LiveWebinar Review

What is LiveWebinar? 

LiveWebinar is advanced webinar software that combines webinars and online meetings into one package. Whether you’re looking for a tool to aid your sales team, lead online lessons or recruit new team members from halfway across the world, LiveWebinar has you covered.

In this LiveWebinar review, we’re going to review the tool in-depth and cover features, pros, cons and alternatives.

LiveWebinar Features:

Ease of use

LiveWebinar is easy to launch as there are no downloads or plugins needed, and it works on all smart devices and browsers.

Integrations with marketing and email tools such as Zapier and Mailchimp make it easy to add LiveWebinar into your marketing stack. REST API and webhook integrations are also available.


You have the ability to personalize your meeting room with the branding tool, matching your colors and logo and creating a webinar that reflects your company/ brand.

You can choose the format of the meeting room based on your needs – if you choose the webinar room format, you’ll be able to see your participants in a list, as well as a chat window and a sharing display. If you select the meeting room format, you’ll see something more akin to Google Hangouts, providing a more face-to-face experience.


For a little extra, LiveWebinar also offers a white label option, giving you the ability to fully customize every aspect of the platform, from the branding of the meeting room to the dashboard, everything is tailor made to the client’s needs. The whole platform is based on LiveWebinar but is under your domain and packaged to match the client’s visual branding.


In terms of security, the platform itself is GDPR, RODO and Privacy Shield compliant.

Double encryption gives full meeting security via end-to-end encryption by use of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm, and user authentication is based on single sign-on, which limits access to meeting data to a single user ID and password.

You also have the ability to control certain aspects of room security, meaning you can password or token protect your meeting room, create a waiting room for participants, lock/unlock your room as needed and more.

Industry standard SSL and HTTPS encryption, communications are established with a 256-bit TLS encryption, all shared content can be using AES-256 encryption.


Integrate your daily email and marketing tools like Zapier, Integromat, Mailchimp and more, helping you streamline your work and make more efficient use of your time.

Interactive features

Increase participant engagement in your webinar by using features like polls and tests, the whiteboard for taking notes and explaining your ideas, splitting your participants up into breakout rooms, streaming your webinar to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Evergreen webinars and recordings

Record your webinars to create evergreen content that can be used as recurring events to generate sales.


Access detailed reports from your meetings, containing the emails of all your registrants, the number of attendees, what your attendees were doing inside the room and which browser they were using.


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LiveWebinar offers a free 14-day trial, and once the two weeks are up you can to elect to purchase a subscription. The platform comes in multiple packages:

  • The PRO package, starting at $14.99/month with up to 100 participants and standard features such as the whiteboard, 6 hours of storage for recorded webinars, sub-accounts, branding tool and more. 
  • The BUSINESS option starts at $119.00/month and offers up to 500 participants and more advanced features, such as room presence manager, mass invitations, full HD recorder & recording editor, and storage shared with sub-accounts. 
  • The CUSTOM plan allows the user to pick and choose the features they’d like to have such as the flagship breakout rooms feature, with up to 1500 attendees, and due to this, the price can vary. 

However, with the purchase of a yearly subscription, a 20% off per month discount will be applied to the complete payment. A White Label offer is also available. For more information check LiveWebinar’s pricing:

LiveWebinar Pros:

  • Security and data privacy are a top priority. LiveWebinar is GDPR/RODO/Privacy Shield compliant and users can also control the security of their room via passwords or tokens, waiting rooms for participants and can lock/unlock their meeting room at will. 
  • Branding features allow you to apply your own logo and colors in your webinar room, and full platform customization can be done as part of the white label option.
  • Interoperability – the platform works on 98% of browsers and smart devices and requires no downloads or plugins to get started. 
  • Meeting room has two interface templates – a webinar layout and a meeting interface template (similar to Google Hangouts).
  • Engaging features which capture attention and can help drive a point home, such as the whiteboard, polls and tests, breakout rooms, broadcast to social media and more. 
  • In-depth reports available
  • Plenty of integration options offered, such as Mailchimp, HeySummit, Zapier and all other marketing automation platforms to help streamline your workflow.
  • REST API and webhook integrations are also available.

LiveWebinar Cons:

  • Slight learning curve for the meeting room.
  • Lack of landing page creator.
  • No built-in payment processor, to host paid webinars an integration such as HeySummit could be used.
  • Screen sharing option not available yet for the Safari browser.

LiveWebinar Alternatives: 

LiveWebinar vs. Zoom 

Features: When comparing other webinar platforms to LiveWebinar, Zoom Webinar is the name mostly frequently heard. Security wise, LiveWebinar has a greater room protection available, as the user can choose to provide greater room protection in the form of room passwords, tokens, and more. Zoom also doesn’t offer their clients any white label option, so if you’re searching for something more personal, Zoom won’t give you what you need.

Price: The basic Zoom Webinar package includes 100 participants at an annual cost of $149.90, as compared to the LiveWebinar PRO package (which also includes 100 participants) with an annual cost of $115.12 (that’s with the 20% discount per month that comes with a yearly purchase). Zoom’s Business package includes up to 300 participants at an annual cost of $1990.00, without the costs of additional add-ons. To compare, LiveWebinar’s BUSINESS package includes up to 500 attendees at a cost of $913.92 (and that’s again with the 20% discount).

LiveWebinar vs. GoToWebinar

Features: Another platform often compared to LiveWebinar is GoToWebinar. GoToWebinar’s Starter package offers a landing page where users can upload their recorded webinars for their participants to watch back later on, at the moment LiveWebinar does offer the creation of a landing page, but not as part of their regular plans. However, at the price that GoToWebinar takes, it seems that return on investment is very low, unless you aim to only hold paid webinars.

Pricing: GoToWebinar’s Starter package offers 100 participants and a handful of novel features, but at an annual cost of $1163.87*, their Pro package ups the participant count to 500, but the annual rate climbs to $2602.37. *

*Prices calculated from Euro, based on rates from May 2020 

The Future of LiveWebinar:

The team at LiveWebinar is constantly working to evolve the platform, new features are constantly in the works. Among the new improvements, the team is working on adding more integrations with platforms such as Moosend and GetResponse, adding an interactive chat to evergreen webinars, and improving the current affiliates panel. New tutorials and manuals for the platform are being added weekly, helping users find their way around the platform.


If versatility and ease of use is what you need from your webinar platform, LiveWebinar would be a pretty good place to start. Thanks to the platform’s solution of both webinar and meeting formats, you can go beyond just hosting one or the other. This makes LiveWebinar a great tool for communication, whether you’re leading a webinar, communicating with your team, or with business partners from abroad.