17 Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software in 2024

Hailey Friedman

There are marketing analytics tools at the foundation of every strong marketing team. That’s because analyzing data is critical to understanding which marketing channels are working and which aren’t. Analyzing marketing data is how you determine how to best optimize your campaigns to improve conversion rates and ROI.

To improve your marketing campaigns, you need to constantly be looking at reports of unified, accurate data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

If you’re just getting started with marketing analytics, you can get by with the basics, which means having Google Analytics installed. With just this you can pull numeric data together and understand which channels are driving traffic and conversions. But this level of granularity will only suffice for so long. 

Eventually you’re going to need more comprehensive and more granular data about who your customers are, using their email as an identifier, and where they came from so that you can optimize your marketing spend accordingly. Without this information, you may be spending time and money on the wrong marketing channels, making it difficult to grow your business. 

Luckily there are now many more advanced marketing analytics tools and software that can help you capture more granular data about your website visitors, your customers, how they found out about your site and what actions they took once they got there.

There are even marketing analytics tools that will automatically capture data from any number of data sources and transform that data into a format you can work with. These tools are designed to integrate with hundreds of different tools and platforms. They also help you sort and segment your data, set your own custom rules, produce visualizations, and, essentially, enable you to work with the data however you want. The end result is a granular view of exactly how your marketing efforts are performing.

The best marketers can take this data and make optimizations across campaigns to improve performance and ROI.

If you’re not yet using marketing analytics tools, this article will help you better understand why you absolutely should be using them. We’ve also listed 17 of the best marketing analytics tools and software on the market:

What Do Marketing Analytics Tools and Software Do?

There are various types of marketing analytics tools and software. Still, the end goal is always the same – they’re designed to automate the collection and organization of data for you to analyze.

Some of the common types of marketing data analytics tools are used to capture includes:

  • Website traffic data
  • Customer attribution data
  • Paid ads performance data
  • Click-through rate data
  • Customer preferences and interest data
  • Email marketing data

Basically, any metric or data point that is important to the health of your marketing campaigns can and should be collected for analysis.

Why Should You Use Marketing Analytics Tools?

There are two very compelling reasons why you should be using smart marketing analytics tools:

They will save you (a lot of) time and money.

Let’s be honest, gathering data from more than one platform quickly becomes a time-consuming process.

Trying to gather marketing information from 5, 10, or more platforms is a straight-up nightmare.

If you’re an agency managing the marketing efforts for multiple clients, well, I don’t need to tell you what a headache it is trying to manually aggregate all of that data.

These are some of the circumstances where marketing analytics tools are absolute lifesavers.

Time savings aside, with good data, you can get actionable insights. You can accurately measure how your campaigns and ad spend are performing and leverage the data to make changes that will improve your ROIs.

It’s a win-win.

Now you’re fully aware of how crucial marketing analytics tools are, here is a look at 17 of the best marketing analytics tools and software available today:

17 Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software

Google Analytics

google analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is Google’s free analytics tool that lets you track all the activity going through a website.

If you own a website, the first thing you should do is add a Google Analytics pixel to your site so you can start tracking traffic to your site and see where it is coming from.

There are lots of tools and features included in Google Analytics, but one of the most important is the ability to set custom conversion goals so that you can monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and understand which channels are leading to conversions.

Who should use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is the standard for marketing analytics tools. It lacks some of the complex features and connectivity other high-end tools offer, but it’s one of the easiest to use, most reliable analytics tools available. Google analytics is the basics and as you need more granular data you can add other tools to your toolbox to round out the picture.

Few tools are so widely used as Google Analytics, there is a wealth of support online, and it’s perfect for maintaining a historical database for your websites. 


  • Get all the basic website traffic data you need
  • Understand traffic and performance by channel
  • UI is easy to navigate, and visuals are clear and quick to load.
  • Excellent data visualization.
  • Can create a custom dashboard and set custom conversion goals.
  • A robust and secure tool with little training required.


  • You can’t use Google Analytics to see where a specific customer came from based on their email address. For that you will need more sophisticated and granular software.
  • Lacking dedicated customer support.

Google Analytics Pricing

It’s free to use Google Analytics. There is the option to upgrade to Analytics 360, which has a broader set of features and is designed for larger enterprises. Pricing for Analytics 360 is available by talking with Google’s sales team.

Google Analytics Integrations

You can integrate Google Analytics with a lot of third-party tools. Google doesn’t provide a list, so you’d have to look into this regarding the tools you need to pull data from.


improvado marketing analytics tool

What is Improvado?

Improvado is an ETL and marketing analytics platform that extracts and collects data from various data sources, transforms that data, and loads the data into a format you can easily use.

This means you no longer have to log into each platform individually to pull the information you need. The collection and transformation is fully automated, removing the chance of human error and greatly reducing the time spent on manual tasks.

improvado marketing analytics tool

Who should use Improvado?

Improvado was designed to solve a pain point, so many marketers have; collecting and sorting data from a large number of data sources.

This software pulls marketing and sales data down to a granular level, such as an ad, geo, campaign, or keyword level, and presents the data in a way that’s easy to use and analyze.

The result is data that you can use to identify data-backed insights into your sales and marketing campaigns. Helping you make better decisions that result in better results.

With more than 200 integrations and growing, there is a high likelihood that Improvado will connect with the platforms you use in your business.


  • Integrates with various tech platforms. Such as: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and everything in between.
  • Intuitive dashboard and easy to use with no coding or prior experience.
  • Reduces time spent on manual reporting and data collection by up to 90%.
  • Highly customizable and allows custom integrations and API access.
  • Responsive customer support reps with every plan.


  • Some of the more granular features can be complex at first.
  • Onboarding and setting up custom dashboards takes time.

Improvado Pricing

Improvado does not provide any set pricing plan information. You’ll need to talk with their sales support team to work out a custom price based on your needs.

Improvado Integrations

  • 200+ integrations split into various categories like advertising, analytics, Google, and social media to make it easy to search.
  • You can use their API and build custom integrations to connect with any data source.


oribi marketing analytics tool

What is Oribi?

Oribi is a revolutionary analytics tool that offers marketers and business owners a code-free way to understand their analytics. 

Rather than just ‘more data’, Oribi provides users with easy-to-understand insights that make being data-driven accessible, even without developers and analysts. With easy setup and automatic, AI-powered event tracking, Oribi users are in complete control of their analytics. 

oribi marketing analytics tool

Who should use Oribi?

Oribi is designed to help businesses of all types and sizes make sense of their sites’ data. 

With its clean, easy-to-use interface and straightforward insights, Oribi is meant to make data accessible to anyone on any team. Their mission is to make web analytics hassle-free.

Build cross-domain funnels, see full marketing attribution, find out how your content impacts conversions, view individual visitor journeys, and more.

If you’re looking for an analytics tool you can use without constantly chasing down developers, this is your tool. Install the tracking code once, and Oribi takes it from there.


  • Easy setup, straightforward interface.
  • Automatically tracks & groups all actions on your site—even the button clicks.
  • Shows full visitor journeys, across domains and sessions.
  • Build fully customizable, white-labeled reports to be sent automatically
  • Define conversion goals without code, even retroactively.


  • Limited third-party integrations.
  • No freemium version.

Oribi Pricing

Oribi’s pricing varies according to business type and the amount of traffic your site receives. Pricing plans begin at $450/mo. Custom pricing applies to high-volume plans.

Oribi Integrations

  • Integrate with Google & Facebook to see your ad spend data
  • Integrate with Shopify to see revenue data 
  • Export events to Google, Facebook, or Mailchimp and use them to optimize your campaigns

Heap Analytics

heap marketing analytics tool

What is Heap Analytics?

Heap Analytics is a marketing analytics platform that helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams collect and analyze data across any number of platforms in their ecosystem.

More than 6,000 companies across the globe rely on Heap Analytics to measure, analyze, and leverage their marketing data to make better decisions.

Heap is great for understanding customer attribution and seeing every action a specific user takes on your site.

heap marketing analytics tool

Who should use Heap Analytics?

Heap Analytics is designed to help data and product teams of any size measure their marketing data – without any coding knowledge.

This software provides a suite of tools to help you improve every part of your customer’s journey and improve your margins and ROIs.

With enriched data at your fingertips, you can segment if based on any metrics, uncover insights into your processes, and improve conversion rates.

Heap Analytics is known for being one of the easier analytics tools to use. It’s great for teams with little to no experience using similar tools and is ready to use out of the box.


  • Great for understanding customer attribution and seeing every action a specific user takes on your site.
  • Heap Connect models behavioral data and identifies patterns.
  • Measures customer retention across lifecycles to help you improve ROIs.
  • Enables you to run experiments and tests on your data.
  • Captures data from a wide range of data sources and automates processes.


  • UI is confusing at times and takes some getting used to.

Heap Analytics Pricing

Heap Analytics does not provide any set monthly pricing plans. However, they do offer a demo and a free trial so you can test the platform before making a decision. 

Heap Analytics Integrations

  • Heap lists around 60 tools this software currently integrates with on their website.


mixpanel marketing analytics tool

What is Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is a powerful marketing analytics platform designed to help product analysts convert, engage, and retain more users.

Trusted by more than 26,000 companies, including some large global brands like Uber and Expedia, Mixpanel is a powerful data analytics solution.

Mixpanel is also great for understanding customer attribution and seeing every action a specific user takes on your site.

mixpanel marketing analytics tool

Who should use Mixpanel?

Mixpanel provides a marketing analytics solution for data, and you can use marketing teams of all sizes organization-wide to analyze company data.

The ease with which it connects to any source of data and enables users to build funnels, see top user flows, and build custom reports makes this software accessible to anyone.

In addition to loading data from your warehouse, Mixpanel streams events directly from your servers and apps via a customer data platform.

This software is one of the most robust and versatile marketing analytics solutions platforms on the market.


  • Great for understanding customer attribution and seeing every action a specific user takes on your site.
  • Lots of reporting options enable you to visualize data in different ways.
  • Very easy to use with an intuitive UI and user-friendly features.
  • The ability to tie together events with user attributes allows you to segment users.
  • Wide range of flexibility and the ability to easily build custom attributes.
  • The mobile app has excellent functionality.


  • Reports could have better visuals.
  • The software can be slow when crunching large amounts of data.

Mixpanel Pricing

Mixpanel has a free plan, so you can test the software before making a decision. Paid plans start at $25/mo, and their sales team will arrange a custom quote if you’re part of a large organization.

mixpanel pricing

Mixpanel Integrations

  • Mixpanel does not provide a list of all the connectors their software integrates with.


tableau marketing analytics tool

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a marketing analytics platform that helps users better understand their data through many intuitive business intelligence tools.

This software has strong visual aspects and provides almost limitless data exploration for marketing teams and data analyst teams of any size.

tableau marketing analytics tool

Who should use Tableau?

Tableau says its platform is designed for everyone to use. They highlight analysts, IT, and executives as those who most benefit as they are typically the roles and teams that use data to make better decisions.

As part of Salesforce, if you already use this CRM, you can seamlessly integrate Tableau and leverage their Einstein AI and the other Salesforce apps to supercharge your processes.

You can deploy in the cloud, natively, on-premises, or integrated with your CRM, making Tableau a versatile option for plug-and-play data analysis.

The bottom line is that Tableau makes it easy for anyone to collect, transform, manage, and explore data. Whatever your data requirements are, Tableau can make it a reality without all the manual work.


  • Connects to hundreds of data sources without any programming knowledge.
  • Mobile optimized designs allow you to analyze data from any device.
  • Drag-and-drop integration is easy for anyone to pick up and use.
  • Good repository of learning materials and responsive support.
  • An excellent range of visuals makes visualizing data easy.


  • Sometimes lags handling large datasets.
  • Lacking some of the advanced or more complex features some other software offers.

Tableau Pricing

Tableau does not have any set monthly pricing plans. You can either book a demo or get started with a 14-day free trial if you want 

Tableau Integrations

  • Tableau offers hundreds of native data connectors and has an ecosystem of partners.


looker marketing analytics tool

What is Looker?

Recognized in the Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence, Looker is a marketing analytics platform that helps reveal the true power of data.

This software collects data from any number of sources, organizes and presents the data in real-time dashboards, and helps users drive deeper insights into their marketing data.

looker marketing analytics tool

Who should use Looker?

Looker is really effective at helping large teams get on the same page in terms of communication and data use.

This software is easy to pick up and use, even without prior technical knowledge or experience using analytics tools.

You can create a custom dashboard that displays the information that’s important to you and have complete control over building your own measures and dimensions.

The software has a simple UI and a clean layout. Once you’ve connected your data sources, you can analyze the data quickly and create visualizations that help you make better data-driven decisions.


  • Great UI and very simple to use.
  • Facilities collaboration and helps open lines of communication.
  • Captures all of your data and creates a single source of truth.
  • Intuitive data visualization options.
  • Lots of open-source tools to build on top of, such as SQL and linter.


  • Occasional connectivity issues and lag when under heavy use.
  • Some complications around user management and assigning permissions.

Looker Pricing

Looker does not provide information for any set pricing plans. You’ll need to talk to a member of their sales team for a custom quote.

Looker Integrations

  • Looker connects with Redshift, Snowflake, BigQuery, and 50+ supported SQL dialects.


datorama marketing analytics tool

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a marketing analytics tool that unifies 100% of your marketing data and empowers your teams with one system of record.

This software collects data from any number of data sources, then uses AI-powered marketing intelligence to help you make smarter decisions based on your marketing data.

datorama marketing analytics tool

Who should use Datorama?

In 2018 Datorama was acquired by the world’s #1 sales CRM Salesforce. So, for any teams already using Salesforce, using Datorama is a seamless and easy decision.

This software is also designed to help sales and marketing teams not using Salesforce. However, the one caveat is that to make the best use of Datorama, some coding and SQL knowledge is beneficial.

With Salesforce having one of the largest ranges of partners in their app exchange, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a data source Datorama isn’t able to connect to.

Though it’s one of the most costly tools, it’s also one of the more powerful and flexible marketing analytics solutions.


  • It is now part of the Salesforce family, giving you access to a wide range of connectivity and integrations.
  • Provides a unified view of all your digital channels into one platform.
  • Wide range of dashboard customizability.
  • Strong data visualization capabilities.
  • Powerful analytics and reporting features with lots of templates to get you started.


  • A steep learning curve and some technical knowledge is an advantage.
  • Not the most intuitive UI and updating connections can be confusing.

Datorama Pricing

Pricing starts at $3,000/mo for their Starter plan and costs $10,000/mo for their Growth plan.

datorama pricing

Datorama Integrations

  • Datorama doesn’t list their integrations but says they offer “the most extensive library of marketing APIs.”


domo marketing analytics tool

What is Domo?

Domo is a modern business intelligence and marketing analytics tool that integrates seamlessly with your current tech stack.

You can connect Domo to any data source to bring your data together into one single source of truth. You can then leverage powerful analytics to drive data-backed insights and make better decisions.

domo marketing analytics tool

Who should use Domo?

Domo is designed for C-level executives looking for a BI tool to gain executive-level insights into their business’ performance.

This software does all of the hard work collecting and organizing data on the backend. Giving you a detailed overview via a custom dashboard with all the KPIs and metrics important to you.

It’s important to note that Domo isn’t strictly a marketing analytics tool. It’s a BI tool that specializes in providing a wider view of how your business is performing.

It doesn’t go into the kind of granular detail into marketing-specific visualization as some of the other tools we’re looking at in this list.


  • Embedded and extended analytics are easy to share outside of your organization.
  • Provides real-time data in a single dashboard.
  • Easy to use without technical knowledge or coding skills.
  • Has more than 1,000 connectors.
  • A comprehensive ticketing system makes tracking individual tickets easy.


  • Processing large data sets can be sluggish.
  • Not specifically focused on marketing and is lacking some marketing integrations.

Domo Pricing

Domo provides custom pricing on request. They do offer a free trial, however, so you can test the platform before committing.

Domo Integrations

  • Domo has more than 1,000 pre-built connectors.
  • Hundreds of APIs that you can connect to within minutes.


supermetrics marketing analytics tool

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a marketing and data analytics tool that picks up all your marketing data and brings it together in a BI tool or destination of your choosing.

Trusted by more than 16,000 businesses worldwide, Supermetrics is well established as one of the leading marketing analytics tools.

supermetrics marketing analytics tool

Who should use Supermetrics?

Supermetrics says their platform is ideal for SMBs, enterprises, e-commerce businesses, and agencies.

The software integrates with a wide range of platforms. You can move your data into BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure, and a number of other destinations without any coding knowledge.

The strength of Supermetrics is how easy the platform is to use. This is also a drawback, however, if you need to perform more complex dashboards and visualizations.

If you’re looking for a plug-and-play solution to collecting and organizing your marketing data, Supermetrics is certainly worth taking a close look at.


  • Intuitive UI and easy to use platform.
  • Collects data across multiple platforms, cutting out lots of manual work.
  • Can create SEO dashboards and analyze cross-channel SEO data.
  • Extracts granular data from Facebook, AdWords, and GA for detailed insights.


  • No transformation of data of ability to map data across multiple platforms.
  • A limited number of BI tool integrations.

Supermetrics Pricing

Supermetrics pricing is based on the destination you want for your data. They offer a 14-day free trial, so it makes sense to take the trial and discuss pricing when you’re sure it’s a good fit.

Supermetrics Integrations

  • Supermetrics does not tell you how many tools they integrate with, but looking at their site, it’s in the ballpark of 60 data source connectors.


funnel.io marketing analytics tool

What is Funnel.io

Funnel.io is a marketing analytics tool that collects, cleans, and maps all of your marketing data, making it easier for you to work with.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest data-driven businesses like Samsung, Superdry, and Adidas, Funnel.io is a powerful and effective solution for data-driven marketing teams.

funnel.io marketing analytics tool

Who should use Funnel.io

Funnel.io is designed for data-driven businesses that need to capture data from a large number of data sources.

This software connects with more than 500 marketing and advertising platforms and provides flexible solutions to collecting and sending data to any destination.

You can easily get a complete overview of your business’s marketing channels, produce and automate marketing reports, and use the data to make better decisions.

If you’re new to marketing analytics tools, Funnel.io provides some great resources, case studies, has a detailed help center, and provides some other resources to help you get started.


  • More than 500 integrations cover all the major advertising and marketing platforms.
  • Ability to send your data to destinations of your choosing speeds up the process.
  • Provides some specific industry and user roles for added flexibility.
  • Wide range of resources to help you better understand how to use the software.


  • APIs can be confusing to set up without technical knowledge or previous API experience.

Funnel.io Pricing

Pricing plans range from $399-$1,999/mo, depending on the number of connectors and other features you want to unlock.

funnel.io pricing

Funnel.io Integrations

  • Connects with 500+ marketing and advertising platforms.
  • Enables you to send your data to various destinations like Google Data Studio, Snowflake, Tableau, and more.


ninjacat marketing analytics tool

What is Ninjacat?

Ninjacat is a unified marketing analytics platform that provides an all-in-one reporting solution to help marketing teams craft, templatize, and automate impactful reports.

Built for agencies, media companies, and multi-location brands, Ninjacat has many tools to enable users to quickly generate and share reports internally and externally.

ninjacat marketing analytics tool

Who should use Ninjacat?

This enterprise-level marketing analytics software is designed to help advertising and marketing teams pull and organize data from multiple sources and create impactful reports.

Ninjacat integrates with all the major PPC, SEO, social media, display, and call tracking channels. Enabling users to automate reporting and keep a close eye on how their campaigns are performing.

They also provide some agency-specific tools. Making it easy to produce reports for clients and scale their efforts with ease.

The platform is incredibly straightforward to use. No coding skills are required. You can set up rules, templates and automate workflows as you go. In turn, saving a huge amount of time on manual tasks.


  • Easily create high-quality custom reports and templates.
  • Smart dashboards and custom notifications enable you to gather quick insights.
  • Budgeting and campaign monitoring features.
  • Reporting features show the impact of media spend and other key metrics.
  • Create marketing data pipelines and visualize your data in the BI tool of your choice.


  • Monitoring dashboards are not updated in real-time.
  • Lacking some of the integrations a lot of other tools offer.

Ninjacat Pricing

Ninjacat provides custom pricing on request. However, they do offer a demo and a free trial, so you can test the platform before committing.

Ninjacat Integrations

  • Currently has 150+ integrations.


fivetran marketing analytics tool

What is Fivetran?

Fivetran is a data collection and analytics platform that allows analysts to interrogate and query data at any time.

This software enables you to collect and centralize all of your data, helping you focus on insights and innovation instead of time-consuming ETL.

fivetran marketing analytics tool

Who should use Fivetran?

Fivetran is designed for marketing and sales teams that want a marketing analytics tool to handle any technical-related tasks.

This software has 150+ zero-configuration connectors that launch within minutes to get you hooked up to your data sources with minimal effort.

It also has a self-healing architecture, prebuilt schemas, integrated transformations, and end-to-end security.

Once data is stored in Fivetran’s warehouse, you can analyze the data however you want. This enables you to gain insights into your data and make better business decisions.


  • You can search for data once it’s stored in Fivetran’s ‘warehouse’.
  • Strong security features; all connections are SSL encrypted, and data is securely stored.
  • Get instant access to analysis-ready data once data collection processes are in place.
  • Easy to set up and maintenance-free – great for non-techy people.
  • Supports SQL-based, in-warehouse transformations so you can leverage and scale data in mass.


  • It has a small number of integrations compared to some other tools.
  • Some processes like the schema refresh are slow to update and can halt reporting.

Fivetran Pricing

Fivetran operates on a consumption-based price model that scales with your needs. Plans range from $1 to $2/credit.

fivetran pricing

Fivetran Integrations

  • Fivetran currently integrates with around 150 tools and platforms.


adverity marketing analytics tool

What is Adverity?

Adverity is an intelligent end-to-end marketing analytics platform. Created with data-driven decision-makers in mind, this software enables you to save a lot of time and resources by automating data integration. 

adverity marketing analytics tool

Who should use Adverity?

Adverity is designed for businesses to analyze their own marketing data, as well as agencies and media outlets that manage data on behalf of clients.

By connecting with more than 600 sources, Adverity collects and enriches any amount of data from any number of sources.

This software then uses AI-powered predictive analytics and powerful data visualizations to help marketers uncover deep insights into marketing performance in real-time.

This means you save a huge amount of time by not having to log into individual accounts, organize, enrich or sort your data, and can make better data-backed decisions that will impact performance in a positive way.


  • Integration of data sources is fast and reliable.
  • Once you’ve set up data sources, you can easily scale without extra work.
  • You have full control over designing your data flow.
  • Get an instant overview of multi-channel performance.
  • Democratize data and share with clients, stakeholders, etc.


  • Some complex setting up is required on the backend.
  • The UX-flow could use some improvements, not ideal for those new to marketing analytics tools.

Adverity Pricing

Adverity does not stick to rigid pricing. You can book a demo of the software, and a member of their team will discuss custom pricing options with you.

Adverity Integrations

  • Currently has a data connector library of 600+ sources.


tapclicks marketing analytics tool

What is TapClicks

TapClicks is a marketing analytics tool that provides a cloud-based solution to unifying your marketing data.

This software provides a set of automated marketing solutions designed to help you make quicker, better-informed decisions based on your business data.

tapclicks marketing analytics tool

Who should use TapClicks

TapClicks is designed to provide complete digital marketing and analytics solutions for businesses, agencies, and media companies of all sizes.

Their flagship product, TapAnalytics, consolidates any number of data sources into a unified dashboard where you can get a complete view of your marketing data.

This gives you high-level agency views and enables you to perform analysis down to a granular level and uncover impactful data-driven insights.

Other tools within TapClicks are TapReport, TapOrders, TapWorkflow, and competitive intelligence. All of which work together seamlessly to create a true end-to-end solution for data collection and analysis from any number of sources.


  • Can automate exports into Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, and many other formats.
  • Competitive intelligence tools drive deeper insights into competitors’ performance.
  • Captures data from any source. This includes third-party tools, spreadsheets, and more.
  • The dashboard layout is clean and gives a clear performance breakdown client by client.
  • Wide variety of visualization options.


  • A steep learning curve, although there is a lot of support and a TapClicks academy for resources.
  • Some of the customization options are limited in places.

TapClicks Pricing

TapClicks does not provide any information for monthly pricing. They price some of their tools individually. You’ll need to speak with a member of their sales team to work out a custom quote.

TapClicks Integrations

  • TapClicks currently has around 200 integrations listed on their site.


alooma marketing analytics tool

What is Alooma?

Alooma is an enterprise data pipeline platform that enables teams to gain better visibility into their data by bringing together various data silos into a central warehouse.

You can connect any number of data sources, then transform, enrich, and analyze the data in real-time.

alooma marketing analytics tool

Who should use Alooma?

Alooma provides a simple and flexible solution for marketing, sales, or data teams looking to collect and enrich data from multiple sources.

One of the best things about Alooma is how easy it is to use. You can set up data flows within minutes and start streamlining data into a central data warehouse.

The software then does all the heavy lifting for you, transforming, enriching, and organizing the data so you can analyze it.

Alooma also uses AI and machine learning to drive your business intelligence by providing more dynamic ways to work with your data.


  • Transform data before it enters the data warehouse.
  • Large library of pre-built 3rd party vendors.
  • The ability to write custom code to further enrich your data is available.
  • Can ‘restream’ data at any point if you want to confirm no data has been lost.
  • Excellent pipeline transparency helps identify errors in real-time.


  • A limited number of integrations.
  • Some of the processes are not intuitive and may require support.

Alooma Pricing

Alooma does not provide any pricing plan information. You’ll need to reach out to a member of their sales team to work out a custom quote.

Alooma Integrations

  • Alooma does not disclose a list of its integrations.

Alight Analytics

alight marketing analytics tool

What is Alight Analytics?

Alight Analytics helps data analysts piece together their marketing data by providing an end-to-end marketing analytics strategy.

This software collects data from across your marketing and sales ecosystem. It then prepares the data in your chosen format so you can perform analysis.

alight marketing analytics tool

Who should use Alight Analytics?

Alight Analytics’ analytics tool is called ChannelMix. ChannelMix is designed to be easy to use without any coding or tech knowledge, and it really does all the hard work for you.

ChannelMix essentially goes through four levels;

Automate – Through data aggregation and automated performance across your marketing channels.

Optimize – Through campaign pacing and channel attribution.

Align – Pipeline analysis and forecasting help align marketing performance to business outcomes.

Predict – ChannelMix uses media mix modeling to predict outcomes based on current and past performance.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end solution for either your marketing data or that of your clients, Alight Analytics removes all the manual work and leverages AI to produce insights into your data.


  • Helps create standardizations and consistencies across your data ecosystem.
  • Easily automates all of your digital reporting.
  • Seamlessly connects with any type of marketing, media, or sales data.
  • You can easily send data into the visualization tool of your choice.
  • Campaign tracking and pacing help map budgets, goals, and other strategies.


  • The layout of some of the columns and rows makes it difficult to manipulate at times.
  • Limited options to query data without support generating custom datasets.

Alight Analytics Pricing

Alight Analytics does not provide any set pricing plan details. They request a 30-minute call to show you the platform. They’ll then give you a custom quote.

Alight Analytics Integrations

  • Alight Analytics doesn’t provide the number of connections they have available but do say you can connect with any type of marketing, media, or sales data sources.


grow marketing analytics tool

What is Grow?

Grow is a business intelligence, analytics, and data visualization tool. This software makes it simple to connect your data sources, uncover insights, and make better data-driven decisions.

grow marketing analytics tool

Who should use Grow?

Grow is designed to connect, store, and blend data from hundreds of sources into a single source of truth.

This means teams of any size, no matter where they’re based globally, can use the same data source to uncover insights into performance.

There is no need for technical knowledge, coding skills, or complex SQL queries – Grow uses inline ETL to transform data and populate it in the warehouse of your choosing.

One of the key features of Grow is the interactive visualizations it creates with data. It’s easy to get an understanding of how your data is performing at a glance, and you can take a deeper dive into any area of data.


  • Interactive visualizations make it easy to work with data on the front end.
  • Strong collaboration features help to bring remote teams together.
  • Set data refresh intervals to keep the information up to date.
  • Automate data pipelines and work with data in real-time.


  • Customizing features how you want them can be difficult.
  • Onboarding takes time. There is a steep learning curve and few online resources. 

Grow Pricing

Grow does not provide any pricing information. You can arrange a demo with their sales team and discuss pricing if you’re interested. 

Grow Integrations

  • Grow has around 70 connectors in its data connector library.


As you will have seen from the above reviews, marketing analytics tools vary in the number of integrations and features they offer.

One of the most important considerations is that the tool you’re interested in will connect with all of your data sources. So, that’s something we recommend discussing with the sales team of the tool you’re interested in.

All of the above tools offer demos or free trials, so it’s always a good idea to put them to a live test before committing to a plan.

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