ClickMeeting Launches On-Demand Webinars

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Webinars are a great way to capture the attention of tons of users at once and/or promote a live event.

If you’ve never tried one yourself, you can use this perfect webinar script as a cheat sheet and a way to get started quickly.

On-demand webinars (also called evergreen webinars) on the other hand, make it possible to multiply your marketing and sales efforts by playing a pre-recorded webinar.

Today, a favorite webinar platform, ClickMeeting announced the launch of their On-Demand Webinar product.

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ClickMeeting’s live (regular) webinar product, MyWebinar is a slick solution that allows you to host live webinars with a couple hundred people for as little as $55/month. The drag-and drop editor is very easy to use and the branding features allow you to customize live webinars to your audience.

click meeting on-demand webinar

So when I heard about ClickMeeting’s on-demand solution today, my ears perked.

What I think

This is a big step for the marketing software ecosystem. In general, I’m a big fan of on-demand webinars. I’ve reviewed my successes with an on-demand product, Everwebinar many times over. I like to say they allow me to “convert customers in my sleep.”

From what I can see, the new ClickMeeting solution is a little limited — just a recording feature with several different layouts. But the concept is great and it makes an already strong webinar solution even better.

on-demand webinar

A truly great on-demand webinar service has a lot more bells and whistles. Everwebinar allows you to insert countdown timer widgets in your recording, host pre-recorded “live Q&A” and even has a sales notification that alerts attendees when someone has “purchased” your product (in your pre-recorded webinar). These bells and whistles are quite powerful!

So on the whole, the ClickMeeting solution seems like an easy way to record and reuse your content on repeat.

One thing that looks pretty exciting about the ClickMeeting on-demand solution is the ability to quickly share your newly-recorded masterpiece. If you’re recording lots of webinars, publishing to Youtube is a great way to promote your content and reap the search engine optimization benefits of content creation.

publish feature clickmeetings ondemand webinar

Summary: great for ClickMeetings and the industry. The solution is simple. Plus, it doesn’t cost any extra if you have the standard ClickMeetings plan.

What are on-demand webinars?

If you’re unfamiliar, on-demand webinars generally allow you to:

  1. Run a live webinar
  2. Record the live webinar
  3. “Dub” interesting commentary or imagery over your recorded content
  4. Share the finished product with your audience

If you’re interested in learning how to make the perfect on-demand webinar, read: How to Create an Evergreen Webinar

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