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SEO Expert Tips Interview Hailey Friedman and Tom Casano
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Succeeding with SEO isn’t just a matter of finding the best practices and implementing them. It takes dedication to keep up with Google updates and significant effort to get repeatable results out of SEO. 

Luckily, I have years of experience working with SEO, and I’m more than happy to share what I’ve learned through trial and error. So if you’re looking for some tips on making SEO work for your business, sit back and start reading.

To begin, let me give you a look into how I got started with SEO and marketing in the first place. In 2012, I wanted to start a business.

At the time, I was regularly listening to things like Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast, so I decided to start a lead generation business for life coaches.

Thus, was born

For the first three years I owned Life Coach Spotter, I worked hard to increase my organic traffic. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the fourth year that I began to see results. 

I saw my monthly organic traffic increase from 5,000 visitors per month to over 20,000. Of course, it wouldn’t have taken me that long if I had the SEO knowledge I have now.

One of the clients at Sure Oak, my new company, actually spent over $200,000 dollars on content creation. We did link building for them and as a result, their organic growth since we started working with them has grown over 10x.

Here’s me talking to Growth Marketing Pro cofounder, Hailey Friedman about some of my expert strategies.

Here’s some of what we cover in the interview:

With so many potential ranking factors, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best ones to start with. In my experience, I’ve found there are three ranking factors that have the biggest impact on your organic traffic growth.  These are the three you should focus most of your attention on when you’re getting started with SEO.

They are:

  • Content
  • Keyword Research and optimization
  • Link building

One of the most important factors for your content is its optimization and focus on keywords people are actually searching for. To do that, you need to first start with keyword research.

Read Growth Marketing Pro’s Will SEO Work for Me? for more on that.

Create Content and Build a Targeted Keyword Strategy Into Your Business Model

It may seem intuitive, but many marketers create content around a topic of their own choice, only to find that people aren’t searching for the information in the way they first imagined.

To avoid having similar issues in your own SEO strategy, you need to really focus on researching and creating content for highly targeted keywords. Unfortunately, there are no hard rules for choosing the right keywords to pursue. It all depends on the industry you’re in and on the goals you want to achieve

You should also keep in mind that the keywords that have high buying intent are practically impossible to rank for when you’re just starting out, and keywords in different parts of the sales funnel have different conversion rates.

Those top spots are typically held by big names like Amazon for ecommerce or Zillow for real estate, so when you’re choosing which keywords to try to rank for, I recommend keeping in mind the intent of the person performing the search (are they likely to convert?), their stage in the sales funnel, and the competitiveness of the keyword (how many websites are competing for it).

I would also recommend using Facebook retargeting in sync with your SEO strategy. It enables you to get multiple touches with people who have already shown an interest in your product or service. In my experience, a retargeted audience is gold.

You can’t go wrong with retargeting.

Unfortunately, you can go wrong with your SEO strategy. Let me explain.

SEO Don’t: Crappy Content 

Marketers and entrepreneurs tend to make a lot of mistakes when they first start investing in SEO. I know I did. However, there are a few mistakes that are just way too overdone. They are:

  • Creating content for content’s sake
  • Targeting only one keyword
  • Not paying attention to content length
  • Not optimizing pages

Creating content for content’s sake

There’s a highly perpetuated myth that you need to be constantly creating new content in order to rank for anything, but content freshness has little to nothing to do with your ranking abilities. In fact, it’s much better to have a small batch of long-form, amazing content than a never ending flood of short, uncompetitive blog posts. This takes us to the next mistake.

Targeting only one keyword

Many people make the mistake of only targeting the keyword most associated with their content topic when they first start pursuing SEO. However, to see a substantial impact from your SEO, you want to target more than one keyword. And due to the commonly short length of blog posts, it can be difficult to target and rank for more than one keyword. That’s where content length comes in.

Content length 

Remember how I said it’s better to have a smaller number of articles but that are longer and more in-depth? Well, it’s impossible to create content that’s authoritative in that way if you only write short blog posts. Your best option for content if you want to see results from your SEO efforts is the comprehensive content guide. Unlike blog posts, this content type is long, trustworthy, well-researched, and evergreen.

Google loves pages that are robust and answer every reader’s question. Consider putting other media on the page alongside including webinars, video and more.

Not optimizing pages

The content and web pages on your site should always be optimized in the best way possible. Without optimization, your content might as well not even exist. That’s how little attention Google and other search engines, as well as websites you want to link to you, will pay it – because no one is searching for it.

That brings me to the final ranking factor you should focus on when starting an SEO initiative: backlinks.

SEO Strategy: Backlinking

Building backlinks is perhaps the most important ranking factor in all of Google’s algorithm. The number of backlinks to your website helps determine the domain authority and ranking position for each page of your website. Pretty scary, huh? Don’t worry, though, provided you’ve invested in great and valuable content, you should be able to build backlinks over time through relationship building and so forth.

To get started on link building, you can check out Sure Oak’s comprehensive guide to the types of links you want and how to get them.

No matter where you are in your SEO strategy, it’s never too late to start focusing on these three ranking factors. Once you do, you’ll be guaranteed to see results.

Have any questions I didn’t answer?  Feel free to reach out to me here.  

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    Hey, great discussion. Always good to go over the foundations again and see if I’m missing anything. I had just a question non-related to the content, but I’m curious to hear what tool(s) you use for creating this video/podcast. I’m very impressed with the quality of sound & footage.

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    Great Share! This article is really very informative. I like your point of unique content as the content on the website plays a major role. The content should be relevant and most important it should be easy to understand by the customers and website must be user-friendly. We must have to keep this in mind while doing SEO.

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    As these Seo tips changes from time to time and updating its policies as Google is a major search engines which have different algorithms which are changing from time to time and updating it policies by which the normal website can also become popular in some time by implementing the various strategies on the website such as link building and following on page strategies.

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    Indeed, it takes dedication to keep up with Google updates! I do agree, Content, Keyword Research and optimization, and Link building are basically the major ranking factors that can affect a site’s organic traffic growth. Thanks for conducting the interview, I picked up some tips!

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    Thanks for the information. sounds so great and helpful. I will keep this in mind!

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    Content is the most important part as Google wants to highly rank content which produces value for its readers. So I think it is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic on websites.


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