How to Make a Quiz that Generates Targeted Leads for Your Business

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Lead generation expert, Josh Haynam, founder of Interact, teaches us how to make a quiz.

We live in a world dominated by headlines about the Kardashians and Donald Trump. We’ve taken sensationalist journalism to a whole new level through social media and video, and at this point you don’t get noticed unless you do something insane.

This is terrible news for growth marketers. If no one pays attention to actual stories and real thought-out content, what are we supposed to do? On the one hand if we give in and just create eye-catching but shallow content we’re not only contributing to the problem, but we’re never going to make any sales because the traffic from content like that will be super irrelevant to our brand.

On the other hand, if we create factual and informative content, we can end up getting no traffic or leads, people just won’t pay attention to that content in the form of ads or on our websites.

What we need to do is create content that is both “sensationalist” that can compete with the Kardashians, but that also drives actual targeted traffic and leads into our companies.

That’s where quizzes come in. You’ve all seen and taken quizzes (admit it, you’ve done it), and quizzes are plastered all over Facebook and Buzzfeed. They can compete in our over-stimulated world because a quiz is powerful.

A quiz is one example of lead generation software that can drive relevant traffic to your website when you set it up so it’s actually connected to your business.

Full disclosure, my name is Josh Haynam, I’m co-founder and CEO of Interact Quiz Builder I run a company that is a platform for creating quizzes. We’ve been around for 4 years and helped 40,000 businesses generate 5,000,000 leads so what I’m about to share with you is advice based on over 2,000 consulting calls on how to make a quiz.

My goal right now is to share with you how to make a quiz for your business to start generating leads and driving sales. However – to this day it’s still the case that the only way anyone will believe quizzes are a real marketing tool is if I show a real-life example from a brand they trust.

That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to walk you through the whole process from start to finish on how to make a quiz to generate leads. We’ll be following a company called TechnoServe, one of my absolute favorite non-profits in the world.

They are a perfect example of the problem I outlined above. Their mission is to help businesses in developing nations implement efficient practices so they can grow. So for example they’ll teach coffee farmers in Colombia how to use modern irrigation techniques to save water and time. What they do is amazing and unfortunately also not “interesting” enough to compete with the Kardashians for your attention on social media.

So here’s what they did. They created a quiz called “What Kind of Coffee are You?” that pulls people in from Facebook, captures their contact information, and funnels them to the correct donation page based on what kind of coffee you are.

Let’s take a look behind the curtain at how this works.

A Story of How Quizzes Generate Leads from Facebook

We’ll start at the end, with how TechnoServe shared the post on Facebook. Their quiz post is below. It’s a simple post with an image that links to the quiz.

how to make a quiz- buzzfeed style

When people see the post on Facebook and click on it, the quiz opens up as a full-screen immersive experience.

how to make a quiz- buzzfeed style

Once you click to begin the quiz, you are presented with a series of questions with images that represent each answer choice for a quick and visual way to progress through the questions.

how to make a quiz- buzzfeed style

After the seven quiz questions, the quiz has an opt-in form that comes up asking if I’d like to opt-in to see my results. There is a “skip this step” option as well in case I’m not interested in hearing from TechnoServe (and thus am a terrible person :)).

how to make a quiz- buzzfeed style

And then I’m shown my coffee type, with links to donate and learn more about my type. This is magic because now all of a sudden I’m being linked to the SAME exact page that TechnoServe would have shared on Facebook about Colombian coffee growers, but instead of me not clicking on it because I’m distracted by the Kardashians, now they have my full attention and of course I’m going to click on it.

how to make a quiz- buzzfeed style

If I click on the “Learn More!” button I’m taken to a page about how TechnoServe works with women coffee growers in Colombia.

how to make a quiz- buzzfeed style

Just to recap what happened here, the problem TechnoServe faced was that content about directly what they do won’t get clicked on from social media because there are too many other options for entertaining content. However, a quiz called “What Kind of Coffee are You?” absolutely gets clicked on from Facebook and that quiz not only captures contact information from quiz takers but also ultimately links them to the same content that TechnoServe wants to serve up in the first place.

Now we ran through that example and it hopefully makes sense, but I know that as marketers the only thing that matters is how a new strategy like quizzes can be used for YOUR business. So that’s what we’ll do, below are the absolute best practices we’ve learned from creating 40,000 quizzes.

Do it- go make a quiz. This tool makes it easy.

quiz builder

Best practices for how to make a quiz that generate leads

What to make a quiz about

The first question I get when it comes to quizzes is “What kind of quiz should I make?” and more specifically I get the highly skeptical “Aren’t quizzes just stupid things on Facebook? Surely there’s no way I can make one for MY business” That is a valid question, and luckily after 1000’s of conversations about this very topic I’ve been able to formulate a solution that works for everyone. Here’s how to make a quiz that is on-brand but also appeals to a lot of people.

Step 1: Make your quiz in the format of “Which (Blank) Are You?” This is because the reason people take quizzes is because they tell us something about ourselves and we get to talk about ourselves. A quiz in the format of “Which (Blank) Are You?” promises to do both of those things, people will find out what kind of (Blank) they are, and they are going to have to answer questions in order to find out which (Blank) they are, so they’ll get to talk about themselves.

Step 2: In that (Blank) insert the type of people you serve as customers. This is where you make sure the quiz is relevant to your audience by adding in the type of audience that you want to reach right into the title of the quiz.

how to make a quiz

So for example:

“What Type of Business Owner are You?” if you are a coach for business owners.

“What Is Your Jewelry Style/” if you are selling to jewelry buyers

“What Type of Volunteer are You?” if you are a non-profit trying to reach potential volunteers.

The idea is that you can pick your audience by adding in the particular type of people you want to reach into the blank space in your quiz title.

How to make a quiz- writing questions

The table rule: This rule states that when you write quiz questions you should write them as if the person who will take your quiz is sitting across the table from you and you are asking the questions in-person.

One way to make sure you are writing questions like this is to check the number of personal pronouns in your quiz questions (I.E. I, You, We). We did a study and found a correlation between the number of personal pronouns in quiz questions and how many views a quiz gets, meaning that the more you talk to people in personal terms like you would if you were actually talking to them, the more views your quiz gets on average.

The tipsy rule: You know how when you have a couple drinks you tend to be a bit more direct with how you ask people things? Act like that when you ask your quiz questions, we’ve found that when you ask questions more directly not only does it get more people to complete your quiz because they’re not wondering what a question means, but it also draws them in more because they are answering more personal questions and therefore get more invested in the quiz.

how to build a quiz

Have 7 Questions with 4-6 Answer Choices: This will take quiz takers two minutes to complete, which is the perfect amount of time to get people drawn into your quiz but not so long that they’ll get bored and leave.

Write text questions with images for each answer choice: When you write quiz questions, set them up where the actual question is text and each answer choice is an image with a caption. Human process images up to 60,000 times faster than text, so having questions set up this way will help people flow through your quiz smoothly and enjoy the experience. Additionally, we ran an internal test at interact and found that all 100 of the top 100 quizzes created on our platform by traffic volume have questions set up in this format.

How to craft an opt-in form to get leads

When people complete the questions of your quiz, they’ll be presented with an email capture form. This is your opportunity to capture their contact information and also segment them based on which quiz outcome they get, so it’s a massive opportunity.

The amazing news is that these opt-in forms convert at 50% when people reach them, so the odds are in your favor. In order to achieve a 50% opt-in, here are the best practices for writing the opt-in form text.

how to create a quiz

Tell people they’ll get to see their personality type: Since people will have already spent two minutes answering your quiz questions before reaching this opt-in form, they are invested in seeing their results. Letting them know that once they opt-in they can see their results is a powerful draw.

Let people know you’ll follow up with personalized recommendations based on their quiz result: Since you will know which quiz outcome they get on the quiz, you can send people different emails depending on their quiz result with personalized information for each outcome. Letting quiz takers know they can get extra advice to improve is a powerful added benefit to opting in.

Give people an option to skip the opt-in form: I recommend not making the opt-in form mandatory, you don’t want people opting-in just to see their quiz results and then unsubscribing immediately.

how to make a quiz

How to make a quiz- the results

The next step chronologically in a quiz is the outcome a person will see when they fill out the opt-in form or skip it if they choose that option. This is what people will see right when they complete the quiz, it’s the big reveal they’ve been waiting for and often a huge part of the reason they opted in in the first place, so you’ll want to make sure the results are satisfying. Here’s how to make results that not only satiate curiosity but also encourage sharing so your quiz spreads.

how to make a quiz

Keep it short: 3-4 sentences: Result descriptions should only be a few sentences so people can quickly see which outcome they are and decide if they want to share it, rather then spending minutes reading through a long-winded description.

Keep it positive, we share positive emotions more: People share positive things more than negative ones. This makes sense, especially when you consider that with a quiz the thing you are sharing is actually about yourself, and you certainly aren’t going to share something negative about yourself.

The way to make sure all of your results are positive is to focus on the good aspects of each quiz result. Even if someone doesn’t score well or they get a personality type that is less-than desirable there are some good aspects. Only mention the good things and avoid the negative.

Have a call to action pointing to a relevant page on your website: This is your opportunity to serve up a relevant page to this person based on their quiz outcome. It’s web personalization simply and at scale.

How to set up the autoresponder series’ for your quiz leads based on which outcome they get

After you capture new contacts using your quiz, you’ll know which quiz outcome they got which can be used to send out personalized follow-ups. This small distinction is massive because transactional emails (like sending people an email about their personality type) get 2x the opens, clicks, and purchases of non-personalized blasts. Here’s our recommended follow-up sequence for each of the quiz outcomes.

Email #1 (Send Immediately): Send the quiz results again with more details

Right after someone opts-in through your quiz, send them an email with their results again (even though they just saw it on the actual quiz). This will not only bridge the gap between the quiz and the fact that you are now in the person’s inbox, but it will also give you an opportunity to elaborate on the quiz results a bit and include any other relevant links you want to point people to.

how to make a personality test

Email #2 (Send 3 Days After Email #1) Send out the other quiz results people could have gotten

People are always uber curious about which other quiz results they could have gotten. This is a perfect opportunity to send another email just 3 days after they’ve taken the quiz. In this email you can include the result descriptions from the other results from your quiz and you get another opportunity to link back to your website.

personality test

Email #3 (Send 4 Days After Email #2) Send 3 suggestions based on the quiz result the person got

In the third email you get into the meat of your recommendations for the person based on their quiz outcome. If you’re a coach these are your initial tips, if you’re in retail these are product recommendations, etc. etc. This email is the first one that deviates somewhat from the exact quiz results and starts to establish you as an expert.

how to make a personality quiz

Email #4 (Send 3 Days After Email #3) Send more advice based on the quiz result the person got and offer to have a meeting

In the 4th email you are sending more helpful tips for the person based on their quiz outcome and also offering a meeting (or coupon or webinar invite, or free course registration, etc.). This email is your big question, seeing if people are ready to take the next step.

How to make a buzzfeed quiz

How to promote your quiz once it’s ready to go

Now you’ve got a sweet quiz funnel completed from start to finish that’s ready to plug-and-play. A quiz will convert traffic into leads but it only works if there are people seeing the quiz. We have three recommendations on how to promote distribution of your quiz so it’ll get in front of the audience you want both from your website and from Facebook.

On your website as a popup: Set your quiz to pop up on your website, replacing your existing email capture popup or lead magnet. We’ve seen cases where this one simple change will increase opt-ins by 300% literally overnight just because a quiz is so much more appealing than a regular opt-in box.

how to make a buzzfeed quiz

On your website as an announcement bar: Set up a link to your quiz as an announcement bar across the top or bottom of your website to draw attention to it just like you would with any other lead magnet.

how to make a buzzfeed quiz

On Facebook as an ad: To run an ad on Facebook, recreate what your quiz looks like as an ad and point it back to the page on your website where you have your quiz embedded or to a direct quiz URL. For best results, run the ad to an existing Facebook audience that you’ve run other ads to so you can run a direct comparison of how much cheaper you can acquire leads using a quiz versus other methods.

how to make a buzzfeed quiz

In Conclusion:

There are simply too many good options for entertainment on social media, which means your boring marketing content just won’t get any attention regardless of how useful it might be. Knowing how to make a quiz can be the solution you need because it’s both entertaining and also works to generate leads while simultaneously segmenting your audience to the appropriate autoresponder as well as pointing them into the perfect part of your web presence where they’ll find what they’re looking for.

Do it- go make a quiz. This tool makes it easy.

quiz builder

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