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Newsletter email capabilities
Triggered email campaigns
A/B testing
Customer surveys
Drag-and-drop landing page editor
1,000's of stock photos and templates available
Analytics suite
Price starting at $15/mo

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About GetResponse

GetResponse is a diversified software offering that offers landing page, email marketing and webinar capabilities. GetResponse claims to be the easiest newsletter tool available, with a ton of professional features that include simple email marketing, email automation, landing pages and webinar software. The Polish-based company’s global reach extends to 182 countries, and claim to engage over 1 billion subscribers every month. GetResponse features integrations with tons of the top tools you're already using like Salesforce, WordPress and Shopify.

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GetResponse Reviews

Name: Mark Spera
Title: Cofounder
Company: Growth Marketing Pro
Industry: Marketing
August 19, 2019

GetResponse is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to approach marketing from a number of different angles: landing pages, webinars, emails and more. For sophisticated marketers, this is awesome. 1) Because all these things work amazingly well in conjunction with each other. 2) Also, combining all these tools under one umbrella means you don't have to use code or any integrations to make your tools speak to one another. For instance, I use follow up emails from GetResponse to hit people who have viewed our webinar but haven't purchased.



Value for the money

Incredible. It's basically a 5-in-1 tool for the price of one tool. Pay for Mailchimp or pay for GetResponse and get multiple tools in one!

Name: Melissa H
Title: Marketer
Company: Self
Industry: Real Estate/education
September 04, 2019

Free trial is really generous. I decided to continue as the feature set is robust. The automation visualization is pretty cool if you are a visual person. Customer service is out of this world great. You can chat with a support rep 24/7. They walk you through whatever issue you’re having.


Hard pressed to come up with cons. It’s a great software. It may not have all the features you’re looking for however.

Value for the money

Great value. Check out the free trial to see it in action. Guessing it will be robust enough for most entrepreneurs.

Name: Divy Pujara
Title: Business Development Executive
Company: Chudasama Outsourcing Pvt Ltd
Industry: Architecture Outsourcing Services
September 04, 2019

One of the best effective marketing tools, good email deliverability


The email thread in another campaign is not possible

Value for the money

Value for money as it is one stop solution for email marketing

Name: Naseer Ullah Khan
Title: Web Developer
Company: Gpgc Mardan
Industry: Softwarehouse
September 14, 2019

Free trial is really generous. I decided to continue as the feature set is robust. The automation visualization is pretty cool if you are a visual person. Customer service is out of this world great. You can chat with a support rep 24/7. They walk you through whatever issue you’re having.One of the best effective marketing tools, good email deliverability.very very good.


Hard pressed to come up with cons. It’s a great software. It may not have all the features you’re looking for however.

Value for the money

Great value. Check out the free trial to see it in action. Guessing it will be robust enough for most entrepreneurs.i love it

Name: Ram
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Company: Dc
Industry: Training
September 14, 2019

This has been something i completely missed in my marketing efforts. I was all about using Hubspot and mail chimp for free tools but growthmarketing had a link to getrsponse so I decided to try it out and so far I am impressed with the tools, training, and landing pages this platform has to offer. Also, the price to start seems to be nominal as with Hubspot and or mailchimp. I have seen get response before but I had used other platforms due to my company, but this seems to be a great contender. The phone optimization is pretty amazing. You literally start building your marketing funnels from your iPhone, but I’d suggest at least get a tablet for a better experience. I use a similar program called Builderall, but I can definitely see this program as a great alternative. You can build a webinar and surveys, too. I would suggest this if you are just starting out and don’t know what tool to go with first.


Nothing so far I would say a great tool to start with.

Value for the money

Price competitively compared to other similar platforms.

Name: Mohammed
Title: Good Value For Money
Company: Dropshipper
Industry: Health
September 24, 2019

You cant go wrong for $15 per month, to set up auto-responder and build a really nice looking landing page, its ideal for just getting started in internet marketing


Can't think of any great value, only thing is price does go up as your email contacts increase but thats standard with any autoresponder

Value for the money

Excellent value for money

Name: Fnu Pramono
Title: Software Engineer
Company: Bubble Coding
Industry: Education
September 25, 2019

a lot of option witb different price. I use this software with an email list that is around 1000+. I literally send out weekly email and have 3 opt in that I use for daily basis. I couldn't be happier with the amount of options. There is a lot of room to customize everything in this software. The only that I found helpful is I can completely customize opt in form of any size and any design.



Value for the money


Name: Tarryce
Title: Social Media Manager
Company: Ngm
Industry: Marketing
October 05, 2019

This platform comes in handy for me on a daily basis as a online Internet marketer. I call it my One Stop Shop for email marketing. I create amazing landing pages from I have amazing drag-and-drop landing page editor so it makes it very easy for me to create quality landing pages. I was very surprised and impressed by the thousands of templates that were made available to me. GetResponse allows me to have a variety of hundreds of different photos to choose from this saves me lots of time and energy. Great analytics to keep up with my statistics. And the amount of conversions I get because of the triggered campaigns that I can run straight through the emails I collect is why I would suggest you use this platform.


None so far

Value for the money


Name: Ezeh
Title: Money Gram
Company: Student
Industry: Mining
August 11, 2020




Value for the money


Name: Ezeh
Title: Money Gram
Company: Money Gram
Industry: Mining
August 11, 2020




Value for the money


Name: Bonnie Lassey
Title: Homeopathic Therapist
Company: Self
Industry: Homeopathic Therapy
July 26, 2020

The ease of use for this platform is great for beginners and for proficient users alike. There are even training guides and videos to help you get up and running quickly. The platform has so many automations that you won't believe how easy it is to set up. There is a very powerful Workflow Editor that makes setting up a complete email marketing campaign a breeze and the templates are reasonably laid out, so you can build your whole campaign efficiently and quickly using templates or if you need a more complex setup you can build from scratch. Finally, the reports and statistics tools are very robust and can help you to understand what is working the best for your business and what needs some rethinking. 


The smallest plan only allows for a 1000 subscriber list and access to the landing pages. If you grow fast you will need to bump up to the next level which costs more. Another thing is the customer support. It can take a while to get an answer back from them. Even then it sometimes isn't clear what the solution is. 

Value for the money

GetResponse allows you to digitally manage and track engagement with potential customers and leads. It allows you to keep your subscribers engaged and up to date with new content. This is not just a simple email autoresponder, but a complete digital marketing platform. You can manage newsletters easily with the given newsletter templates which are very convenient and easy to use, but you can create your own if needed. The visual elements of the Workflow Editor make it so easy to set up very complex marketing and content delivery campaigns with very little effort. One of the most powerful email tools you can get.

Name: Rob
Title: Owner
Company: Metropolitan
Industry: Education
August 03, 2020

An automated newsletter system.


This platform is incredibly slow, and their customer service is the same speed. If you can wait 3 days for a reply, then I guess you're good to go. Their "Live Chat" button doesn't work and they have no phone #.

Value for the money

I inherited this system when I purchased the company.

Growth Marketing Pro's Review

by Growth Marketing Pro

I'm a marketing guy, a pizza enthusiast and San Francisco resident. Also, I started this blog, Growth Marketing Pro and built it into a 6-figure passive income business in 18 months.

Enter: GetResponse

According to their website, GetResponse is used by 350,000+ companies in 183 countries.

I think it’s the most well-rounded email marketing tool for small and medium-sized businesses.

While GetResponse is best known for their email marketing solution, they offer way more. A GetResponse account gives you access to 1) email marketing, 2) marketing automation, 3) landing pages, and 4) webinars.

GetResponse enables you to drive more sales for your business with a whole host of features to:

  • Build contact lists
  • Send newsletters
  • Automate messages
  • Utilize lead-capture-tools such as landing pages
  • Automate marketing campaigns
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Create pipelines for customer relationship management

GetResponse is the easy-to-learn, affordable, yet super powerful email marketing software you’ve been looking for.

To see it compared with other tools, read GetResponse vs Mailchimp vs ConvertKit vs Constant Contact.

Features of GetResponse

Email Marketing

Email marketing is what GetResponse is known for.

They started perfecting that, beginning 20 years ago when Simon Grabowski hatched the idea for an email tool that would make pixel-perfect emails with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

(Side note: Simon launched GetResponse from his Dad’s attic at age 17)

In those 20 years, GetResponse has refined its email marketing solution a lot.

Today, features available with all account types include:

  • Easily create beautiful newsletters with 500+ templates and 5,000 free stock photos for making professional email campaigns
  • Drag-and-drop editor to get emails just right
  • HTML editor if you have the skills to do so
  • Autoresponders: Automatic messages sent to subscribers. These can be sent in a sequence or at intervals in relation to a contact’s sign up date.
  • Custom DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). Authenticates your message and verifies that it has not been altered in transit. This feature improves email deliverability.
  • Campaign consulting. With advanced plans you get access to 1.5 hours of consulting per month. (max plan only)
  • Account manager. A dedicated manager that helps with routine day-to-day tasks; e.g.landing pages, A/B tests, automating your campaign, importing and exporting contacts, and other duties. (enterprise plan only)
  • Deliverability consulting. Work with an expert to help maximize the percentage of marketing emails that reach the target contact instead of their spam folder. (enterprise plan only)
  • Custom sending domain (enterprise plan only)
  • Dedicated infrastructure (enterprise plan only)
  • Dedicated IP address (enterprise plan only)

GetResponse accounts also have access to a suite of marketing automation tools. These are customizable conditions, filters, and actions that help accomplish email marketing goals.

GetResponse email marketing automation journey builder. Note that “marketing automation” differs from the”autoresponders” in that marketing automation allows you to customize and automate your entire promotional process, whereas autoresponders simply send a message.

With email marketing automation you can send custom, triggered emails at important customer journey moments.

For instance, you can send completed purchase emails. You can send a fully A/B test-able lead nurturing strategy and even notify sales representatives when actions are taken.

To do these types of things, GetResponse email automation enables:

  • Tagging. You can classify contacts with unlimited tags: e.g. engaged, active, responsive, customer, prospect, or whatever custom tag you desire. Tags can be used to trigger specific actions or to track the activity of users on your website.
  • Scoring. Points can be given or taken away from contacts based on their activities. Scoring allows you to understand the level of engagement among contacts and which ones are the most valuable. Scoring helps you deliver the right messages to the right people. It can also be used to provide special customers with rewards.
  • Abandoned cart recovery. Allows you to send automatic messages to customers who don’t place their order. These messages can be sent to such customers at a customizable time after their cart abandonment.
  • Web event tracking. You can integrate GetResponse with a website to track visitor behavior. You can see who comes to your site and how frequently they visit. Web event tracking helps you understand why visitors are coming to your site.
  • Automation segmentation. This tool allows you to further categorize your target contacts. You can create segments of contacts based on name, email, location, webinars, or other custom fields. Segmented targets for email campaigns are much more likely to be turned into conversions, so this is an important tool.

Maybe you won’t need all those features, but it’s nice to know GetResponse has it all in spades.

Plus, you only pay for what you use.

Next, explore what GetResponse’s landing page creator feature looks like.

Landing pages with GetResponse

Landing page software is great for spinning up great looking lead capture forms and splash pages on your website.

Creating landing pages with GetResponse can be done with just a few clicks. They have built-in analytics such as A/B testing, they integrate with many platforms including AdWords, and email capture forms integrate well with GetResponse’s contact lists.

With the most basic plan you only get one landing page per account and a maximum of 1,000 visitors per month. Paid accounts have unlimited visitors and unlimited landing pages.

Although GetResponse doesn’t specialize in landing pages it is  great to have access to this tool along with their other features. This is particularly true for marketers and businesses who are just getting started with digital marketing.

More advanced marketers might prefer a more specialized tool like Instapage or Unbounce, which have more templates and features for paid digital marketing. For those interested in learning about other landing page software, check out my article, “The 10 Best Landing Page Software Tools”.

Webinars with GetResponse

Webinars are useful for specialized marketing agendas. They can hold a potential customer’s attention for an average of 45 minutes or more. You can get into nitty gritty details that are too difficult to explain elsewhere, and it can be a great way to draw in potential customers with “one-time-only” events.

Webinars are not as powerful for e-commerce companies selling low-cost products, but Saas and B2B businesses typically have a lot to gain from including webinars into their marketing strategy.

A few things you can do with webinars:

  • Demonstrate products,
  • Showcase expertise,
  • Engage directly with an audience,
  • Connect on a deeper level with a community, or
  • Make onboarding videos for new employees

Only the Pro, Max, and Enterprise plans have access to webinars. Webinars with the Proplan are limited to 100 attendees. Max and Enterprise plans limit attendees to 500.

For seriously effective standalone webinar tools, you’ll want to read our Google #1 ranked article, Top 15 Webinar Software Tools

Other Features

There are some key features only available to ProMax, and Enterprise plans:

  • CRM (Customer relationship management). This feature is part of why GetResponse stands out. This tool allows you to create pipelines, which represent your sales process in a visual flow chart. It further enables you to evaluate your contacts and assess which ones are likely to become deals. All-in-all, the CRM tool adds great utility for understanding customers and managing how you interact with them.
  • E-commerce. This tool allows you to integrate your GetResponse account with an e-commerce site. You can send e-commerce data to GetResponse to keep you informed about a customer’s spending habits.
  • Transactional emails. With transactional emails you can send automated emails containing purchase receipts, password changes, and order confirmations.

Unfortunately, transactional emails are only available for Enterprise accounts. It would make sense to offer transactional emails along with other e-commerce tools available to Pro and Max plans. I would like GetResponse better if transactional emails weren’t restricted to a very expensive account.

GetResponse Pricing Structure

With GetResponse you can sign up for a free 30-day trial without submitting any credit card or payment information.

During the free trial you have access to all the features included with the EmailPro, and Max plans. You can:

  • Collect up to 1,000 contacts,
  • Send unlimited messages,
  • Create your first landing page,
  • Create your first automated welcome series,
  • Create your first webinar, and
  • Build lead capture forms.

After the free trial, there are four pricing options that you can choose from. All subscriptions can be made every 1 month, 12 months (18% discount), or 24 months (30% discount). Pricing for each plan can be further adjusted by different list sizes. You can also add 5 additional users to any account for $20 at any time.

Prices for minimum list sizes.

Plan and min. list size1 month12 month24 month
Email (1,000)$15$12.30$10.50
Pro (5,000)$49$40.18$34.30
Max (10,000)$165$135.30$115.50
Enterprise (100,000+)$1,199$839$719

Email Plan (1 user per account)

The Email plan has limited access to features, but it is a great option for beginners. With the Email plan you have access to autoresponders, basic landing pages, creating workflows and using contact tags.

Pricing for different list sizes within the Email plan:

List size1 month12 month24 month

Pro Plan (3 users per account)

The Pro plan is designed for small businesses. It offers a lot compared to the Email plan. It has all the features of the Email plan, plus access to unlimited landing pages, unlimited landing page views, and webinars with up to 100 attendees.

One of the biggest advantages to the Pro plan is that it has access to all the marketing automation features offered by GetResponse (workflows, tags, scoring, abandoned charts, web event tracking, and automation segmentation). You can also start integrating GetResponse with an e-commerce site. Note that upgrading to Max or Enterpriseaccounts won’t get you more automation tools!

The Pro plan also gives you access to their customer relationship management (CRM) tool, which is very beneficial for understanding and targeting customers.

The Pro plan offers FAR more than the Email plan. For a list size of 5,000, the Pro plan costs $49 /month and the Email plan costs $45 /month. If you go beyond 1,000 contacts, the Pro plan is well worth the extra $4 /month.

Pricing for different list sizes within the Pro plan:

List size1 month12 month24 month

Max Plan (5 users per account)

This plan is designed for advanced marketers with advanced needs. The Max plan includes all features with the Pro account plus custom DKIM, campaign consulting, and up to 500 webinar attendees.

Pricing for different list sizes within the Max plan:

List size1 month12 month24 month

Enterprise (10 users per account)

The Enterprise plan goes above and beyond for top tier needs. This includes access to an account manager, dedicated infrastructure, dedicated IP address, max mailout performance, deliverability consulting, and transactional emails. All Enterprise accounts have access to unlimited list sizes. People interested in this plan have can schedule a demonstration.

Alternatives to GetResponse

There are many email marketing tools out there besides GetResponse. Two popular alternatives are MailChimp and ConstantContact. Other email marketing tools include MailGet, ConvertKit, Drip, ActiveCampaign, SendinBlue, AWeber, MailerLite, and Benchmark.

MailChimp vs. GetResponse

Overall GetResponse offers more features at a better price. I prefer GetResponse to MailChimp. However, MailChimp does offer a much more comprehensive free option.

Click here to see the full review: GetResponse vs Mailchimp vs ConvertKit vs Constant Contact

Comparison of features

There are a few key features that GetResponse offers that MailChimp does not. Key features that distinguish GetResponse from MailChimp are CRM, A/B testing for landing pages (MailChimp only offers A/B testing for emails), and access to webinars. GetResponse also has many more email and landing page templates to choose from.

MailChimp does have some advantages in the features category. They have easier integration for third parties and MailChimp is especially good with Facebook ads. If Facebook ads are a fundamental aspect of your digital marketing campaign, MailChimp might be a better option.

Comparison of Pricing

Despite the additional features, GetResponse is still generally cheaper. This is especially true if users utilize the 18% and 30% discounts offered by GetResponse for long-term subscriptions.

MailChimp offers a discount of 10% over 3 months for adding two-factor authentication to your account, which GetResponse doesn’t do, but it still falls short of GetResponse’s deals for long term contracts.

However, the bottom line on cost comparisons does depend on the business. Companies with small contact lists (less than 500) or companies who don\’t project much growth of their contact list might be able to accomplish their email marketing goals more cheaply with MailChimp. Businesses who are going to be sending limited emails, might consider MailChimp, because MailChimp allows a pay-per-use feature for sending emails occasionally. Nonprofits and charities also might put special consideration into using MailChimp as they would get a 15% discount.

For those strictly looking for a free option, MailChimp will be the way to go. GetResponse has a free trial that is limited to 30 days, whereas free plans with MailChimp are very generous and they do not expire.

ConstantContact vs. GetResponse

My bottom line is that $95 can get you a lot more with GetResponse than it can with ConstantContact. That being said, ConstantContact might be a good choice for very specialized businesses.

Click here to see the full review: GetResponse vs Mailchimp vs ConvertKit vs Constant Contact

Comparison of features

ConstantContact offers some unique features that other services do not. ConstantContact might be the right tool for you if your business specializes in managing event invitations, registrations, and tickets.

The sector where ConstantContact really excels is deliverability. You don\’t want your messages going into the spam folder. GetResponse claims 99.5% deliverability. However, tests by show that ConstantContact has a 93% deliverability, considerably better than GetResponse (78%) and MailChimp (83%).

If automation is what you\’re looking for, ConstantContact is hugely lacking compared to GetResponse. ConstantContact only offers basic autoresponders, and their abandoned cart tools can only be used with Shopify.

Comparison of Pricing

Another major setback of ConstantContact is the value. For the features that you get with ConstantContact, it is quite expensive compared to GetResponse. For 10,000 subscribers, ConstantContact would cost $95 /month whereas GetResponse would cost between $45 and $165 /month, depending on contract term and plan.

ConstantContact does have a free trial, it lasts for 60 days compared to the 30 day trial from GetResponse.

GetResponse is an awesome tool you should definitely consider as your de facto email marketing software. 

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