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Price: Starting at $23.00/month

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Easy, fast video editor for Facebook ads and much more
Tons of stock footage
Text editor
Stock music for your video
Easy customer support
Price starting at $23/mo

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About Biteable

Biteable is a software solution that gives you the tools to make any professional video, from presentations to ads and social media videos. And it's incredibly easy. In under 5 minutes, you can sign up, create a professional looking video with stock footage and overlay text. Biteable is perfect for advertisers running video ads on Instagram and Facebook or for landing pages and email marketing. Make all kinds of videos, like ads, explainers, presentations and social media content.

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Biteable Reviews

Name: Julian Jowalsky
Title: Consultant
Company: Jowalsky Business Management
Industry: Consulting
January 29, 2020

Biteable is super easy to use especially if you are a beginner with limited video creation/editing experience. I’ve been able to use Biteable to produce daily videos for social media feeds as well as for various other marketing projects. One huge benefit is having the stock video options which allow you to have solid content for your videos even if you do not have time to film your own videos. What’s even more awesome is the fact that Biteable provides easy scalability so you can tailor your videos for different formats. Overall, Biteable saves a lot of time and resources while still allowing you to produce quality marketing content.


The v1 product was sometimes a little finicky with a few editing features especially with social media posts. However, tools have been added that pretty much fix this issue. Beyond that, I don’t really have any complaints.

Value for the money

Biteable is really worth its low cost. Biteable has been ideal for us as we can easily use it to work with multiple clients while still saving hundreds of dollars that we would have to pay for other services. I would give it 10/10 any day.

Name: Agios Castellanos
Title: Marketing Coordinator
Company: Castellanos Marketing
Industry: Marketing
March 20, 2020

Biteable is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. As a novice video creator, I found Biteable convenient and ideal for a beginner. Biteable offers many options for creating/editing general videos with a clean look and feel. The videos look highly polished and are engaging despite being made with a relatively simple to use software. I really enjoy having the stock photography to use for when you can’t take the time to get your own footage or are unable to get your own footage.


Although Biteable has several good options, more font options and customization features would be nice. I would really like to be able to upload and use custom fonts. Also, more features for video customization would be ideal for people who have a little more video editing experience.

Value for the money

Biteable is great for beginners and a cheap option to meet video making needs. I would even be willing to pay a bit more for extra features.

Name: Jamie W
Title: Graphic Designer
Company: Self
Industry: Design
January 10, 2020

Pros Biteable has a huge variety of templates available unlike most alternatives that only offer basic stock footage. The templates are varied and have lots of customizations options so you can personalize each video. Templates range from “How-To” type templates to advertisement style templates and even just for fun templates. I really like having a timeline at the bottom as well as layers so I can manipulate what I want with arguably even more ease than iMovie.


While biteable is free, only the paid version allows you to remove the watermark from your videos. Biteable also requires decent computer strength and internet speed to edit stuff easily.

Value for the money

The paid version is really useful for ads when you don’t want your videos also advertising Biteable.

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