Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is a discipline of growth marketing — sometimes called performance marketing — is the art and science of running paid ads on the internet.

The most common types of paid marketing include:

  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

The most popular articles in this series:

Paid Marketing


Why Lifetime Value is the Most Important Metric for Any Business

Like most entrepreneurs and marketers, when I began my career, I was fixated on acquiring the most customers. Even if my customers were spending only $10, I was thrilled to have them! Don’t get me wrong. I still love acquiring tons of users. But if all…

lead generation and inbound marketing for B2B

The 10 Best Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business

When it comes to lead generation strategies, I know what works. In this post, I speak from first-hand experience acquiring leads at… Venture-backed startups in San Francisco 600+ small businesses and startups I’ve consulted for This blog, Growth Marketing Pro Recently, I grew a B2B SaaS…

facebook ad tips 2020

5 Tips on Crushing It With Facebook Ads Right Now

Over 2 million advertisers have used the Facebook ad platform in the last two years. And according to WordStream, average cost-per-click (CPC) has reached $1.72.  Not too long ago, advertising on Facebook cost pennies. But as with most digital marketing channels, competition is driving up costs.…

social media specialist

Becoming a Badass Social Media Specialist Following These Steps

If you ask on Twitter what a social media specialist does you’ll receive hilarious, serious, and entertaining replies. After I saw Matt’s tweet, I immediately thought we need to go deeper into this.  No, it’s not about fixing a problem with Facebook, getting other people verified…

ecommerce marketing

The 10 Best Ways to Start Marketing Your Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce: A Really Brief History Do you know: ecommerce began in 1971!? The first online transaction took place over the ARPANET in 1971. Students at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab completed a sale of marijuana to students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. True story.  How to…


7 Useful Growth Tips for Scaling Ecommerce Facebook Ads

Contributed post by Facebook ads expert, Depesh Mandalia.  Scaling Facebook ads like Casper, Everlane, Nurx, Roman/Hims and other ecommerce companies is the million dollar question on every marketer’s lips. The revenue growth Facebook has seen over the past few years continues to increase, with the clear majority of…


Does Google Ads Work & Will it Work for My Startup?

Google Ads are ad units that run on Google search pages. Marketers love Google Ads. Why? They’re scaleable: there’s almost infinite search volume on Google. They’re targeted: searches can get pretty targeted to the intent of the user. What are Google Ads? When you search Google,…

Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Every Business

In today’s world, customers often judge a business by it’s digital footprint. Given this fact, many businesses seek out support from digital marketing agencies in order to create a polished appearance on the internet and drive business growth. Finding the best digital marketing agency for your…

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 7.34.07 PM

Advanced UTM Tracking Best Practices

Being a digital marketer is difficult without knowing the standard UTM tracking best practices. You must deliver conversions despite shifting climates, you are expected to know how to market and to analyze, and you must do these things all with a limited time and budget. One…

How to create and record a webinar

How to Create a Webinar – 9 Steps to Record a Webinar

So you want to create a webinar? Follow these 9 simple steps to record a webinar seamlessly. How it Works Watch How to Create and Record Your First Webinar I am obsessed with webinars. Creating a webinar is one of the easiest, cheapest and most impactful…

facebook landing page strategy.001

The Best Landing Pages for Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Background: Best Facebook Landing Pages There are 5 million+ advertisers running Facebook ads today. Everyone from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies are making Facebook work for them. Why so many? Because, with over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most scaleable…

linkedin ads

Mastering LinkedIn Advertising (Plus 1 Growth Hack You Can’t Miss)

LinkedIn is a powerful advertising tool. So powerful in fact that Microsoft (MSFT) bought the career-oriented social network for $26.2 billion last year. It’s the social network for your professional life — a democratized professional network and a very powerful job search tool wrapped into one.…


What is Native Advertising (Outbrain/Taboola)? How can I Use it to Kickstart Growth?

Native Advertising Background The RealtyShares marketplace connects real estate borrowers (or sponsors) with real estate investors. The borrower side of our platform exploded from 2014 into 2015, but we quickly needed to meet supply with investor demand. We stumbled upon native advertising and ended up finding great success. I’ll…