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Price: Starting at $29.00/month

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About HootSuite

Hootsuite makes finding, scheduling, managing, and reporting on social media content easier. Keep your social presence active 24/7 by automatically scheduling hundreds of social media posts at once, across your social accounts. Work collaboratively by tagging, searching, and sharing usage stats to make curating content in teams a breeze.

Product Details

Manage accounts from 35+ social networks—including Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Curate online content and schedule posts
Collaboration features
Monitor topics online
In-depth analytics
Social media security features
Apps and integrations
Price starting at $29/mo

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Name: Celi
Title: Marketing
Company: Growth Marketing Partners
Industry: Marketing

HootSuite has been around for a while. It is a common tool for social media management that other social media managers are familiar with. Like to use their analytics. Dashboards are good.


Sometimes better to do things directly in the apps. Otherwise good general social media tool.

Value for the money


Name: Justin Jaeger
Title: Project Manager
Company: Assemble
Industry: Marketing And Technology

The free trial/plan is nice. If it's just you and your personal accounts (or single business account), you might be able to keep the free monthly plan. It's obviously limited, but you can still schedule posts on 3 platforms.


I feel that the user experience is lacking. It feels a bit clunky and slow to me, compared to many of the other social media tools I've tried that do roughly the same thing.

Value for the money

If you are in the beginning stages of your business, or of taking social media seriously, the free plan is worth trying. It might be the only thing you need for a while. However, I wouldn't be spending money on any of the other upgraded plans, as other software that costs the same amount feels much smoother and easier to use for me.

Name: Jenna Cheng
Title: Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing
Company: Bill.com
Industry: Financial Software

Hootsuite is an effective tool for social media management that I used at previous companies. You can schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, monitor engagement metrics, and respond directly to comments and questions. In addition, you can customize posts by location, job function, and industry to reach your target audience. Hubspot analytics reports enable you to track the impressions and engagement for each post - and measure impact. The dashboards are easy to use and customize based on your company's social media channels.


For some platforms like Facebook, it is better to add photos directly to posts to ensure that they display correctly. If you send through Hootsuite, the automated visual from the link may not be the appropriate size for display.

Value for the money

Affordable tool for social media management

HootSuite Competitors

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      Hootsuite is a top social media marketing management platform, with over 18 million users worldwide.

      It’s a great place to start for any -size business looking to execute social media strategies across multiple networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Linkedin.

      Social media is great because it allows businesses to connect with their audience personally and increase engagement. But they’re also a hairball to manage.

      Hootsuite has made a product to tackle the “always-on” social networks and their maintenance.

      Hootsuite has created a comprehensive and award-winning platform that makes managing and reporting simple. They offer a way for teams to collaborate across multiple devices and juggle all your many social media profiles all in one secure environment.

      Read more to learn about its features, pricing, pros/cons, and comparisons to other platforms.

      Hootsuite Standard Features

      Here are a few services Hootsuite offers in all plans:

      • Scheduling: All plans allow for automatically scheduled posts (perfect when trying to get your content up on optimal times) and in bulk if needed.
      • Curating content: From archiving content in an internal library to viewing content on a calendar, Hootsuite allows for uploading and approving content in a single swoop.
      • Promotion: The platform enables you to promote your best performing content through your dashboard, getting the right attention for your organic content through audience targeting.
      • Reporting: Hootsuite gives businesses a grand view of social performance across networks, posts, and teams. For a deeper dive, reports are customizable to find the metrics that matter like impressions, clickthroughs, and engagements.
      • Monitoring and listening: The platform lets businesses set up multiple "social streams" to track their profiles, filter through keywords, and respond directly to customers.
      • Security: Manage team -permissions directly through the tool while getting automated alerts to any suspicious activity or violations.


      Hootsuite offers a free 30-day trial for both their professional and team memberships but requires a purchased plan when the trial period is over.

      The "professional" plan starts at $29/month (charged annually) with the ability to manage up to 10 profiles, boost content, unlimited scheduling, and RSS integrations, and chat with their live support. This plan is reserved for one user.

      The next plan, the "Team" plan, introduces the same features but the ability to share across your team (3 users at a time) and up to 20 profiles. This plan starts at $129 a month.

      The "Business" plan, starting at $599/month. This plan allows you to manage up to 35 profiles and grant access to up to 10 users with the option to add 5 more users.

      If your business has specific needs, they also offer customized solution plans in their "Enterprise" plan.

      Hootsuite Pros

      • User-friendly design: the platform is easy to navigate and developed as a simple tool for smaller companies.
      • Meaningful data and reporting: Split into modules, Hootsuite provides reports broken into meaningful metrics for each of your networks.
      • Integrations: As their popularity expands, so do their integrations! Hootsuite can easily lend itself to your CRM or other useful tools your business uses to strategize or move data effectively.
      • Discounts for nonprofit organizations: Hootsuite offers a discounted rate to nonprofits on their "Professional" or "Team" plan.

      Hootsuite Cons

      • Cost: Although Hootsuite is considered one of the cheaper social media tools, it can still come at a hefty price when you consider the "add-ons" they offer, such as increased users or social listening.
      • Not everyone gets 24/7 support: This priority support is dedicated to the "Business" and "Enterprise" plans.

      Looking Forward

      As I mentioned before, Hootsuite is continuously integrating new apps, making these the platform for teams that already use various tools in their arsenal. The platform already collaborates with hundreds of apps that help streamline your processes, and the list keeps growing!

      Hootsuite Alternatives

      Hootsuite alternatives include Sprout Social and Zoho Social. Honorable mentions are Agora and Sendible.

      Hootsuite vs. Sprout Social


      Hootsuite continues to have a leg up over Sprout Social when it comes to dashboard organization and reporting. Although they have many similar features, Hootsuite allows users to split network feeds and provides robust analysis in comparison.


      Sprout Social is pricier compared with Hootsuite. Their "Standard" plan begins at $99 per user/month after your free 30-day trial. The cost rises per user depending on the plan (the "Professional" plan increases to $149 per user).

      Hootsuite vs. Zoho Social


      While Hootsuite and Zoho Social share similar features, Zoho relies on mostly internal apps such as the Zoho CRM. With Hootsuite, you get a variety of integrations that gives virtually limitless access to their partners and functions.


      Zoho pricing comes to $25/month for their "Professional" plan for 3 team members and custom reporting. Additional members increase to $8.33 per member/month.


      Social media is a beast of a marketing and customer support channel. Hootsuite offers a suite of tools to make it much simpler to manage. From startups to Fortune 500s, it’s an incredible, integrated dashboard to house your social media team. With a user-friendly interface and meaningful reporting, this platform is great for seasoned members of your team and the interns too.

      Go on and try it for yourself! I give it two thumbs up.