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Price: Starting at $7.00/month

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About Jira

Jira is a family of products built to help all types of teams manage their work. Jira offers several products and deployment options that are purpose-built for Software, IT, Business, Ops teams, and more. Products and apps built on top of the Jira platform help teams plan, assign, track, report and manage work. The Jira platform brings teams together for everything from agile software development and customer support to managing shopping lists and family chores. It's a tool best for medium size and enterprise scale businesses.

Product Details

Plan, track and release world-class software in the cloud
Services for engineering, product, HR and marketing teams
Scrum and Kanban boards
Audit logs
3,000+ apps and integrations with design and engineering tools
Reporting suite to keep your team informed
Price starting at $7/mo

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Name: Manali K
Title: Account Manager
Company: Self
Industry: Tech

Trello is a fantastic organizational tool, which can help your team get organized around common goals. You can track milestones and projects in a visually appealing format, and it has great reporting tools to run analytics on your task management. Ideal for running projects for teams operating on SCRUM methodology.


Not too many cons. They are still adding new integrations all the time, so if you are a more established, enterprise client it may lack some features you are used to. However, the team is easy to work with and agile enough to accomodate feature requests.

Value for the money

Very reasonable- plans start at a very low price and go up based on your team number/license count.

Name: Melissa H
Title: Marketer
Company: Self
Industry: Real Estate/education

The OG of ticket tracking. If anything, it's simple. They literally wrote the book on tickets and the ability to be "agile". The ability to see what your team is working on and reprioritize projects (not just for Engineering – I used it for Marketing projects) is invaluable.


With anything OG, there are alternatives. Other software may have more bells and whistles, but if you want the most slimmed down version, Jira is it.

Value for the money

If you don't have a ticketing system already, Jira integrates easily with other systems.

Name: Justin Jaeger
Title: Project Manager
Company: Assemble
Industry: Marketing And Technology

Jira is project management software that can be adjusted to fit your specific needs. It helps to track projects, issues, and conversations through custom workflows to keep everything organized and moving. I've found it to be very user-friendly (though we have customized it to suit our needs). But essentially, it can be customized to fit any type of business that tracks moving pieces with lots of people.


It's awesome that it can be customized to meet our needs, but can't be done so easily. It requires technical expertise to get it working the way you might want it to.

Value for the money

With the amount you can do with Jira, it's super affordable. The trick is being able to customize the workflows to meet your needs.

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