins for a team, so you will have to use a limited number of user logins. This can be frustrating and difficult if a team member forgets to log out before another team member needs to log in.

Value for the money

Ahrefs provides a lot of useful tools. However, there is a bit of a hassle with logins and such. Overall, Ahrefs is worth the cost with smaller teams, but larger teams may want to look elsewhere.

Name: Ruby Goyal
Title: Technical Content Writer
Company: Serverguy
Industry: It
January 28, 2020

Ahrefs is a great software for checking and building backlinks for a website. It offers great insights on backlink profile of our key competitors, you can check top pages, organic traffic, keyword difficulty, and keyword volume on Ahrefs. It offers great options of checking what keywords you can optimize your website for, for what pages/keywords your competitors are getting most traffic for and so on. This really helps in getting good data and stats to start working on.


It doesn't offer any feature to check and optimize for Google Ads and other social media ads. You have to use other tools to get information regarding them.

Value for the money

It is quite expensive and offer 7 day trial period.

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