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Price: Starting at $26.00/month

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About Volusion

Volusion has responsive themes and a comprehensive site builder, so you can create a unique store — without code — in minutes. Drag and drop products right into your store, customize your look with endless page options. Plus, take advantage of Volusion's suite of tools for payments, shipping, inventory management and much more.

Product Details

Easy to navigate ecommerce dashboard
Fast site speeds
24/7 access to US-based ecommerce experts
Integrations with Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp, etc.
SEO support
Unlimited products
Abandon cart analytics
Price starting at $26/mo

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Name: Hira Rehman
Title: Owner
Company: More Solid Solutions Today
Industry: Web Design And Videography

Volusion is an interesting little tool. It’s somewhat similar to Shopify as it is a site builder/online store building tool. It’s not too difficult to use which is nice. They do offer custom website design services, which is a plus for many. The interface also looks very nice.


The pricing options are really not that good. They are very linear and don’t really offer any special deals. Also, the price is not shown with the final price, but as an addition to the base price. This causes a good deal of confusion especially if you’re just trying to get a quick idea of the prices. Creating pricing differences for in-store items is also difficult because you can’t really do multi-variant pricing rules. In other words, if I am trying to sell a shirt, but the price changes based on color or size, I can’t easily make different price rules for those options. This really is not a good thing to be lacking.

Value for the money

I really am not a huge fan of Volusion. It has potential, but it’s nothing like competitors such as Shopify. I would not recommend it for the price.

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