The 7 Best Content Writing Tools [2022]

Content is everywhere. It’s pretty much the foundation of the internet.

Luckily for creators, there are tools that can help speed the content writing process up — which is a good thing, because no one likes writer’s block.

Content writing can help with a social media presence, SEO, company branding, and even lead generation. There are hundreds of tools and I’ve narrowed it down to way less than that. These are the best content writing tools.

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The best content writing tools

1. Grammarly: best for grammar


By now you’ve probably heard of Grammarly. I’d venture to say they created the content writing tool category. They recently raised venture capital at a $13 billion valuation – making them among the top 10 most valuable U.S. startups. Grammarly is an online grammar checking and proofreading tool that helps make your writing more mistake free. It can be accessed from any web browser and can be used anywhere. It takes a few minutes to install and then you can use it for free for as long as you need it. 

Grammarly spell checks users, improves conciseness, tone, word choice, and much more – all as you write. 

Source: VentureBeat


  • Grammar checker, word choice
  • Sentence rewrites
  • Tone adjustments
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Fluency checker
  • Save snippets, create a tone profile, create style guides, and more with the business plan
  • Integrations with web browsers, desktop apps like Slack, Microsoft product suite, email clients, and more


  • Free: basic functions like grammar checker and punctuation errors
  • Premium: $30/mo, includes all free features plus word choice, fluency checker, tone adjustments, etc.
  • Business: Starts at $120/mo for 10 users

2. GrowthBar: best for SEO writing

GrowthBar is an SEO suite and AI content generator for content creators (bloggers). GrowthBar enables users to plan and create SEO content at scale.

Do market research, find keywords, and create content outlines with the click of a button. Once you’ve created an outline (which comes with an AI generated title and intro paragraph), you can write in the content editor and GrowthBar will score your work for SEO-readiness. Thousands of companies use GrowthBar, including Square, Postmates, Teepublic, Minted, Spekit and more.

GrowthBar content outline generator


  • Generate content in one click for any Google search term and get recommended keywords, keyword density, images, links, word count, optimal URL, and more
  • AI-generated blog ideas
  • Competitor metrics like domain authority, organic traffic, paid keywords, backlinks, and more
  • Billions of keyword suggestions
  • Keyword competition and CPCs
  • Rank tracking
  • Chrome Extension for insights on the fly


  • Standard: $29/mo, create 15 AI outlines/month, track 25 keywords, unlimited keywords and backlinks
  • Pro: $79/mo, create 50 AI outlines/month, track 75 keywords across 3 sites, unlimited keywords and backlinks
  • Agency: $129/mo, create 150 AI outlines/month, track 150 keywords across 10 sites, unlimited keywords and backlinks

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3. Copy AI: best for short-form content

Copy AI is one of the newest content writing tools, but it’s come on the map with a bang. They’ve raised over $10 million for their AI copy generation tool that promises to help marketers create email copy, social media copy, sales copy, and almost every other form of content you can think of.

It enables users to pick a use case, enter the subject of their copy, choose a tone, and voila! Copy AI spits out written text that is over 99% original using OpenAI’s GPT-3.


  • Features over 90 templates including product descriptions, Facebook Ad copy, Google Ad copy, email subject lines, Google descriptions, brand slogans, sales copy, story intros, YouTube video ideas, and much more
  • Team collaboration features
  • Works in over 20 languages


  • Solo: $35/mo
  • Business: inquire for pricing

4. Yoast: best for WordPress

Yoast is an SEO WordPress plugin that has been around since 2010. The brand has become synonymous with WordPress SEO over the years. As you create blog posts, and add pages in WordPress, Yoast gives you suggestions on how to optimize them with additional keywords, meta descriptions, content length and clarity, plus a whole host of other suggestions. Yoast is perfect for on-page SEO — less so for “off-page” SEO insights like backlinks and domain authority of competitor sites, but that’s common with SEO plugins. 


  • Keyword density, linking suggestions, optimal URL, and other suggestions in your WordPress blog posts
  • Create meta descriptions
  • Run redirects on your site
  • Schema markup
  • See a preview of what your finished page looks like
  • Easily edit your URL slug, run redirects from old pages to new, breadcrumbs, and more
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Handles technical stuff like robots.txt, .htaccess, sitemaps, and more


  • $89/year

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5. Jarvis

Jarvis (formerly Conversion AI) is an AI-powered content generator. Like Copy AI, it has many functions, including blog post topic ideas, product descriptions, social media posts, Google Ads, product descriptions, YouTube video ideas, landing page copy, salesperson outreach copy, and much, much more.


  • Over 40 templates that produce AI copy
  • Long form content assistant that allows users to create full blog posts with AI assistance
  • Team collaboration
  • Large Facebook community


  • Starter: $29/mo
  • Boss Mode: $59/mo — Boss Mode is Jarvis’ long-form content editor

6. Rytr

Like Copy AI and Jarvis, Rytr is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to creating copy. It uses AI to generate unique copy for a number of use cases, including business pitch ideas, brand names, calls to action, email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn ads, product descriptions, meta descriptions and more. It’s a straightforward tool that generates unique copy in seconds.


  • 30+ use cases
  • 30+ languages
  • 18+ tones you can select from (convincing, awestruck, inspirational, etc.) to add personality to your content
  • API


  • Free: $0/mo, generate 5,000 characters per month
  • Saver: $9/mo, generate 50,000 characters per month
  • Unlimited: $29/mo, generate unlimited characters per month

7. Surfer Seo

Surfer SEO is a full-service SEO company that provides SERP analyzer, content editor, keyword research, SEO audit, and a content editor extension. 

Their data-driven content editor model takes the guesswork out of manually optimizing your content by showing marketers what’s working for the currently top-performing pages…and then how to outrank them. Plus, manual audits of blog posts and articles can be time-consuming and prone to human error, so having the ability to have a detailed breakdown of the SERPs for a target keyword generated in a matter of minutes can be a huge advantage for people when you’re trying to up your content output.

To use Surfer SEO’s content editor tool, their AI technology checks the prominence of each word on competitor’s pages based on a topic. Then, it gives you the most accurate and competitive guidelines for you to start working in your content editor. 


  • Optimize old blog posts, create landing pages and more
  • Content scores and content optimization recommendations (length and topic suggestions) 
  • Multi-keyword analysis booster so you can rank for several keywords in one piece
  • Google Docs and WordPress integration
  • SEO-driven content briefs
  • SERP Analyzer


  • Basic: $59
  • Pro: $99
  • Business: $199

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The best content writing tool for SEO

If you’re writing long-form content for SEO look no further than GrowthBar. As said, GrowthBar enables users to gather tons of competitive data points and keyword suggestions (with search volume and competitiveness scores) so that bloggers can plan their content.

Then when it comes to writing content, GrowthBar really excels. Simply enter a keyword and GrowthBar’s AI will surface title and intro paragraph options, as well as metrics like the keywords you should include, optimal word count, number of headlines to include, images to include, and then it rounds up headlines for you to drag and drop into your masterpiece.

GrowthBar uses powerful AI and scrapes the Google search engine results page (SERP) so that you know exactly what to write to rank for your keyword.

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There are a lot of content writing tools to choose from. My personal toolkit includes Grammarly for everyday grammar and punctuation help, GrowthBar for SEO blog writing, and Yoast to make my WordPress optimizations a little quicker.

What you need depends on you and your team’s content stack. Do you need a wide variety of copy from social media, landing pages, email subject lines, and more? Then consider Jarvis or Copy AI.

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