Zoho CRM Review

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Price: Starting at $12.00/month

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About Zoho CRM

Zoho bills itself as more than just CRM. Zoho wants to be the place where you run your entire business. They offer basic CRM services, with contact management, lead scoring and all the latest and greatest CRM features. But even more, Zoho has a suite of finance tools like expense management, collaboration tools like shared drives, light project management and customer support features. Zoho is used by companies like Netflix, Change.org, Amazon, KPMG and many universities.

Product Details

Fully cloud-based CRM
Scoring rules for precise lead management
Custom reports and dashboards
Up to 100,000 leads
Validation rules
Light email automation
Inventory management available at higher pricing tiers
Price starting at $12/mo

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Name: Carla Acosta
Title: Sales Manager
Company: Chevrolet
Industry: Automotive

For us, sales represents a very important area since it is the main income of our company and what helps to drive it day by day. Zoho CRM has been a key service in our advancement as a company. What I liked the most about Zoho CRM is that I have access to all ongoing negotiations, with this platform I can take full control of potential customers and carry out the entire negotiation and sales support process to turn them into real customers. Zoho CRM allows me to statistically view customer satisfaction and allows me to conduct online negotiations, it allows me to address all customer concerns and make it easy for them to access our services. I work in an automotive company, and Zoho CRM has been fantastic in our company, it has allowed us to increase sales exponentially.


Currently, I have not had any problem with Zoho CRM, when we implemented it in our sector I did not present any problem either. We have used Zoho CRM for more than 2 years and we have obtained really remarkable results in increasing our sales, I do not have any type of complaint regarding the operation of the CRM system.

Value for the money

Zoho CRM plans are really complete, since it not only offers access to the CRM platform, but also allows integration with other Zoho services to get the most out of it. The ROI we have obtained with Zoho CRM has been fantastic and we have been able to generate instant sales within a week of its implementation in our sales sector. We are very grateful, we have implemented a platform that is not expensive at all and is helping us to generate sales day after day.

Name: Chris Edwards
Title: Project Manager.
Company: Total
Industry: Oil & Energy

The platform helps us connect and relate immensely with our clients allowing us to serve them efficiently. Zoho CRM is easy to use and fits perfectly in all organizations including even the SMEs. Customer support is available and willing to help all users in using the platform reliably.


Sometimes poor internet connections impede on the smooth usage of the platform.

Value for the money

Its affordable and it will improve the way you relate with clients and expand your customer base.

Name: Amar
Title: Yadav
Company: Bt Group
Industry: Telecommunications

It also complete solutions for CRM, it can be used by all sale personnel


Nothing to dislike till now

Value for the money

Happy with support, features and good tool

Name: Ruby Goyal
Title: Technical Lead
Company: Serverguy
Industry: It

It is so easy to integrate with your website. We are using the Zoho suite which helps us in integrating this tool with Zoho Sales IQ and Zoho Campaigns. We can easily get lots of genuine leads of people visiting our website without doing any major effort. You can daily mails regarding leads, you can also check live sessions and all the data is saved in one place. We are solving the problem of generating leads and taking relevant action on time to engage them. One of the major advantages is that we can connect with our leads even if we are not available at that particular time.


There is nothing, in particular, I don't like about Zoho CRM. But you can't do segregation, set standards and metrics for leads.

Value for the money

It is amazing software if you have a steady flow of leads coming in as it is a little expensive.

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