Demio Review

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What is Demio?

Demio is a top webinar platform made for live events and marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking to generate new leads, access a wider audience, or just see if webinars are a good fit for your business, Demio could be a great place to start.

Webinars make scaling businesses easier than ever. Companies like Zoom — a webinar software for enterprise clients — have achieved huge valuations of $1 billion or more.

Webinars are fast becoming one of the most popular mediums in digital marketing. And for good reason.

Webinars make it easy for a user to engage engage with a product or service

demio review

The Demio team understands how frustrating it can be to organize, market, and present a Webinar on other platforms, so they created a simple alternative to meet your Webinar needs. Designed by marketers for marketers, Demio was made for growth in the SaaS world.

Keep reading to learn about its features, pricing, pros/cons, and alternatives.

Standard Features

Here are some of the main services provided by Demio for all plans:

  • Unlimited Webinars: Regardless of which plan you purchase, Demio offers unlimited Webinars and storage for 100 recordings.
  • Integrations: Integrations allow you to incorporate Demio into your marketing stack with ease. Use your CRM to save information about your participants or access even more integrations through Zapier.
  • Registration Options: Develop customizable registration pages equipped with your branding, images, and other content. Or, embed your website’s registration page to provide easy access for Webinar attendees.
  • Audience Interaction: Engage your audience further through sharing handouts, calls to action, and real-time chats, both public and private. Demio also allows you to send out polls and give attendees camera and microphone permissions, so they can ask and answer questions throughout.
  • Automatic Replays: Share your Webinar minutes after it happens with automatic replay. Send attendees the link to your recorded presentation to keep them engaged beyond the live Webinar.
  • Reporting: Using data on audience activity throughout your Webinar, Demio helps you understand how engaged your audience is.


Demio offers a 14-day free trial, but beyond that, it requires you to purchase a plan.

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The basic “Starter Plan” starts at $49/month but is discounted to $34/month when you buy the annual plan. It includes a 50 attendee limit and all standard features, so it’s probably best for small businesses and those experimenting with Webinars.

The next option, the “Growth Plan” is their most popular plan. At $69/month (with the yearly subscription), this plan includes everything from the Starter Plan, but with a limit of 150 people per “room,” automated events, and more customization options.

The next step is a big one, to the “Business Plan” at $163/month (paid yearly), which includes everything from the Growth Plan, along with a limit of 500 participants, 3 sub-users, and a dedicated account rep.

For needs greater than that, Demio offers more customization in plans with its “Enterprise” features.

Demio Pros

  • Simple design: Demio’s user-friendly design is meant for growth “without the technical headache.”
  • Demio is an online platform—no downloads necessary! Removing downloads from the picture provides less friction for participants to join, which ultimately means a larger audience for your Webinars.
  • Customizable registration pages: In-site registration pages make it easy to incorporate your branding into your attendees’ experience.
  • Integrations: Demio can easily be brought into your marketing stack, through saving registrant information to your CRM or using the Zapier integration to tap into even more integrations.
  • Customer service: Demio provides 24/7 live chat support for all plans.
  • Meaningful reporting and post-Webinar analytics: Understand your audience’s engagement and registration better with Demio’s actionable insights. Whether through calls to action or registration information, you’ll be able to see who is clicking through and interacting with your content.

Demio Cons

  • Cost: Beyond the free trial, Demio offers no free plans. The minimum Starter Plan is a fairly significant investment, and as your business needs grow, so do the prices for additional attendees and features.
  • Sub-User Availability: Demio only allows the option for sub-users starting at the $163/month (annual rate) “Business Plan” level.
  • Plan Options: Demio’s plan options are relatively limited. The smallest plan only allows for 50 participants and with additional plans, the limit goes up to 150, then 500, then 1,000. Overall, the lack of options to incorporate multiple users and automated events into smaller plans could prove inconvenient.

Looking Forward

Demio has a few new features to look out for in 2019. For example, it’s working to expand its reporting abilities in terms of registration information and details of attendee engagement. Through updated source tracking, Demio will also be able to tell you where attendees are coming from, to show which sources and partners are driving the most traffic.

Demio Alternatives

Two of the most prominent alternatives to Demio are Zoom Webinar and WebinarJam. Other major Webinar platforms include GoToWebinar and Webex.

Demio vs Zoom Webinar


One of the biggest advantages that Demio maintains over Zoom Webinar is the download-free model. Zoom Webinar requires all attendees to download Zoom, which can be daunting for some potential attendees.

Zoom offers a lot of customization for plans, which can be both a blessing and a curse. The ability to customize plans can be an advantage for some businesses, but can also be overly complicated. Zoom does have certain features not included in Demio, such as an attendee limit of 10,000 (for its more expensive plan). If you need to host over 1,000 people in a Webinar, Zoom has that capability.


Comparing the pricing of Zoom Webinar and Demio can be tricky, since it’ll likely depend on the specific needs of your business.

The base price of Zoom Webinar with 100 participants is $549.90 per year per user. Demio’s Starter Plan is $411, but only includes 50 participants. Demio’s Growth Plan, which includes 150 participants, is $831 per year. That said, when adding additional features to your Zoom Webinar subscription, your total will often rise dramatically.

demio vs zoom pricing

Demio vs WebinarJam


Demio and WebinarJam offer many of the same features, including live chats, registration options, and integrations. Probably the most important distinction is that WebinarJam allows you to stream not only on its own platform, but also to YouTube Live.


WebinarJam offers one plan, which includes 3 presenters and 500 attendees. That plan can be paid at a rate of $189 3 times a year ($567 total per year), once yearly at $479, or once biyearly (for a two-year subscription) at $719.76 ($359.88 per year).

Depending on the needs of your business, either Demio or WebinarJam could be the more cost-efficient option. For smaller businesses, which likely won’t need 500 attendees, the Demio Starter Plan (at $411 per year) would likely be more than enough. WebinarJam’s plan options are relatively simple, but lack additional perks for larger groups, such as a dedicated account representative.

demio vs webinarjam pricing


Special offer We do have a special discount code you can use GMP-discount to get $49 OFF your first month and a longer free trial. Try it now. 

Demio offers unique features geared toward marketers in terms of generating leads and creating an easy experience for users. Overall, its simplicity is a plus in terms of making sure that the focus is on audience engagement and the content of your Webinars. Those new to Webinars may be pleasantly surprised by Demio’s user-friendliness, while more experienced users will appreciate its more advanced features.

If you’re interested in how Webinars can expand your business, get out there and try one! Don’t know where to start? Check out our downloadable webinar script.

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