Wishpond Review: An All-in-One Solution for Marketers, By Marketers

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This post is a thorough review by the Wishpond staff. Opinions are solely theirs and not Growth Marketing Pro’s!

Today’s digital marketer has multiple jobs. They need to be a constantly-evolving hybrid of a data analyst, relationship manager, copywriter, designer, project manager, strategist, and sales representative. 

They have decreasing amounts of time to create eye-catching content and keep up with changing algorithms and take advantage of changing digital trends to move with their audience.

Wishpond was designed by marketers, for marketers and business owners: it’s a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. We help marketers at every stage of the funnel: attracting leads, nurturing them, closing deals and building strong relationships with clients and potential customers. 

Some clients refer to us as a landing page builder. Other as a lead generation tool. Other as an email management platform. Really, we’re all the above. Wishpond central has a suite of powerful features, including:

Building high-converting landing pages
For your company, for a contest, or just for an event, Wishpond has over one hundred expertly designed, UX-optimized landing pages, specialized across industry and type.

Without needing to pull a developer, you can create a stunning landing page, in less than 20 minutes.

Use Wishpond’s built-in popup tool to convert more of your visitors by adding popups, welcome mats, slide-in popups, and opt-in bars. Trigger them on entry, exit, scroll, click, or with a timed delay.
Optimize your landing pages with one-click A/B split testing. Easily test unlimited variations of your page and see how they’re performing with real-time analytics.

Running engaging contests & promotions

Contests are a powerful engagement tool. They’re fun, they let your audience feel rewarded and engaged, they’re a brilliant lead generation tool, and they’re a fantastic way to get your brand and products shared.

Wishpond has been helping companies run contests than deliver a great ROI. Whether it’s caption contests on Facebook, hashtag challenges on Instagram, photo gallery contests, giveaways, YouTube contests, or something else, we’ve spent years understanding how to leverage the buzz and energy of social media platforms and harness it for your customers and your ROI.

Email marketing (complete with newsletter templates)

Email is only growing in prevalence and popularity. With even Vanity Fair declaring that we’ve hit ‘peak newsletter’, it’s clear there’s a market demand for strong, trustworthy voices in our inboxes to make sense of the clutter online.

Savvy marketers know that satisfying this demand isn’t a simple matter of sending a stream-of-consciousness to consumers every week. A newsletter is hard work, requiring concise, attention-grabbing copy, eye-catching design, and elements of UX and digital psychology.

With that in mind, we have a gallery of expertly designed, customizable newsletter templates to start you off strong.

Insightful Lead Tracking & Management

Ultimately, marketing isn’t about your company. It’s about your audience. To keep your most valued customers, and you need an accurate, reliable, intuitive management system.

Wishpond’s lead tracking software does more than let you store your leads, but gives you detailed insights into their behavior on your site, letting you personalize your marketing and sales strategy for maximum conversions and customer satisfaction.

Maximize your efficiency with marketing automation

With most days being booked twice over, automation has become not only a nifty time hack – it’s an absolute necessity in a well-oiled marketing strategy.

Send personalized email campaigns to your leads based on demographics and activity

Use the information you have about your visitors to send segmented email campaigns. Customize the emails you send (and when you send them) based on lead activity. Marketing automation allows you to send the perfect emails at the perfect times.

Use marketing automation to identify hot leads and email your sales team telling them to follow up. Nurture and contact leads at the opportune time to maximize conversions and boost your sales.

Something for everyone

Wishpond’s interface caters to everyone: from those who have built web pages and want control over colors, sizing and functionality, to those who want a premade template to make a stunning, drag-and-drop landing page that can look like their company built it from scratch.

Also, if you’ve already got your emails running on MailChimp, or your leads stored elsewhere, but you want to join forces with Wishpond? That works!

CRMs, analytic platforms, e-commerce, email marketing, and apps for helpdesks, surveys, team communication – Wishpond has more than 300 integrations, from market giants like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Pipedrive, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, and Slack to niche favorites like Clio and Lemonstand.

Resources and Customer Support

Wishpond isn’t just good for its features, but how it helps you use them. A bit part of the team’s day is making sure your day is easier.

On the site, you can find:

  • The free Wishpond Academy, fully stocked with video tutorials on everything from landing page building to running social media
  • A virtual bookshelf of eBooks and guides for different industries
  • An active blog publishing in-depth how-tos and industry insights
  • 1-1 support on request
  • Regular webinars with experts

What others say

  • Top ranked across categories, for campaign management, demand gen and marketing automation (Finances Online)
  • The ”swiss army knife of lead generation tools” (Small Business Trends)
  • Great value for money (Marketing Automation Insider)
  • ”Perfect for marketers” (Sprout 24)
  • ”A lead generation tool with so much more to offer” (eCommerce platforms)

Wishpond has been making waves for almost a decade now and in 2016 was named a High Performer by G2 in their Fall 2016 Marketing Automation Software Grid report. More recently, Wishpond was named one of 2019’s top 14 HubSpot competitors.

But don’t just take our word for it. Sign up for a free trial today! 

If you’ve tried Wishpond, what was your experience? Leave your comments below! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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