Growth Marketing

Growth marketing is a growth-centric discipline of marketing.

“Growth marketing” was officially born out of Eric Ries’ book, The Lean Startup. Though, the concept of growth marketing was around much before the book was published in 2011, The Lean Startup teaches entrepreneurs how to be hyper-efficient with resources in order to make the most viable business decisions. Run experiments all the time — fast — and find channels and strategies that makes your business grow.

Disciplines within growth marketing include:

  • Paid marketing like Facebook or Google Ads
  • SEO
  • PR or communications
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product marketing
  • And many more…

Our favorite posts include:

Growth Marketing


How to Get More Customers with GrowthBar

Are you ticked off because your competitors are beating you in organic search (SEO) or they’re simply out-marketing you across the board? Are you tired of writing content that no one reads or shares on social media? It sucks when Google doesn’t reward you for your…


SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Moz vs GrowthBar

There’s 1.7 billion websites on the internet. And Google updates its algorithm 500+ times per year. So if you’re an entrepreneur or marketer trying to compete in search engine optimization (SEO), you need a great tool to keep up. The best tools — Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs…


Will SEO Work for My Startup?

SEO stands for search engine optimization — the art of gratifying Google so that your website comes up #1 in the Google search engine results page (SERP). Agencies, bloggers, growth marketers and founders often misunderstand SEO. Why? Because SEO isn’t for everyone. Every business is different.…

market research

The 8 Best Market Research Tools

Market research tools have come a long way in recent years. Conducting market research is no longer an enormous, arduous task like it was in the days of Mad Men. Today there are tools out there to take all the hard work of market research off…

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The Best Referral Program Software for Referral Marketing in 2020

The Best Referral Program Software, according to Growth Marketing Pro, Hailey Friedman. Hey there, it’s me – Hailey. People often ask me, “What’s the best way to get customers?” My answer every time: A referral program What is a referral program?  A referral program is the…


Why Lifetime Value is the Most Important Metric for Any Business

Like most entrepreneurs and marketers, when I began my career, I was fixated on acquiring the most customers. Even if my customers were spending only $10, I was thrilled to have them! Don’t get me wrong. I still love acquiring tons of users. But if all…

lead generation and inbound marketing for B2B

The 10 Best Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

When it comes to lead generation strategies, I know what works. In this post, I speak from first-hand experience acquiring leads at… Venture-backed startups in San Francisco 600+ small businesses and startups I’ve consulted for This blog, Growth Marketing Pro Recently, I grew a B2B SaaS…

Untitled design

How to Use Data and Personalization to Learn About Your Customers

If you want to grow fast, you need to understand your target market. Here’s how to learn more about your potential customers, while giving them a rewarding, interactive experience. Take a look through some “end of the decade” marketing trend reports, and you’ll see the same…


B2B vs B2C Growth Marketing- How are they Different?

Growth marketing tactics can be very different from one business model to the next. B2B and B2C businesses acquire users differently. The two most common types of business are B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer). A B2B business makes money by selling their product or service to…

facebook ad tips 2020

5 Tips on Crushing It With Facebook Ads Right Now

Over 2 million advertisers have used the Facebook ad platform in the last two years. And according to WordStream, average cost-per-click (CPC) has reached $1.72.  Not too long ago, advertising on Facebook cost pennies. But as with most digital marketing channels, competition is driving up costs.…


The Best Marketing and Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles [2020]

The Best Marketing and Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles It can be tough to figure out which marketing agency is right for your business – there are hundreds (if not thousands!) of marketing agencies in Los Angeles, and you definitely want to make sure you are…


The Best Marketing and Advertising Agencies in San Francisco [2020]

A complete list of the top marketing and advertising agencies in San Francisco. Hey there! I’m glad you’re here and ready to take the next step in growing your business. Here in San Francisco, we’re surrounded by thousands of ambitious people building booming businesses. But underneath…

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The Best Marketing and Advertising Agencies in NYC [to use in 2020]

A complete list of the top marketing and advertising agencies in NYC. Congrats! You are here because you’re ready to take the next step in growing your business. Here in NYC, we’re surrounded by thousands of ambitious people building booming businesses. But underneath all that growth…

social media specialist

Becoming a Badass Social Media Specialist Following These Steps

If you ask on Twitter what a social media specialist does you’ll receive hilarious, serious, and entertaining replies. After I saw Matt’s tweet, I immediately thought we need to go deeper into this.  No, it’s not about fixing a problem with Facebook, getting other people verified…

Business Phone Service

The Best Business Phone Services

Deciding on which business phone service is best for your business needs can be a challenging task. With dozens of different choices available today, each one offering valuable tools and features, there’s isn’t a simple answer of which one is the perfect choice. Adding one of…