The Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Best Digital Marketing Courses Online
I'm a marketing expert, a chef-in-training and a San Francisco resident. Also, I started this blog, Growth Marketing Pro and built it into a 6-figure passive income business in 18 months.

Learn from the Best Digital Marketing Courses Online. Top Online Training and Certificate Classes

If you want to better your digital marketing knowledge, there are a lot of options to choose from. It seems like everyone and their brother offers a Marketing Masterclass. Which ones are good? How do you avoid scam?

We recommend avoiding programs with a “get rich quick” feel to them. Instead select a class that is geared towards growing your skills and knowledge.

Things to keep in mind

  • Many classes offer custom, one-on-one, or live training. This is a highly valuable attribute and we recommend those courses over others.
  • Although not an online course, there are a few explicitly in-person workshops that are quality and very much worth considering.
  • A great place to start, is with our 100% free Growth Marketing Training. It’s only 1 hour long and you’ll get a TON of value from it– including templates and resources that we use to get customers and drive growth with predictability.  After that, you may consider one of the longer bootcamps below.

Below is our list of vetted and high quality digital marketing courses that you can take online…

Table of Contents

  1. Demand Curve
  2. Seth Godin
  3. Reforge
  4. Ben Malol
  5. System Training
  6. Increase Academy
  7. Platzi
  8. ConversionXL
  9. DigitalMarketer
  10. Neil Patel
  11. Start&Scale
  12. Gimme Growth
  13. SimpliLearn
  14. Growth Tribe (in-person)
  15. Tradecraft (in-person)

Online Digital Marketing Courses

Demand Curve

demand curve digital marketing course

Demand Curve is a growth agency in San Francisco that offers a personalized training in growth marketing. Their courses are designed for senior and strategic roles. It is taught by a team of experts that has simultaneously worked on growth marketing for over 20 major startups.

Demand Curve review:

This is a 3.5 week course that is taken remotely. There is no pre-recorded content, students learn through written guides and Slack conversations. Average students spend 1.5 to 3 hours per day. This is a high-level course with very quality material.


  • Hands-on project based learning from some of the industries finest
  • Extremely up-to-date info
  • In-depth, one-on-one mentorship


  • Must apply for the course

Demand Curve pricing: $5,800

Special offer: Use this link for $500 OFF

Demand Curve link


Seth Godin’s altMBA program

seth godin Online Digital Marketing Course

The altMBA program offered by Seth Godin is a 4 week online workshop designed for ambitious individuals wanting to take it to the next level. Admission is selective and prioritized based on “professional achievements and ruckusmaker attitude”.

Seth Godin’s altMBA review:

With the altMBA you learn through teamwork, coaching, and projects. There is one coach for every 10 students. Over 75% of the course is spent producing work. A well-designed and effective course.


  • Personalized feedback
  • Small class sizes
  • Team discussion and collaboration


  • Not everybody is accepted (a pro for some)
  • Program dates might be restrictive for some

Seth Godin’s altMBA pricing: $3,850

Seth Godin’s altMBA video: “Why I built the altMBA”

Seth Godin’s altMBA link


pasted image 0 8

Refore offers 3 programs designed for experienced product and marketing professionals – Growth Series, Retention + Engagement Deep Dive, and Growth Models Deep Dive.

Reforge review:

You can get a comprehensive foundation with the Growth Series course. Each course is 8 weeks, and can be taken part-time from anywhere in the world.


  • Very in-depth and comprehensive content
  • Application focused training
  • Weekly live training  events that can be participated in online or in person (San Francisco, US)


  • Need to apply and wait for the next session

Reforge pricing:

  • $3,495 for individuals
  • $2,995 per seat for groups of 3+

Reforge video: Podcast with Brian Balfour

Reforge link

Ben Malol

Ben Malol Online Digital Marketing Course

Ben Malol is a Facebook marketer who teaches a Social Marketing Masterclass. It seems marketed to people without any experience and definitely has a “get-rich-quick” feel to it.

Ben Malol review:

His master class has 50 video lessons, all relating to Facebook ads. His Facebook banner says “I make people buy s*** they don’t need”,  which makes me wonder if that includes his course.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • He has a fair amount of free content


  • “Get rich quick” feel
  • Limited to Facebook ads

Ben Malol pricing:

  • He has 2 free workshops
  • Social Marketing Masterclass is $297.

Ben Malol video: “Social Marketing MasterClass introduction”

Ben Malol link

Authority Site System Training

authority site system training Online Digital Marketing Course

Authority hacker provides step-by-step training on how to create an authority site. This program is specifically designed for building authority sites and is designed for newcomers.

Authority Site System Training review:

Learn how websites make money. Create a plan for your authority site. Build your site. No technical knowledge is required. I actually did this course when starting my business.  It’s great for someone looking for good so far who doesn’t have a technical background.


  • Easy to use
  • Access to many copy and paste templates
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Doesn’t strive to build your understanding of marketing concepts

Authority Site System pricing: $997

An Authority Site System video sample can be found on their main page under the “Take a Sneak Peak Inside The Course” heading.

Authority site system link

Sean Vosler’s Increase Academy

sean vosler increase academy Online Digital Marketing Course

Sean Vosler founded the Increase Academy, which provides online courses for various digital marketing and e-commerce topics. Anybody can can take a course.

Sean Vosler review:

Courses are basically slideshows with informational text and some videos. Compared to other courses that provide custom feedback and one-on-one, hands on training, I think these courses are overpriced.


  • Sean is very responsive
  • Lifetime access to content


  • No Hands-On training
  • No worksheets or similar quizzes / assignments
  • Expensive for what you get

Sean Vosler pricing:

  • Single courses range from $29 to $1,999
  • Continuing subscription courses are $99 /month

Sean Vosler video sample from the Euntrepreneur Club lecture series

Sean Vosler link


platzi Online Digital Marketing Course

Platzi offers a number of courses in marketing. The most popular course on Growth Marketing is designed for beginners.

Platzi  review:

Platzi courses are great introductions. They are short (2.5 hours of content). Platzi courses might be good for people thinking about getting into growth marketing, but don’t know much about it.


  • Lifetime access to materials
  • Cheap
  • Some free courses


  • Basic content

Platzi pricing:

  • Courses range from free to $50

Platzi video: “Growth Marketing Course”

Platzi link


conversionxl Online Digital Marketing Course

ConversionXL is an online educational institution. They have several mini-degree programs including one on Growth Marketing. They also offer smaller courses on various marketing, analytics, CRO, and UX subjects. The growth marketing program is “perfect for marketers looking to drive faster growth”.

ConversionXL review:

Mini-degree programs provide over 200 hours video courses and conference video events. Many large companies such as Google and Progressive train employees through cxl, so your education will likely be recognized. An excellent price for what you get.


  • CXL is an authorized LinkedIn education provider
  • Many content hours for the price
  • Flexible pricing options if you’re interested in more than one course or program


  • Certificate is not accredited outside of LinkedIn
  • No live person-to-person feedback.

ConversionXL pricing:

  • Mini degree tuition is $699
  • Individual courses range from $100 to $400.
  • All-access plans: $299 /mo or $2500 /year.

ConversionXL video: “Why CXL Institute?”

ConversionXL link

DigitalMarketer’s Mastery Certificate Programs

digitalmarketer Online Digital Marketing Course

DigitalMarketer has 11 courses relating to digital marketing. Each 4-8 hour program awards a certificate. Content is for intermediate to advanced individuals.

DigitalMarketers Mastery certificate programs review:

Digital marketers provide a lot of great content, but their prices just too high for 4-8 hours of impersonal content.


  • Quality content
  • Badges that can be displayed on a website or LinkedIn profile
  • Quizzes and Handouts keep you on top of your study


  • Expensive for what you get
  • Certificate is not accredited

DigitalMarketer Mastery certificate programs pricing:  $495 per class

DigitalMarketers Mastery certificate programs link

Neil Patel

neil patel Online Digital Marketing Course

Neil Patel is one of the most successful and influential digital marketers today.  He provides individual training on SEO and other digital marketing subjects. He provides a significant amount of free content through his podcasts and blogs. His content is great for anyone who wants to learn, his consulting services are best suited for big budget businesses.

Neil Patel review:

Neil Patel offers a free marketing school that you can subscribe to (an educational podcast).  Although it’s not an online class, he does offer individually based training and consulting.


  • Extremely reputable, honest, and an effective trainer
  • Provides a huge amount of content for free


  • Must contact him for individually based pricing
  • Too expensive for most

Neil Patel pricing:

  • Individually based. Contact him for price.
  • Blogs and Marketing School podcast are free.

Neil Patel video introduction

Neil Patel link

Foundr’s Start&Scale with Gretta van Riel

foundr start&scale Online Digital Marketing Course

Gretta van Riel became very successful in e-commerce and is helping others with her start&scale course. This course is specifically for those interestsed in eCommerce businesses.

Foundr’s Start&Scale review:

This class offers step-by-step video modules that help you start or improve your eCommerce. If you want to sell physical goods online, this class will save you a lot of time and money.


  • Video modules can be accessed repeatedly at any time
  • Facebook support group with advise and moral support


  • Must join a waitlist
  • No direct feedback

Foundr’s Start and Scale pricing:

  • $1,997 for an individual
  • Two-for-one deal ($997 each person)

Foundr’s Start and Scale video: “Foundr Course Trailer”

Foundr’s Start and Scale link

Gimme Growth

gimme growth Online Digital Marketing Course

Gimme Growth is an online course led by Dominic Coryell to help startups and pre-launch startups grow.

Gimme Growth review:

You get a full library of growth courses taught by domain experts. Content is constantly updated as best practices evolve. Dominic provides excellent support and customer service, a great class for startups.


  • Access to live “grow huddles” on Facebook (Q&A with mentors, peers, and alumni)
  • You get custom advice on choosing the right tools for you startup
  • 100% satisfaction guaruntee, can get a full refund before 8 days


  • Pricing options are a bit confusing

Gimme Growth pricing:

  • Annual plan is $500: complete access, a Kickstart coaching session, as well as lifetime membership.
  • Lifetime Access plan is $49: lifetime access to course content.

Gimme Growth video: “Overview of Gimme Growth”

Gimme Growth link

SimpliLearn Digital Marketing Specialist Program

simplilearn Online Digital Marketing Course

Simply learn is an online academy that provides certificate programs and courses in a variety of fields. They have a digital marketing specialist program designed for anybody looking to further their career in digital marketing. With this course you get an OMCP (online marketing certified professional) and have a full year to complete it.

SimpliLearn review:

SimpliLearn’s digital marketing specialist program provides over 75 live, instructor-led, online classes. There are over 45 projects and simulations. This is a well put together course at a fairly good price.



  • Master’s program certification is not equivalent to a master’s degree, don’t get that confused.

SimpliLearn pricing: $1,499

SimpliLearn digital marketing specialist video: “How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert”

SimpliLearn digital marketing specialist link

Digital Marketing Courses In-Person

Growth Tribe’s 2-day Growth Hacking crash course

pasted image 0 15

Growth Tribe offers an intensive 2-day course on growth hacking.  No previous skills are required, but the course is best for marketers, CEOs, managers, or anybody interested in growing a business. They offer some other courses including longer versions of the Growth Hacking class.

Growth Tribe review:

Taught 100% in-person and very much worth the money (particularly for people in Europe). After taking the course you’ll be able to implement a process of rapid experimentation and execute best tactics from creating landing pages to chatbots. An excellent course.


  • In-person, hands-on training
  • Lifelong access to their online learning environment
  • Access to exclusive Slack community of alumni


  • Must travel to Amsterdam, Netherlands

Growth Tribe pricing:

  • €1,297, (approximately $1,480) 

Growth Tribe 2-day Growth Hacking Crash Course video overview

Growth Tribe 2-day Growth Hacking Crash Course link

MAD Kings Academy Growth Hacking Workshop

mad kings academy growth hacking workshop

The Growth Hacking Workshop provided by MAD King’s is a 2-day intensive workshop that teaches growth marketing and provides networking opportunities. It is designed for marketers, product owners, and founders. Taught 100% in person.

MAD Kings Academy Growth Hacking Workshop review:

This is a great opportunity to network with ambitious marketers and founders. The in person tutelage helps you progress more rapidly. Excellent course for anybody serious about  implementing growth marketing strategies.


  • Good instructor student ratio (20 seats per workshop)
  • Workshop is given in person
  • Learn a lot in a very short time


  • Must travel, February 2019 Workshop is located in Brussels, Belgium

MAD Kings Academy Growth Hacking Workshop pricing:

  • For startups, €1,149.5 (~ $1,309)
  • For corporations, €1,452 (~ $1,654)
  • Twin packs, €1,089.5 (~ $1,241) each 

MAD Kings Academy Growth Hacking Workshop video

MAD Kings Academy Growth Hacking Workshop link

Tradecraft Growth Marketing Program

tradecraft Growth marketing program

Tradecraft offers intensive 12 week courses taught in person (San Francisco, US). They have four categories: Product Design, Growth, Engineering, plus Sales and BD. Each week has over 60 hours of training and work. Designed for smart and motivated individuals seeking a career path in tech.

Tradecraft Growth marketing program review:

This program is really excellent if you can commit to a full time educational program. Mentors that you learn from have great resumes, and the work is meaningful. If you have the money and time definitely consider Tradecraft.


  • You do real work that is applied to real companies
  • Financing is available
  • Excellent networking and reputation helps you get a job


  • Cannot take the class while working
  • Most will have to travel to San Francisco

Tradecraft Growth program pricing: $14,000

Tradecraft video: Interview with Tradecraft founder, MI=isha Chellam

Tradecraft Growth program link

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