EasyWebinar Review: The Webinar Software That Combines Webinar Technology and Marketing

easywebinar review

EasyWebinar: The Platform That Combines Marketing and Webinar Technology

Bloggers, affiliate marketers, startups and big companies alike are becoming more and more interested in webinar software. Why? The internet is becoming increasingly video-centric. Plus, video — particularly live video — is very captivating. The average webinar attendee is willing to watch for between 30 and 45 minutes according to BigMarker.

Webinars are great tools for product launches, product training, online corporate conferences and meetings, physical training classes, etc.

For many, the hardest part is just getting started. That’s why I created this Perfect Webinar Script for you to use, and it’s free. Simply download, and fill in the blanks with your company info.

The number of webinar software platforms has proliferated in the recent years, which gives you lots of options to choose from. EasyWebinar is a nice combination software that enables you to create webinars but also has some nice marketing bells and whistles that make sure your audience is attentive and engaged.

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What Is EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is a webinar software that helps businesses host online meetings, remote conferences, training and marketing.

It has a lot of features that make it a robust marketing software as well. For example, the contact details of anyone who registers to attend your webinar can automatically be fed into your email marketing campaign.

It also gives its users the option to broadcast webinars live or automated. We’ve written extensively about the power of “evergreen,” or automated webinars.

EasyWebinar Live Webinar Features

EasyWebinar’s live webinar solution is the standard webinar solution you think of when you hear “webinar.” You can host live meetings, live remote conferences, or sell your audience on a product or service, live.

There are a ton of webinar solutions out there. Most of them have a lot of the same features. These are the ones that make EasyWebinar stand out:

  • You can have up to four presenters hosting a webinar at any given moment. What makes this feature even better is that you can choose one of the attendees as a presenter. All they have to do is follow a link to be a presenter in a live room.
  • HD video: Every video on the screen is high-definition. It is the EasyWebinar Live Engine that powers the videos and ensures that every live video appears pixel-perfect.
  • Window and screen sharing: The friendly and clean user interface allows you to share your screens to explain your ideas comprehensively. In addition to sharing your entire screen, you can also share your browser window or just a document that is being discussed.
  • Analytics: With EasyWebinar, you have access to detailed analytics that let you know more about your audience and attendees. This feature captures customer interaction data from every touch point possible. Whether an attendee fills out your sign-up form or opens your real-time offer, you will have the data of their actions available to you.
  • WordPress out-of-the-box easy plugin
  • Social sharing feature
  • Built in email notifications for before and after the webinar

All in all, the solution is okay. Most webinar services have these features, so it’s really nothing novel.

EasyWebinar Automated Webinar Features

EasyWebinar’s automated webinar solution is part of the same package as the regular webinars. So you don’t pay extra.

In this marketer’s opinion, this is EasyWebinar’s greatest strength and selling proposition.

Automated, or “evergreen” webinars are a great feature that automatically converts live webinars into webinars on repeat in the time zone of your attendees.

The webinar appears live to the audience according to their time zone but in reality, it is more like an automated version of your real live webinar.

You can turn one of your live webinars into an automated one, or you can create fresh automated webinars without ever hosting live.

Some features of the automated webinar solution:

  • “Just on time” events: “this webinar is about to start in 15 minutes…”
  • Registration box that you can plug into your website
  • Expiring replays for evergreen/automated webinars
  • Multiple sessions in your customers’ time zone
  • Dynamic “next available” sessions to increase conversion
  • Reporting and analytics
  • WordPress out-of-the-box easy plugin
  • Social sharing feature
  • Built in email notifications for before and after the webinar

EasyWebinar Pricing

Bottom line: EasyWebinar is expensive. There’s also no free trial available. However, they do have a 30-day money back guarantee that should give you the peace of mind if you want to try out the software before entering a monthly or yearly package.

I like using WebinarJam for live webinars and EverWebinar for evergreen webinars. They are much more affordable solutions with all the same bells and whistles.


This package allows you to have 100 live attendees attending the webinar at any given moment. If you take the yearly plan, your monthly costs will be $59/mo whereas if you pay monthly, it will crank up to $79/mo. If you expect additional attendees at any webinar, you can pay an additional $15 to accommodate them without upgrading to the next package. The Standard option includes evergreen webinars.


In this package, you can have 500 attendees attending your webinar simultaneously. Monthly billing with an annual plan will be $129/mo. However, if you choose a monthly plan, your monthly cost will be $129. For any additional 100 attendees over your 200 limit, you can pay an extra $15 without upgrading to the next package. The Pro option also includes evergreen webinars.


This is the biggest and the most expensive package allowing you to have up to 2000 attendees at the same time. For every 100 attendees over your 2.000 limit, you can pay $15. In that sense, there is no cap on your number of attendees. This particular package also includes evergreen webinars for free. The Enterprise plan starts at $349/mo.

All the packages mentioned above include features like:

  • Live chat
  • Real-time push offers
  • High-definition video quality
  • Detailed analytical reports
  • Screen sharing
  • Autoresponding
  • Thank you pages with incentives, etc.

EasyWebinar Trial

As I mentioned, there is no trial available for EasyWebinar. However, you can take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee if you only want to check the platform before you use it.

EasyWebinar Download

This can be good and bad news at the same time. If you don’t like web-based solutions, this might be a bit disappointing for you because there is no download required to create webinars on EasyWebinar. Since there is no trial available, you have to have your credit card with you while signing up for any of the packages.

EasyWebinar Support

According to their reviews on Capterra, the support is fine. I haven’t experienced it first hand, as I haven’t needed it.

  • There is a live chat feature on the website and when you log in to your account that you can use to get answers to your questions/
  • They do have a very detailed support page where you can look for answers to your questions when it comes to creating and sharing your webinars, and using various other options.
  • There is also a quick EasyWebinar course available for free that should give you a clear idea of how to use their platform. It is a web-based learning program that should help you get started with the platform.

My EasyWebinar Review

Using EasyWebinar is a mixed experience.

I love:

  • The various plugins and marketing connections that allow you to integrate with your email platform (in my case, Mailchimp), Skype and more.
  • The webinars have some marketing bells and whistles that allow you to advertise products live, sell them and create urgency by using countdown timers.
  • Having an evergreen webinar feature is AWESEOME. EverWebinar is the only other good automated webinar tool I know of.
  • Video and audio quality is amazing along with the special push offers and screen sharing options.
  • Compatibility with Android and iOS is also a great plus.

I don’t love:

  • The packages are too expensive with not enough attendees (only 100 attendees at any time for the standard plan0. You shouldn’t have to pay more than a couple hundred dollars per year to show your webinar to tons of attendees — WebinarJam allows you to.
  • The 30-day money back guarantee sounds nice on paper but when you have a dozen other companies giving free trials to their customers, it’s not that impressive from EasyWebinar. They are somewhat on the expensive side as well. However, they are weak and require quite a bit of improvement in the customer support section.

EasyWebinar vs. GoToMeeting

When you put the two side by side, you notice that GoToMeeting has a much more effective and flexible strategy to attract buyers. Its pricing is quite affordable, perhaps because it targets small companies primarily. The biggest GoToMeeting package with 250 participants is only $49. They also have a free trial for 14 days with a cap on 50 attendees. Last but not least, their customer support is available 24/7, and more importantly, you can call them too. Overall, GoToMeeting has a much more solid strategy to get more customers on board. EasyWebinar, on the other hand, can target enterprises too, which GoToMeeting cannot.

EasyWebinar vs. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is another strong contender in the market of webinar software. They have a very good understanding of how to make webinars effective with features like waiting room agenda, customized invitations, webinar rebranding, etc. They go head to head with EasyWebinar when it comes to the number of attendees. Their biggest package allows up to 5.000 attendees, and while they urge you to call them to get a quote on this package, they have a price range of $165 associated with it. They also have iOS and Android apps. While their support is available during working hours, they do also allow you to send emails, call them on their phone or use their huge knowledge base for general and technical questions.

Final Thoughts

Their evergreen webinars (automated webinars) are definitely a unique feature and one of the selling points. Overall, EasyWebinar is a little above-average webinar solution for small, midsized and large companies. There are other option s out there that are even more affordable for the same type of package.

For more comparisons between platforms, read Zoom vs Webex vs GoToWebinar vs WebinarJam

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