Landing Page Software

Landing page software tools like Unbounce, Instapage and Leadpages make it simple for marketers to create pixel-perfect webpages.

Smart marketers use landing page software to…

  • Run Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other paid/performance marketing campaigns
  • Capture leads with forms and gated content
  • Host sign-up forms for webinars or host “coming soon” pages
  • Spin up pages fast and run minimum viable tests on new product offerings

And since landing page software tools have drag-and-drop editors and great looking templates, you don’t need design experience to make great-looking pages.

Read on to learn more about landing pages. If you’re ready to try a tool, we recommend Instapage.

Landing Page Software

landing page software

The 11 Best Landing Page Builder Software Tools

Landing page software is an important tool for anyone looking for leads on the internet. Having the ability to rapidly create custom landing pages with forms, images and funnels is really game-changing. Landing page software hit the internet around 2011. I became fascinated in 2013, when…

instapage vs unbounce vs leadpages vs clickfunnels.001

Instapage vs Leadpages vs Unbounce vs Clickfunnels

I don’t care what you’re selling or building on the internet. You need landing pages that convert visitors into subscribers, users and customers.  To stay ahead of the competition, your landing pages need to be engaging, catchy, creative and optimized… like Drake.  Fortunately, landing page software…

best landing page plugins for wordpress.001

Top 9 Landing Page Software Plugins for WordPress

WordPress posts and pages are rigid. They don’t generally convert well for “direct response” advertising channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This blog, is built on WordPress. We’ve never had much luck converting users into email signups on our WordPress published pages. On the…

landing page example

How to Make Your First Landing Page

A landing page is just what it sounds like. It’s a web page designed for a specific marketing purpose. A landing page can be used to: Explain a product release or new company (a “launch” page) Capture email or phone leads to sell a product Advertise…

instapage landing page templates

Instapage: the Best Landing Page Software on the Planet

When I began my career, it was impossible to create quick and elegant landing pages capable of lead collection, a/b testing, and precise design. Making great landing pages required 1) technical training or 2) web developers. I didn’t have either. Our competitors had great landing pages.…

unbounce review and pricing

Unbounce Landing Page Software Review and Pricing

Unbounce was the first landing page software platform. Back in 2009, Rick Perrault was frustrated by the time it took to create effective landing pages for marketing campaigns. Sick of constantly working with expensive development teams, he decided to cut out the “middleman” and create a…

mailchimp landing page software

Mailchimp Landing Page Builder Review, Templates and Pricing

Mailchimp recently launched a landing page builder! I love the original Mailchimp email marketing product so much, I decided to take it for a spin.     Background on Mailchimp Mailchimp is an 18 year old company, with 16 million customers and over 700 employees. They…

facebook landing page strategy.001

The Best Landing Pages for Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Background: Best Facebook Landing Pages There are 5 million+ advertisers running Facebook ads today. Everyone from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies are making Facebook work for them. Why so many? Because, with over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most scaleable…

leadpages review and pricing.001

Leadpages Landing Page Builder: Review & Pricing

Leadpages is a landing page builder that enables you to design professional-looking landing pages to improve your website experience or generate leads for your business or blog. At the beginning of my career, landing page builders like Leadpages didn’t exist. The only way marketers and online business…