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About Hello Bar

98% of website visitors leave without taking an action. Hello Bar is a tool you can easily plug into any site to display popups, static bars or full page takeovers and convert site visitors into customers. Create custom calls-to-action using Hello Bar's simple editor and test your creations with A/B testing. Hello Bar is one of the easiest tools out there for collecting more email addresses or directing users to your conversion funnel.

Product Details

Popups, sticky bars, calls to action and more
Templates out of the box
Easy installation for WordPress via plugin
Nifty A/B testing feature
Simple data to understand how your audience reacts
Integrations with Mailchimp, Segment, Campaign Monitor, etc.
Price starting at $29/mo

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Name: Renea Hanks
Title: Owner
Company: Solid Solutions Today
Industry: Website Design

Hello Bar is really easy to install on your site. There are templates available so I didn't have to waste time to create them. It is a product created by Neil Patel whose website generates millions of views a month and conversions. I like to use methods that really works. Hello Bar has helped my business.


For me the pricing starting at $29 is a bit too high, especially for start ups.

Value for the money

Good value for the money

Name: Bob Indevvater
Title: Sales Manager
Company: Fisher’s Enterprises
Industry: Marketing

Hello Bar is a well made application for displaying pop ups. It has catered to our needs well. It is very straightforward and easy to use. Set up is also simple and not difficult at all. It can be updated easily and customized in many ways. The paid version offers even more customization and features. It integrates well with Mailchimp and similar softwares.


The paid version offered all the features we needed. However, the paid version had more features than we needed too. Tiers for paid versions would be an excellent feature to have. I would especially like to see this since it could save some upfront cost. Overall, I don’t have many more complaints.

Value for the money

Hello Bar offers several good features. The price is reasonable for the paid version, but includes a lot. I would recommend it for what it offers

Name: Abdul Rashik
Title: Marketing Director
Company: Truetec Solutions
Industry: Tech

Hello Bar helps me to capture visitors and curate them to where I want them to go. Hello Bar is one of the first places that visitors on our site go to, and it really helps draw them in as customers. Hello Bar is nice because it’s very manageable and not too complex. The design is simple yet appealing. The tool itself is easy to configure and manage. Customers are easily attracted to it as an option. It is very effective and helpful. One feature I really like is the A/B testing. This has proved very helpful and is easy to use.


Hello Bar does have a little inconvenience. For example, I have to use Zapier to configure it with Ontraport. Some integrations are not supported or require roundabout steps. I would like more integration. However, improvements are being made.

Value for the money

Hello Bar offers many good features. The price is reasonable. I think it is very valuable overall. I would recommend it.

Name: Murtuza Brani
Title: Design Consultant
Company: Self
Industry: Design

Hello Bar is quite easy to work with. Their customer support team is very responsive and quick to answer any questions. Additionally, Hello bar easily integrates with your website. Hello Bar is also very effective and works well to gain new contacts. Honestly, it fits a nice little niche that many businesses don’t even know they need to fill.


Hello Bar is a bit of a hefty price. However, it is quite convenient and can be worth it. On the flip side, their subscription is quite aggressive and not easy to opt out of directly.

Value for the money

Overall, Hello Bar is a pretty good tool. I would like to see improvement with customer service on the suscription side. I would give it an 8/10.

Name: Jillian Green
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Company: Dijon Consulting
Industry: Investment Strategies

My experience with Hello Bar has been overall positive. It is very easy to set up and use. Pages are entirely customizable which is great. The features offered are very good and integration with some apps is very smooth. There are some helpful instructional videos available too if you get stuck.


The one downside with the product is somewhat limited with things like adding to posts. There are other smaller individual capabilities that are limited unlike with other pop-up plugins. The one big problem I’ve had is with customer support. I’ve really struggled with getting their help. They don’t have a phone number to call which is frustrating. The live chat may take over an hour for a response, which is not cool especially when you need fast assistance. I would like to see them focus on customer support a lot more. However, I have not encountered many problems, so usually support is not needed.

Value for the money

Hello Bar is reasonably priced for what you get. It can be a bit frustrating, but it offers some good features.

Name: Craig Beck
Title: Ceo
Company: Viral Success Limited
Industry: Online Courses



Scam company - have asked four times for them to stop billing me. Now going to my bank to report it as fraud

Value for the money


Hello Bar Competitors

Growth Marketing Pro's Review

by Growth Marketing Pro

Want to boost sales? Increase customer conversions? Collect more leads? Grow your email list?

Lead capture tools like Hello Bar, are designed to achieve these goals by highlighting or prompting calls-to-action on a web page.

When implemented correctly, lead capture tools can be an incredibly effective way to improve conversions on your website or blog. 

Pick a section below to get started… Or just keep scrolling!

Why are Lead Capture Tools Important?

Obtaining valuable information about potential customers helps businesses generate sales.

We use Hello Bar on this blog, Growth Marketing Pro, nearly everywhere!

It helps us get way more email addresses and drive tons of traffic to our affiliate partners. 

Capturing email addresses is one of the most important things you can do to grow your business. I detail exactly how important this is in Best Digital Marketing Launch Strategies. If you don’t have an email marketing software yet, you might like to check out Best Email Marketing Software to figure out which one is right for you and your business.

Why else are tools like Hello Bar important?

  • Lead capture tools help acquire information about site visitors and attempt to convert them into buyers. They appear as specialized forms highlighting a call-to-action and are optimized to collect leads or direct users to a desired landing page.
  • Frequent call-to-actions include email subscriptions, announcements of important information (like announcing your upcoming webinar) or sales, social media sharing or following, and site navigation. 
  • Lead capture tools are an important way for businesses to grow their customer or subscriber base, promote sales, provide information, or help users navigate to important pages.
  • Ultimately the goal of lead capture tools is to guide customers down your marketing funnel.

Note: you can also create custom landing pages to capture leads using a landing page software tool like InstapageGet Hello Bar Here >>

What is Hello Bar?

Hello Bar example
A Hello Bar we have used on Growth Marketing Pro. This particular popup gets 1.6% of visitors to give us their email. 

A “hello bar” (also commonly called a floating bar or notification bar), is a thin banner at the top or bottom of a webpage. They stick to the top of the page so that when somebody scrolls down the webpage, the hello bar remains visible.

The term hello bar comes from the first company to provide them, Hello Bar.

Hello Bar the company provides a standalone application designed to be used with WordPress, Wix, or other webpages. It can add custom lead capture tools such as hello bars, pop-ups, pages, or messages to a website.

Hello Bar is easy to use and only requires one line of code added to a website to get started. They offer the traditional hello bar as well as other types of widgets. Additional features include reviews by experts, A/B testing, targeting, email integration, and assistance with GDPR compliance.Get Hello Bar Here >>

Hello Bar Features

Types of Bars and Widgets. Hello Bar has 6 types of lead capture tools including:

  • Hello Bars. Thin banners called “floating bars” that can be displayed at the top or bottom of a web page.
  • Pop-up Modals. Landing pages that pop up centered over the web page.
  • Sliders. Landing pages that appear by sliding onto the screen from the side.
  • Alert Bells. Small floating buttons that expand when clicked on.
  • Page Takeovers. Pop-ups that cover the whole screen.
  • Push Notifications. Send notifications to users at any time, even when they are not in the app or using their device. (Not available as of 12/2018, but coming soon).

Dedicated Marketing Expert. Hello Bar offers access to marketing specialist during business hours. They can help with general marketing questions, writing headlines, analysis of performance, and custom suggestions on how to improve conversion rate. I’ve used their support. They’re extremely responsive. A+

Exit Intent technology. According to Hello Bar 98% of visitors leave a website without taking action. Exit intents are landing pages that are designed to reduce cart abandonment. They are timed to pop-up just before a visitor goes to leave a site and provide a good way to offer discounts or deals. 

A/B Testing allows site owners to experiment with different designs and messages. A series of lead capture tools can be created and metrics are gathered on each one so that site owners can compare their effectiveness. I love how easy Hello Bar makes it to test bars and popups. It’s stupid easy to make variants and the dashboard makes it obvious when you’ve found a winning variant. 

Targeting. With Hello Bar you can customize over 200 targeting parameters to control who sees a message and when they see it. Examples of targeting features include:

  • Device specific targeting (e.g. everyone, only mobile visitors, or homepage visitors),
  • Custom targeting rules, including being able to target certain URLs on your website  
  • Post-conversion display settings.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Google SEO Compliance. Hello Bar helps their customers ensure compliance with Google best practices. They have GDPR opt-ins and are frequently updating so that Hello Bar users and their mailing lists remain safe.

Integrations. Hello Bar can link to an independent email marketing software to streamline new subscribers data into your database. Zapier integrations allow connections with thousands of apps even if your software does not directly integrate with Hello Bar.

Customizable Thank You Pages. Show your appreciation to site visitors who convert. With Hello Bar’s paid plans, you can show customized messages to visitors who subscribe or make a purchase.

Content Upgrades. With this feature site owners can use additional tools such as inline lead capture forms so that site visitors are prompted to subscribe as they read the text on the page.

Yes/No Questions. Paid Hello Bar accounts can promote questions. Depending on the answer, site visitors will be delivered to a unique message or page.

Hello Bar Pricing

Hello Bar has 3 payment options that correspond to varying levels of access to their services. Payments can be made monthly or yearly; yearly subscriptions offer a discount of 2 free months.  

Hello Bar package options:

  • Starter. (Free)

This option includes access to all widget types. . However, the Starter plan is limited to 5,000 views per month, 10 pop-us, and only gets 1 seat.

With the Starter plan there is limited access to targeting (device type only), only 1 Live A/B test, and email integration options are basic. However, Starter packages do have full access to Zapier integrations.

Features limited to paid plans only include the Dedicated Marketing Expert feature, custom thank you pages, content upgrades, or yes/no question type tools. Also, with free accounts the Hello Bar branding cannot be turned off.

  • Growth. ($29 /month or $289 /year)

The Growth plan increases views to 50,000 per month. Pop-ups are unlimited and 3 seats are available. One of the biggest differences between the Growth and Starter plans is that access to A/B testing is increased from 1 live test to unlimited tests.

Additional features added to the Growth plan include custom targeting, custom thank you pages, yes/no questions, and “basic” access to content upgrades. Email integration is also more advanced for Growth users and the Hello Bar logo can be turned off with the Growth plan.

  • Elite. ($99 /month or $999 /year)

Elite members can get 500,000 views per month and unlimited number of seats. Content upgrades are advanced for Elite users and email integrations are “premium”.

Hello Bar also has a hierarchy for technical support. Free users have “basic” access compared to “priority” access for Growth users or “advanced” access for Elite users.

How Effective is Hello Bar?

Hello Bar sent us some case studies that illustrate how their features can improve conversions, email captures, and revenue.

Hello Bars: A hello bar at the top of blogger, Neil Patel’s personal site had a conversion rate of 10.1% and accounted for 800 additional sign ups upon implementation. Neil Patel states that a hello bar at the top of his Quick Sprout site accounts for 11% of revenue, similar to 20% of revenue on KimberlySnyder.net. Derek from socialtriggers.com states he gets over 1,000 leads per month with his site’s hello bar.

Hellobar example

Exit Intents: These pop-ups appear just before a user leaves a site. It is an effective way to capture a lead that otherwise would be lost. Hello Bar’s exit intent brings in approximately 900 new sign ups a month. By implementing exit intents for Nutrition Secrets, Hello Bar was able to help them boost their email captures from 10 to 50 leads per day.

Pop-ups: By adding pop-ups and using A/B tests to study their effectiveness, Hello Bar was able to help ChordBuddy increase their e-commerce sales by 50% in the first 3 months of working together.

Although these lead capture tools offered by Hello Bar can be very effective, performance can be drastically influenced by design. What should the bar or pop-up say? What information should you ask for or give? The paid plans for Hello Bar offer access to expert guidance who are committed to helping their customers get the most of their service.

Independent reviews are postive as well. Online reviews across a variety of social media sites were gathered and analyzed by FinancesOnline. Their algorithm indicates a 94% user satisfaction rate.Get Hello Bar Here >>

Hello Bar Alternatives

Hello Bar isn’t the only service that provides lead capture tools. An ever increasing number of alternative plugins and services are available. Here we focus on AddThis and BounceExchange, but many other options exist including:

  • OptinMonster
  • SumoMe
  • WPFront Notification Bar
  • WP Notification Bar
  • WordPress Notification Bar
  • Top Bar
  • Sleeknote
  • Foobar
  • GetSiteControl
  • IceGram

It’s important to note that some landing page software tools like Unbounce have bars similar to Hello Bar as part of their suite of tools. 

AddThis. (Free. No paid plans as of June 2018)

Many people know AddThis as a tool for promoting content through simple share buttons, but they offer many quality tools.

Features similar to Hello Bar:

  • Link promotions and list building can be accomplished with pop-ups, sliders, and hello bars. Their email capture tools also integrate with several common email providers.

Additional features AddThis offers:

  • Specially designed widget buttons for visitors to share content or follow your brand on popular social media sites.
  • A “related posts” tool is available for promoting similar content in the form of sliders, footers, or inline.
  • AddThis gathers data on conversions, shares, follows, related posts, and visits; then produces a report with statistics and graphs.

BounceExchange also known as BounceEx. ($3995 /mo)

BounceExchange boasts high-end, patented technology that uses visitor behavior data to optimize timing of lead capture tools and maximize conversion rates.

Features similar to Hello Bar:

  • A team of designers, engineers, analysts, and marketing experts are available to assist internal marketing teams to maximize benefits of using BounceExchange.
  • Lead capture tools for email subscriptions, content alerts, and ad placements.  

Additional features:

  • ConsumerID Graph. This tool is an underlying feature that identifies users without the use of cookies and remembers them across sessions and devices. It gathers visitor behavior data including cursor tracking to ID site visitors. This technology influences the delivery of emails, email captures, ads, and content alerts.
  • The Behavioral Email feature utilizes onsite behavioral data to optimize the content of marketing emails and the timing of their delivery.
  • The Behavioral CMS feature collects user data relating to consumer purchase intent. It is designed to track users through multiple devices and online sessions that are related to a single purchase decision. This feature helps to optimize timing of marketing emails.

How to add Hello Bar to WordPress

Adding a notification bar to a WordPress site is exceptionally easy with Hello Bar. Just go to https://www.hellobar.com/ and follow these easy steps:

  1. Create an account. Register with an email, password, and the website URL where the hello bar is to be published.
  2. Design a hello bar. Choose a goal for your hello bar and what type of hello bar you want. Customize the appearance with a step-by-step editor. Write your message and customize the displayed text.
  3. Adjust hello bar settings. Toggle various on/off options such as Hello Bar branding, animations, wiggles, GDPR compliance, timing of display, and other display features.
  4. Customize targeting preferences. Here you can select who sees a bar or pop-up, create custom targeting strategies, and turn off lead captures for users who have already been converted.
  5. Adjust conversion settings. Change the message displayed after a site visitor has been converted.  
  6. Click “Save & Publish”.
  7. Get your hello bar live on your site. This can be done one of three ways depending on your familiarity with HTML coding.  

Option A: If you are familiar with HTML, all you have to do is add a single line code to your website.

Option B: Select Hello Bar’s “I use WordPress” option. Follow their instructions to install their WordPress plugin. Paste your site snippet code into the Hello Bar option in your administrative menu.

Option C: Let the pros do it. If you work with a web developer, Hello Bar can email them directly with an automated message including instructions.

HELP! If the above options provide any trouble, you can send Hello Bar a message and receive assistance.