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About Loom

Loom is a new kind of work communication tool, already helping over a million people get their message across through instantly shareable videos. Download the extension, press "record" and see your video come to life. It's the easiest way to share information with teammates in a video format.

Product Details

Unlimited videos can be recorded
Easy to install Chrome Extension
Your audience doesn't have to download an app
Easy to post to YouTube
Free to get started

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Name: Bonnie Lassey
Title: Homeopathetic Therapist
Company: Self
Industry: Homeopathic Therapy

For anyone who works online and digitally, Loom is really useful for recording issues. Having the power to start screen recording in just a couple clicks saves so much time so you don't have to verbally communicate or write out the problem. It's built right into Chrome, but you can record anything else on your screen with it as well. You can opt for it to record your face while you're doing the screen recording too. It's a really intuitive program and quick to start recording, and sharing a recording is as easy as sending someone a URL.


There's not too much to dislike with Loom. The only thing is that it doesn't remember preferred settings each time you start recording. It will default to recording webcam video and microphone audio. Another small thing is that the free content is not unlimited and it is time consuming to delete older material so that you don't reach the quota for free videos. You have to go into your profile and delete the old files. It'd be great if there were a bulk way to select old videos and delete them.

Value for the money

With Loom you have screen recording capabilities to show things that are difficult to explain with words This is an essential feature for those who have employees that live far away and cannot meet in person.  It's very simple to use and sharing information with clients is great as they can give feedback on any work. Allows for cutting down on time and money by quick and easy sharing. Would recommend it for anyone who needs to share information by example rather than explaining it out in detail.

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