How to Set Up a WordPress Blog: Video Series

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Find three videos below that will help you set up a WordPress blog. is free to use, but you will have to pay for hosting. Easy blog web hosting can be done via Bluehost, HostGator and WPengine.

Video 1 shows you how to set up and purchase Bluehost. Video 2 shows you how to set up your WordPress blog — making titles, writing posts, stylizing pages, etc. Bluehost has a special integration that allows you to start your WordPress site through their dashboard. It’s quite easy.

If you watch the videos and decide you would like to use BlueHost, click our link for a special monthly rate under $4.

–> Bluehost @ $3.95/month <–

Step 1: Go through Bluehost setup.

Step 2: Go through WordPress setup.

Step 3: Set up your custom email address with Bluehost and connect it to your Gmail Account

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