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4.8/5 3 reviews
Price: Starting at $59.00/month

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About EasyWebinar

8,000+ agencies and individuals choose EasyWebinar for everything from lead generation to customer acquisition to on-boarding clients using interactive training. EasyWebinar is the only webinar software platform that combines webinar technology and marketing strategy in one. Users can choose between EasyWebinar's live webinar offering or their on-demand webinars... or both. EasyWebinar allows you to convert live webinars to automated ones in minutes. You can then play your recording in your attendees timezone with "like live" features and convert users while you sleep.

Product Details

Crystal clear webinars for up to 100 attendees
Multiple presenters
Live chat
Crystal clear screensharing
Automated, or "evergreen" webinar feature
One-click integration with WordPress
Integration with YouTube live
"EliteWebinarMastery" training course included
Price starting at $59/mo

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Name: Amy Zapf
Title: Health Coach
Company: Amy Zapf Wellness
Industry: Health

This tool is amazing. If you are looking for a webinar tool this is the one for you. It allows for live webinar or their on-demand webinar. You can play the webinar in the user's timezone too. Not many other tools can do that. Try this one out - you won't be sorry! Awesome!!!



Value for the money

really great!!

Name: Michelle Rutherford
Title: Owner
Company: Rutherford Consulting
Industry: Consulting

I am not sure why there are not many reviews for this one. Having tried Zoom, ClickFunnel, EverWebinar, WebinarJam, WebEx and Expertise.tv (hopefully it is okay to list the others :)) EasyWebinar is a great live and automated webinar solution. Plus, the price is much lower than the others (for the automated webinar features). I convinced my rep to give me a 2-week trial. Having completed a 30-day and 60-day trial of two of the ones listed above, I am seeing a difference in just 8 days of my trial (i.e. integration of pay gateways, e-mailers, templates, phases in the automation, etc.). Oh, I am winning with these templates. I hosted my first official automated webinar on Friday, "Financial Freedom Friday" and landed a new client. Super excited! As far as customer service is concerned, I have not dealt with anything warranting customer service thus far. Again, so far so good.


It has only been 8 days. So far, no negatives noted...

Value for the money

Again, this is definitely a great value for the price (when comparing it to competitive platforms). As a small business, this falls within my budget.

Name: Troy Rogers
Title: Photographer
Company: Self
Industry: Photography

Easy Webinar is just that—Easy. Setup is pretty simple and intuitive. There are a ton of instructional videos to help. Online forums are also available. Easy webinar also offers a lot of excellent features. Webinars can be live or can be sent out at certain times. This is an excellent feature for clients who live in different time zones I’m sure. You can also send reminders to registrants which is great. The reminders can even be automated to be sent out at certain times or a day before the Webinar. Support is good and really on top of things. I have had great customer support experiences.


One thing I found frustrating is that I couldn’t add a google slide presentation directly to the webinar. Presentations have to be made in or converted to PowerPoint to be used. Also, the registrant emails would be nice to have analytics features like Mailchimp has. Even having the option to connect registrant emails to Mailchimp or another CRM easily would be great. I have had a few issues with “internet instability” error as an attendee. However, this is usually not a problem.

Value for the money

Easy Webinar is pretty good overall. I haven’t had much experience with other webinar softwares, so I can’t compare very well. For the price, another software program with better CRM integration would probably be better.

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