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Arka is a key provider of custom product packages and vibrant box designs. Particularly in the current era that prioritizes personalization and memorable branding, custom boxes and packaging are gaining popularity. 

The packaging of a product becomes the first hands-on experience a customer will have with a brand. This means that packaging that’s flimsy, damaged, or just unattractive can leave a long-lasting negative impression of a brand overall. 

From ecommerce ad strategies to graphic design tools, we’re used to diving deep to find the best of the best. This Arka review is designed to help you determine whether Arka packaging is right for your brand. 

What is Arka Packaging? 

Arka is a leading provider of custom packaging solutions. With a focus on sustainable ecommerce and eco-friendly packaging in a potentially wasteful field, Arka paves the way for a more thoughtful approach to packaging and delivery. 

Arka’s product offerings include custom mailer boxes, shipping boxes, various types of product boxes, compostable mailers, 100% recycled bubble mailers, and much more. Product types from wine to pizza to jewelry to soap all have dedicated packaging options through Arka. 

Arka uses FSC-certified paper and prioritizes compostable and recycled materials. To provide ease of use and the highest possible quality, Arka packaging provides instant proofing for customization and every product is complete with full print coverage. 

Accessible for businesses of all sizes, Arka offers low minimum order quantities and competitive pricing. Their in-house design option is perfect for small teams who do not have their own design professionals but still desire polished and unique product packaging to elevate their brand. 

Complete Arka Review

Arka comes highly recommended according to customer reviews across various websites. Their commitment to sustainability paired with their accessibility to ecommerce marketplaces and brands of every size makes them a crucial player in the packaging industry. 

With excellent customer service and products that stand the test of the postal system, Arka is a top choice for brands prioritizing sustainability and style. 

Who is the CEO of Arka?

The CEO and Founder of Arka is Phillip Akhzar. He’s had sixteen years of packaging and supply chain logistics experience, and he attended Cal Poly SLO to study Industrial Engineering. 

Arka Services

Arka provides high-quality, sustainable packaging for businesses with any level of customization and design needs. Arka’s services and offerings run the gamut from blank shippers and mailers to custom packaging to full-service packaging design

No matter what type of product you sell, Arka’s services are here to make the packaging beautiful. Create custom designs directly in Arka or download dielines to create the perfect shipping boxes, product boxes, inserts, and more. 

Arka Pros 

Especially for businesses with a focus on sustainability, no one does packaging better than Arka. With eco-friendly materials, instant proofing for customization, and FSC-certified paper, Arka facilitates beautiful design paired with an environmentally conscious approach. 

Pros of using Arka for your packaging needs include:

  • Sustainability/FSC Certification
  • Dieline downloader
  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated with Shopify + 3PLS
  • Auto replenish packaging
  • Inserts
  • Free sampling
  • Wide range of product options including product boxes, compostable mailers, and shipping boxes
  • High level of customization
  • Full-service design team option
  • Full print coverage
  • Instant proofing for customized boxes
  • Low minimum order quantities

Arka Cons

For businesses who have grown accustomed to plastic-forward packaging solutions, Arka may feel like a change. For example, you won’t find packing peanuts or bubble wrap in Arka’s list of product offerings. 

However, excellent alternatives like recycled bubble mailers are affordable and easy to order from Arka. 

Arka Pricing 

Customers enjoy convenient low order minimums and affordable per-unit prices through Arka. Arka’s pricing varies based on the type of packaging product you purchase, as well as the customization and design details. 

At the same time, pricing is always transparent with instant proofing and price quote tools, even with Pro Design Services. 

As a baseline on price, it’s helpful to consider the following price ranges for Arka:

  • Custom shipping boxes, retail boxes, shoe boxes, and more start as low as $0.99 per unit
  • Blank compostable poly mailers start as low as $0.20 per unit
  • Custom folding cartons start as low as $0.35 per unit
  • Blank 100% recycled poly mailers start as low as $0.13 per unit

Prices increase as order volume decreases and with factors like larger size and double-sided printing. 

Arka Customer Reviews

Overall, Arka’s customers are impressed with the helpful design team, the fast delivery, the attentive customer service, the vibrant designs, and the sturdy, high-quality packaging. 

With a 4.6 average star rating on Google, customers say: 

  • “Repeat Customer! Great service! Ordered packaging in a pinch during COVID-19. They were upfront about logistics timing. Plus they caught an error on my artwork file during proofing. I have now used them for stock and custom-printed packaging. I will be a repeat customer.” – Palm Hand Admin via TrustPilot
  • “Easy & Fast – Easy. Simple. Fast. Plus competitive pricing. Switched to Arka from a different supplier and won’t go back.” – Samantha Savich via Trustpilot
  • “I love how easy it was to customize the box, and you guys were more affordable.” – Anthony, Lipstick Junkie

How to Order Packaging on Arka

Between the highly praised customer service team, the dieline downloader, and the instant proofing, ordering Arka packaging is a breeze. 

Follow these simple steps to get your brand on track for eco-friendly and beautiful packaging. 

1. Package Style 

First, consider the type of product you need packaging for. Do you sell clothing, soft drinks, books, food, or something else? Regardless of your product type, Arka has packaging options for you. 

In addition to blank shippers and mailers that can fit various product types, Arka’s custom packaging options include:

  • Shoe boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Soap boxes
  • Toy boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Food boxes
  • Lash boxes
  • Wig boxes
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • Cigar boxes
  • Candy boxes
  • CBD boxes
  • Donut boxes
  • Apparel boxes
  • Bath bomb boxes
  • Wine boxes
  • Bakery boxes
  • Vape boxes
  • Cereal boxes
  • Folding cartons

2. Custom or Blank Packaging

Next, decide if custom or blank packaging is the best fit for your brand goals. Blank packaging is more economical and can work well for simple products and for startups still establishing their brand identity. 

On the other hand, custom packaging with Arka can help brands create visually stunning shipping boxes, retail boxes, product packaging, and more. With full print coverage and even double-sided printing options available, Arka makes it easy to make your products stand out from the rest with attention-grabbing designs, vibrant colors, and the highest quality CMYK digital printing

3. Packaging Material

The material options for packaging depend on whether you opt for custom or blank packaging. Custom boxes can be printed on either brown or white FSC Chain of Custody Certified cardboard, with brown cardboard as a slightly more affordable option per unit. 

Blank packaging comes in a wide variety of material options to best fit your eco-friendly goals while keeping your products safe. 

Blank Arka packaging materials and types include:

  • Cardboard mailers
  • Poly mailers
  • Poly bubble mailers
  • Recycled bubble mailers
  • 100% compostable garment bags
  • 100% compostable padded bubble mailers
  • 100% compostable poly mailers
  • 100% recycled honeycomb mailers
  • 100% recycled paper mailers
  • 100% recycled plastic poly mailers

4. Packaging Size

If applicable, select your packaging size. Some package types and materials only come in one size. For example, the 100% Compostable Garment Bags are always a convenient 12-inch by 18-inch size. 

Conversely, custom packaging options with Arka also come in customizable sizes. Choose between pre-set stock sizes for packaging products like shipping boxes, and gift boxes, or input the exact dimensions you need for the perfect fit. 

5. Printing Choices 

While some product packaging types only require printing on the outside of the box, others need both exterior and interior printing to lend the full intended branding and design effect for customers. For example, brands ordering gift boxes and food boxes can choose printing on both sides of the cardboard to create a comprehensive experience as customers open their boxes. 

On the other hand, items like shipping boxes only come with outside printing options. 

6. Package Design

If you’re opting for blank packaging, you can skip this step! Otherwise, it’s time to design your packaging. Choose between downloading a custom Arka dieline that fits your unique size and requirements or designing directly online in the Arka platform. 

For businesses without an in-house design team or those hoping for help with their package design, Arka’s Pro Services option is ideal. Brands can simply select a product type, input dimensions, and color preferences, and add notes describing the vision for the design.

The Arka design team will then send an email confirmation, then follow up with a custom quote within 48 hours. At that point, brands can choose to place an order. 

The wide range of design options and hands-on support is one of the key factors that sets Arka apart from other packaging solutions. 

7. Production Speed 

Next, select your production speed. For most product types, brands can choose between Rush Production and Standard Production speeds, which begin the day after design proofs are approved. Standard Production generally takes 7-10 business days, while Rush Production takes 3-6 business days. 

It’s important to keep in mind that these timelines do not factor in shipping speeds, and Arka recommends planning for one to two weeks of Ground/Economy shipping. Very large orders containing 1,000 or more units can take up to 15 business days for production. 

8. Quantity 

Arka conveniently offers low order minimums, which can vary based on the type of packaging product. Brands can always order a free sample of any product type. 

Beyond that, many custom package types come in the following quantity increments:

  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 2,000
  • 3,000
  • 4,000
  • 5,000
  • 10,000

Blank packaging types come in slightly different quantities. For example, Recycled Bubble Mailers come in packages of 300 units each, while the Compostable Garment Bags come in packages of 500 units each. 

9. Printing & Shipping

Shipping costs are visible in the checkout phase after all design steps and production speed options have been selected. Arka uses FedEx and UPS to ship all packages, and they provide tracking information for all orders for maximum transparency.

Bottom Line on Arka

Arka is one of the best options we’ve seen for your custom packaging needs. It’s an excellent packaging option for any business that values eco-friendly practices, sustainability, affordability, and reliable customer service. Widespread customer reviews sing the praises of the hands-on service from the team at Arka, and the FSC certification helps any environmentally-conscious organization to offset the negative impact of shipping. Partnering with Arka is a big step toward growing your ecommerce business.

The custom design capabilities and the Pro Services option ensure that businesses of all sizes and types can create visually appealing product packaging, all for an affordable price. On top of all that, low order minimums make these high-quality options affordable and accessible for all. You can easily connect them to your online store or warehouse for transparency in your supply chain. 

These qualities help Arka stand out as a top option over competitors like Packlane and Packola

Get your free Arka sample today!

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