WebinarNinja Review

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WebinarNinja Review

What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is a webinar tool where you can watch highly skilled Japanese covert agents fight crime, live.

Just kidding… but that could make for a great webinar.

WebinarNinja  is (actually) a platform where everyone from Sunday school teachers to elite techies can produce webinars quickly and easily.

WebinarNinja Review

It’s Simple

Webinar Ninja has simplified the entire process from top to bottom.

Free training, including step by step guides and readily available customer service representatives, allow even the most inexperienced webinar host to feel capable and supported by the Webinar Ninja team.

Users don’t have to stress about their inability to navigate complicated software, creating time to focus on building consumer relationships and boosting their bottom line through purchases made during and after webinar sessions. No back-end BS.

Webinar Ninja 5.0, the newest revamp of their software system, has honed in on troubleshooting recurrent issues that previously made webinars difficult to administer.

Issues like lagging videos, poor display quality, complicated attendee registration processes and lacking technical support are no longer a hindrance to webinar users with the latest version of Webinar Ninja. The 5.0 version lets people attend webinars from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device without having to sacrifice quality connection.

Webinar Ninja Features We Love

There are different types of commonly used webinars and Webinar Ninja seems to have all of them whereas other webinar tools tend to only have a few.

Users have access to virtually every webinar format they could want on one platform, eliminating the need to purchase add-on features or other webinar software. Webinar Ninja is a one-stop-shop and users can choose to purchase the package that best suits their needs.

Webinar Formats

  • Live.  Host a standard, live webinar in HD and interact with attendees by responding to questions, making offers, and posting polls during the session. (They have emojis if that’s what you’re into.)

(Available with all plans)

  • Automated. Record live webinars to be replayed whenever you’d like. Attendees

can have the live webinar experience after it has already happened, allowing those sessions to continue generating sales. Some may know these as evergreen webinars.

(Available with all plans)

  • Series and summits. Provide a multi-session course for your consumers. Attendees only have to register once, plus it gives them a reason to come back for more.

(Available with Pro, Plus, and Power)

  • Hybrid. Play any pre-recorded video while still being able to interact with attendees by being present in the chat and questions area. Engage by posting polls and offers while you eat a roll of cookie dough in your bed.

(Available with Plus and Power.)

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Webinar Features

  • Q&A, Polls, and Offers. Ask and answer questions in the chat area or set a timer for questions to come up at specific times so the conversation keeps moving. Take polls and display live stats to engage attendees and gather data. Make limited time offers so attendees can easily purchase products. Offers can be set to a timer as well.
  • Screen Sharing. During webinars, hosts can use screen sharing to show any window or application to viewers. Chrome users just have to add the Chrome extension. Hosts also have the capability to insert pre-recorded videos or presentation slides during live webinars. They can even invite attendees up on screen with them.

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Registration and Communication

All users can make as many webinars with as many registrants as desired. Make them free or charge a fee. Adding a charge to the registration process is easy with Webinar Ninja’s one-click Stripe integration. This integration lets attendees pay securely while users are paid in two days or less. There is no added cost for this feature except for a low processing fee from Stripe.

Everyone who registers for a webinar will receive a confirmation email followed by a series of reminders until the time of the event. Users can choose to include a replay link in follow-up emails. Emails can easily be edited to complement any brand aesthetic and users can add their own email notifications. Six notifications are automatically set to be sent to registrants so they’ll never miss a webinar.

Social buttons are included to prompt registrants to share webinar details on social media.

Tools Marketers Will Love

  • CRM Integration. WebinarNinja has some great features to help users spread the word about their webinars. Users can add webinar registrants to their CRM system (Mail Chimp, AWeber, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and HubSpot.) Webinar Ninja uses Zapier to integrate your registrants with other CRM systems like Drip, MailerLite, and SendPlus. Automatically integrating registrants to a preexisting email list gives users the opportunity to continue communicating with people who have shown interest.
  • Subscriptions. Viewers can subscribe to any host on Webinar Ninja. Subscribers will automatically receive a notification any time a new webinar is published along with an invitation to register. Users also have the ability to contact subscribers directly.
  • Webinar Finder. With a click of a button, users can add their webinar to Webinar Ninja’s database where anyone can search for webinars. They’re also optimized to be found in a Google search.
  • Stats and Analytics. Users can track their stats as they use Webinar Ninja to monitor their performance. Conversions, attendance and retention rates can be tracked through the webinar tool.

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The Starter option is competitively priced compared to other basic packages available in the market. For 100 live webinar attendees, unlimited recorded webinar attendees, live and automated webinars, the price is $468.00 per year, plus a 14-day free trial. Similar packages from other webinar software can cost upwards of $500 a year.

Stepping up to the Pro package bumps webinar attendee capacity to 300 and adds webinar series and summits. It may be necessary to pawn off Grandma’s silver cutlery if you want to afford this package because it’ll cost $948 a year. It’s an unfortunately steep price hike from the Starter Package.

Larger companies who can afford the yearly fee or users who anticipate having a significant number of attendees would benefit from the Plus package. Plus users can have 500 attendees and it comes with the hybrid webinar feature. This package costs $1,548 per year.

The Power Package is similar to the Plus package but users get 1000 live webinar attendees and two tickets to their annual conference, the price comes to $2,388 per year.

Final Thoughts

WebinarNinja is a reliable company in general who genuinely wants to deliver the most advanced and efficient product to their customers.

They claim to have created proficient software for all the different webinar formats they provide but users shouldn’t be too surprised if they run into some complications along the way. This is especially true for relatively new software developments which can get finicky with large numbers of people trying to tune in at once.

The Starter package is a good deal for people looking for a basic webinar platform, but check out WebinarJam first, it’s our go-to webinar software.

If you’re considering WebinarNinja, take advantage of the 14-day trial and give it a test run yourself because THIS could be you. pasted image 0 2

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