WebinarJam Alternatives and Competitors [2024]

Hailey Friedman

A comprehensive list of WebinarJam alternatives and competitors.

Table of Contents

  1. Our Favorite Webinar Software
  2. EverWebinar
  3. Demio
  4. EasyWebinar
  5. GoToWebinar
  6. Webex

Our Favorite Webinar Software

At Growth Marketing Pro, we use Webinar Jam for our all our live webinars.

WebinarJam is my all-time favorite webinar software . Why? Because I tested every platform out there. WebinarJam is easy to use, affordable and covers every need I have from a feature perspective.


We like it because:

  • It’s easy.
  • It’s more affordable than many of it’s alternatives and competitors at $39/month. Plus, you can try it for 14 days for $1.
  • They have training videos at every step along the way to show you exactly what to do.
  • There are live reps available 24/7 to help.
  • You can use pop up buttons, offers & countdowns to encourage webinar attendees to take action.
  • Every webinar is automatically recorded and the replay can be sent to attendees.

You can read my complete WebinarJam review here.

But more recently, we’ve decided that its easier to use automated webinars (aka “evergreen webinars”) instead, using EverWebinar.


WebinarJam Alternatives and Competitors

Below is a list of the top contenders I would consider the best alternatives and competitors to WebinarJam. I will start out by telling you more about EverWebinar as an alternative…


EverWebinar is the best tool available for automated webinars.

What is an automated webinar? An automated webinar is when you take a video recording of a presentation and use software that makes it feel like a live webinar for attendees.

Automated webinars are great because they save you the hassle and stress of holding live webinars over and over again. Simply record the presentation one time, turn it into an “evergreen” or automated webinar, and allow people to register for the webinar whenever they please.

I love EverWebinar because you can upload any external video file (I record my presentations with Loom) and turn it into an evergreen webinar.

everwebinar - a webinarjam alternative

Why is EverWebinar the best for automated webinars? EverWebinar is the best automated webinar solution that exists because it creates an environment that feels the most “real” for attendees. It also allows you the most flexibility in customizing the “live” environment. For example, it allows you to decide how many “attendees” will be displayed during the webinar.

It even allows you to customize the conversation going on in the “live chat” or create an “offer” which is a customized call to action during your webinar.

everwebinar - a webinarjam alternative

This customization leads to higher conversion rates than any other automated webinar tool – which is why it is my favorite.

You can watch my automated webinar here to see it in action.

EverWebinar Pricing

It costs $479 annually, but it might just be the best investment of your life. I built a 6-figure passive income business in 4 days by building an evergreen webinar with EverWebinar.

webinarjam alternatives and competitors - everwebinar

That price includes up to 500 attendees which is super generous from what I’ve seen.

I recommend starting with their $1 14 day trial. That way you can try it for yourself without paying more than $1.


demio logo

Demio is also an all-in-one solution that allows you to create live or automated webinars.

Why is Demio a great all-in-one solution? Demio is similar to EasyWebinar in that it allows you to hold both live webinars and automated webinars.

The downsides? It’s the most expensive of all the tools listed. But The user interface is very easy and fun to use, but again, it’s the most expensive tool listed

Demio Pricing

webinarjam alternatives and competitors - demio

It costs $828 annually at the starter level for 150 attendees max. They offer a 14 day free trial period.

Try Demio here.

BONUS! Webinar Script Template

Need help getting started with your first webinar?

Download this free webinar script.



EasyWebinar is an all-in-one solution that allows you to create live or automated webinars.

Why is EasyWebinar the best all-in-one solution? EasyWebinar allows you to accomplish a little bit of everything. It’s great if you need to host live webinars, but are interested in playing around with automated webinars as a first timer, without much concern for conversion rates.

There are two downsides though: 1- it is more expensive, 2- the automated webinar solution is limiting. For example, they do not allow as many customizations as EverWebinar does, which impacts conversion rates in a negative way.

What are other all-in-one webinar alternatives?

  1. EasyWebinar
  2. Demio
  3. WebinarJam + EverWebinar used together

EasyWebinar Pricing

webinarjam alternatives and competitors - easywebinar

It costs $708 annually at the starter level for 100 attendees max. They don’t offer a free trial, but you can book a demo here.


If I’m being honest, I really don’t like GoToWebinar. The software looks outdated and it gets really expensive, really fast. But, tons of people use it — particularly larger companies with enterprise contracts. So first, some positives!


  • Up to 5,000 members on a webinar with the enterprise level plan
  • Share promotional videos, demos, etc. during your broadcast
  • Personalize your webinars with custom branding
  • Simulated live webinars that allow you to have pre-recorded webinars that feel as real as live ones. (My personal favorite tool for simulated live webinars is EverWebinar)
  • Polling Features. Upload polls during your webinar to increase audience engagement.


  • It’s expensive: the lowest plan alone costs $1,068 per year paid at once ($89 per month) or $1,308 paid monthly ($109 per month). After the lowest plan, it only continues to get more expensive if you want more features and attendees.
  • The lowest plan only allows 100 participants to join per webinar. That number was too small for me and my business when I wanted to host my first webinar and make a big impact.
  • The software is outdated and looks like it was last updated in 2006. Not as clean or user friendly as some of its competitors like WebinarJam.
  • All users have to download the software in order to join the webinar which can be confusing for attendees or other hosts. This part is real annoying. Who wants to download a new program just to watch a webinar?
  • Poor Customer Service.

GoToWebinar Pricing

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a bit pricier than it’s competitors. The lowest tier costs $1,068 per year paid at once ($89 per month) or $1,308 paid monthly ($109 per month). After the lowest plan, it only continues to get more expensive if you want more features and attendees.

webinarjam alternatives and competitors - gotowebinar






WebEx is webinar software owned by Cisco. Their main offering is video conferencing and webinars are just a small feature in their larger suite of video conferencing offerings. And, since they aren’t focused primarily on webinars, their webinar offering is a little limited.

WebEx is a perfectly fine solution for basic webinars — you can speak to a small audience in picture-perfect video quality. Plus, the price isn’t bad!

You will not be able to grow with WebEx if you plan to host webinars with more than 200 people in attendance. This could be a great first step in webinar hosting if you and your company are just starting with webinars and need video conferencing software.

In essence, WebEx is a way less comprehensive version of WebinarJam at the same price.

Webex Pricing

The Premium 200 Plan on Webex allows up to 200 participants per meeting (or webinar) at $468 per year ($39 per month) or $49 paid month-to-month ($588 per year)

webinarjam alternatives and competitors - webex




Which webinar software should you pick? It depends on your needs, but my two favorites are WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Like the idea of WebinarJam?

Try it for 14 days for just $1, click here 

webinarjam alternatives and competitors

One of the most intimidating parts, is just getting started. That’s why I put together this downloadable webinar script. It’s a template for you. Simply fill in the blanks and you’ll be ready to go in no time!

Now go get started!!


P.S. Learn about how WebinarJam compares to other alternatives and competitors like Zoom or WebinarNinja or ClickMeetings.

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