Case Study: How Prefab Review Grew By Embracing SEO – Part 1

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When we started Prefab Review, a site that helps buyers learn and make good decisions, we were really trying to solve our own problem. That problem was the fact that it was really laborious to find out who the best prefab companies were, what products they offered, which ones were available and how much they cost.

We started out trying to answer these questions for the companies that seemed the best known in the industry based on who other media publications had written about. By doing a little keyword research, we learned that other buyers were wondering the same thing.

We saw this validation in a few ways:

1) You can see that after the brand names of the most well-known prefab companies, we repeatedly saw that reviews was the first auto-completed term

2) SEMRush then validated that there was at least a small amount of search volume associated with these searches.

As a result of this, we optimized our articles about the companies towards the search term “[brand name] review” which was conveniently essentially the topic we were writing anyway.

You can see on our posts below how we did that for URL & title tag for all the companies that we have reviewed and how we soon began ranking well on these search terms.

Plant Prefab Review optimized for those search terms on our site

Our Review of Dvele and how it looks on Google search results, in the #1 spot :-).

And as you can see below, we soon started ranking #1 or at least in the top few google search results for many top prefab companies. E.g. See examples below of our Honomobo Review (#3) and Ma Modular Review (#2).

A lot of the reason we rank well is because the content was differentiated and came from an authentic place, so users who visited our site stayed and engaged with the content.

The average organic visitor on our site views over three pages and stays for a handful of minutes. Google gives you these metrics in Google Analytics and you can filter by channel or landing page to learn the pages per session, time spent per session, and bounce rate by channel or by article. (Improving these metrics will typically improve your search ranking).

As the site started getting more traffic, we started thinking about how else we could achieve our mission of demystifying the prefab home buying experience.

So, we decided that the next thing customers wanted more detail about was prefab companies’ costs and pricing. We assessed this by a looking at our customer request data and the Google search data, as well as taking a cue from our gut instincts.

Remember those original Google search screenshots. Look what else is on the results below reviews:

In our next posts, I’ll write about how we decided how to helpfully cover costs and pricing for each company and where we went next in content creation and SEO….

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