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About Intercom

Intercom is a customer support platform that utilizes user intelligence and behavioral targeting to help businesses better understand, improve, and benefit from customer communication. Drive loyalty and growth at every stage of your customer lifecycle with Intercom—the best in real-time business messaging.

Product Details

A/B testing
Easy to use interface
Real-time updates
Manages email and chat from one place
Multimedia support
Customization options

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Name: Jamae Canbakan
Title: Lead Designer
Company: The Wright Design
Industry: Design

Intercom is a fantastic tool which I can’t believe I hadn’t started using sooner. It allows for easy customer communication and customer acquisition. Intercom allows you to easily capture emails and names when customers visit your site. Intercom is intuitive and easy to use. It can also be integrated with other apps such as Hubspot for easy lead closure. This is especially helpful in expanding the features that Intercom can provide. Creating chart flows allows faster communication with customers, saving both time and effort on my end. Overall, Intercom offers a lot of helpful options to specifically target customers and drive loyalty and growth. Customer support is quick to respond and helpful.


Intercom doesn’t have many things that I don’t like. However, chat flow capabilities are limited. Additionally, Hubspot integration is not perfect and can have some issues occasionally. I would like to see better integration and increased chat flow capability.

Value for the money

Overall, Intercom is great. I would definitely recommend it for the features it offers at a reasonable price.

Name: Joe King
Title: Business Development
Company: Digital Analyst Team
Industry: It And Marketing Solutions

Intercom is an excellent Marketing tool. Intercom is easy to set up and use. It also provides a place to easily merge email and live chat into one platform. I cannot even begin to describe how useful having both customer support/customer information features on one place helps. Intercom is literally a lifesaver. Intercom also allows for easy integration of other softwares too. Plugins can be added quite simply and without difficulty. Intercom has built in reporting with the standard edition, making the standard edition a great buy even though it lacks some features. Customer support is tremendously helpful as well.


Unlike some platforms, intercom does not allow you to merge tickets. This can be a bit of a pain with a customer who opens multiple tickets about the same issue. Additionally, some reporting could use deeper drill downs and insights.

Value for the money

Intercom is overall a great tool. It definitely has some features that could be added and some improvements needed. However, I would say it’s worth the price especially for the standard edition.

Name: Danae White
Title: Marketing Consultant
Company: Independent/contract
Industry: Marketing

Intercom has some cool features. It also has a visually appealing admin interface which is pretty intuitive.


Support is terrible. They constantly gave me the wrong solution to most of the inadequacies I came across. They didn’t really listen to my problem or troubleshoot it correctly. As a result, I had to spend a ton of time trying to implement their solution only to find it doesn’t work. Then, I had to try to find another solution on my own or turn back to support only to go through the same process. I would say that this horrible level of support is reflective of the quality of the tool and potentially its security. I found this to be true in how Intercom lacks a lot of basic functionality. Simple things like auto triggering a message at a particular level are not possible. Inboxes can’t be customized. I could point out other broken features or features missing entirely, but I think you get my point. Overall, Intercom is really difficult to use and lacks basic features.

Value for the money

Intercom is not a product I would recommend. It’s very difficult to use and lacks a lot of features rendering it largely useless. It’s definitely not worth your money.

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