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clickmeeting review

A ClickMeeting review by growth marketer, Hailey Friedman.

Hi there, it’s me, Hailey 🙂

Webinars are my new best friend.

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Why Webinars?

Because they work wonders for converting customers.

Did you know that on average, webinar attendees will stay engaged and listen to your webinar  for up to 45 minutes? I can’t remember the last time I gave anyone that type of attention!

Webinars give you the opportunity to get people’s attention and make them listen to you for more than half an hour – LIVE!

And while 36% of the registered attendees watch the webinar live, it does not mean the rest of the attendees ignore them. Instead, they watch a recorded copy of it. Lucky us– we still get to capture a lot of the potential audience even after the live webinar.

clickmeeting review

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My job is not to fill you in with the impressive webinar statistics, but to tell you how you can pick the right webinar platform and why ClickMeeting is now one of my favorite webinar tools (not THE #1 favorite, but a great runner-up option).

What to Consider to Pick the Right Webinar Software

Let me keep this concise and to-the-point so I can get to the point in my Clickmeeting review. Here are the most important factors to consider for picking the right webinar software.


You’ll want to find a tool that fits within your pricing needs and from what I’ve seen, expensive does not mean the best. The price of a webinar software will depend on the number of attendees and other additional features that you might or might not need.

Ease of Use

The features on your webinar software should be easy to use. If you have a big live audience, multiple speakers and a lot of presentations to give, you want to be able to switch between options without making silly mistakes.

Live Interactions

You want to make your audience feel like a part of your webinar by letting them have their input. You can do that with features like audio questions, live chat, polls & voting, etc. It is difficult to keep your attendees focused for a long time when they there is no interaction between you and them.


As is clear from the statistics above, a large portion of your registered audience will hear and watch the recorded version of your webinar. For this reason, you want to sign up for a platform that lets you record your webinar for future use, like turning it into an evergreen webinar using a tool like EverWebinar. Do not just rely on the live interaction.


In addition to your webinar, you also want your brand to stick in the minds of your attendees. You can achieve that by going for a solution that allows you to rebrand the webinar. Not all webinar software platforms will give you this flexibility.

My ClickMeeting Review

Let me analyze and evaluate ClickMeeting under the light of the points that I just stated above.

ClickMeeting Pricing

This is the first thing where ClickMeeting beats many of the top webinar softwares out there. Take a look at ClickMeeting’s pricing below.

clickmeeting pricing

You can already see a huge difference in pricing i.e. Clickmeeting is priced much lower than most other famous webinar softwares. However, there is more to it than just the pricing for 100 attendees. What if you have fewer than 100 attendees? Will you still have to pay $55 every month with an annual plan? With Clickmeeting, no, you don’t have to. Take a look at this screenshot.

clickmeeting pricing

You can see that reducing the number of attendees from 100 to 50 brought the price of the software down from $55 to $30. I love the fact that Clickmeeting cares about people who are just starting out as marketers, and those who are not fully confident with webinars yet but are daring to experiment. I can say with confidence that such low pricing is one of the reasons to use webinars for marketing and promotions today. Once you purchase your webinar service, there are little other costs related to hosting webinars.

However, if you have a tight budget, but also want to host large webinars with more than 50 attendees, I would recommend looking into Demio or WebinarJam.

How to use ClickMeeting

Let’s consider ClickMeeting’s ease of use. This is important because mistakes are more common than you realize when you are conducting live events. You are prone to making mistakes when you are trying to manage a lot of things simultaneously. For example, you might be showing presentations to your attendees while taking audio questions from them while allowing two people to be on the screen at the same time.

It is easy to manage all these things at the same time when they are arranged intuitively. Clickmeeting’s UI hit the nail on the head.

clickmeeting features

ClickMeeting Live Interactions

Live interactions are crucial for a webinar’s success. Webinar platforms can have different levels of restrictions when it comes to live interactions with the attendees. First, the controls for interacting live with your audience should be user-friendly in order to avoid confusions and blunders during a live broadcast.

clickmeeting interface

Whether you want to let your attendees chat live with you or use a whiteboard to explain an idea to them, the options to do so should be easy to find. Furthermore, you should be able to interact with your audience in multiple ways. Chats are great but sometimes, the best way to interact is in the form of a survey. Clickmeeting simplifies creating surveys, lets you chat live with your audience, and even take questions from your attendees so you can answer them later.

Clickmeeting also has the video conferencing feature for an improved interaction with your attendees. Moreover, you can also enable a toll-free number for people to tune into your webinar from their phone on the go if they just want to listen to the audio.

How to Record a ClickMeeting Webinar

Recording your webinar will allow you to send replays to your attendees who couldn’t make it. It also allows you to create an evergreen webinar in the future using my favorite automated webinar tool, Demio

clickmeeting review

One downside of Clickmeeting is that they have a limit on the number of hours you can record. For me, this was a negative. My favorite webinar tool, Demio automatically records every single webinar and sends the replay to your attendees through an email auto-responder.


Clickmeeting does lets you trim and convert your recording to mobile-optimized format to allow easy sharing through emails, social media campaigns, etc.

Recorded webinars have some great monetary benefits too. You can use the recording as a video-on-demand and sell it for a fee. You can even decide to sell it as a rental or a onetime purchase.

ClickMeeting Branding

If red is the main color in your logo and other branding elements, why should your webinar room look green, blue or any other color? If you seriously care about your brand and a consistent brand impact on your audience, you will be happy to try Clickmeeting. It allows you to rebrand the UI to your likings. But should your branding be limited to your webinar room only? No, Clickmeeting takes your rebranding needs seriously and that’s why it lets you rebrand not only the webinar room, but your email notifications and waiting room as well.

clickmeeting review

Clickmeeting allows you to use the pre-loaded templates and rebrand them. With consistent branding, professional email templates and compelling call-to-action buttons, the software is impressively customizable if you want to put in the work.

clickmeeting review

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Clickmeeting, is a seriously high contender within the top webinar tools I’ve seen.

The way its makers have designed it, it shows their understanding of webinars and the pain points of the marketers who choose to use webinars as a marketing vehicle.

Negatives to consider:

  • It’s expensive
  • Webinar recordings are limited

Looking for a cheaper alternative, with a bunch more features and unlimited recording?

My Webinar Recommendation:

I’d recommend Demio.

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