Pixelbook vs Macbook Pro – Which is better?

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I was recently in the market for a new laptop and did a bunch of research on the Pixelbook vs Macbook Pro to try and determine which was better.

I’ve been a die hard fan of Apple products for the past 10 years. My iPhone, Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, iPad, iPod- you name it- I’ve had all the works.

Pixelbook vs Macbook Pro

Every time I start a new job, they ask “what type of computer do you want?” My response is always “A Macbook Pro, no question.”

I recently left a job and handed back the Macbook Pro they gave me.

I would need a computer to use while I was in-between jobs. So I mentally prepared myself to set aside ~$1600 and head over to the Apple store for a new Macbook Pro.

Ready for the plot twist?

I was recently over at a friend’s apartment. He works at Google and he had the new Google Pixelbook on his desk.

I swear I did a double take- it was beautiful.

I started to play around with it and I was really impressed.

Since the Google Pixelbook launched on October 4th, 2017, I guess I’m a few months late to the game- but hey, better late than never!

I never thought I’d even consider NOT getting an Apple computer.

But when I realized that it folded backwards into a tablet shape, it was touch screen, and you can draw and paint on it with a Pixelbook pen, I started to question whether I really needed to get another Apple product?

Then I remembered someone else who had it!

I was on a plane to visit Japan a few weeks ago, and the man sitting next to me was drawing and painting the entire plane ride on his tablet. I’m always super productive on planes, but on this one I couldn’t take my eyes off this guy’s tablet. Since I’m an artist, I was very envious.

pixelbook pen

It looked like an iPad, with a stylus. But I never used my iPad when I had one, so I was not about to go purchase another one just so I could do some digital art.

But when he put the tablet away, it unfolded into a laptop!

He must have been using a Google Pixelbook. Now it all made sense, and I was excited.

After some careful research and comparing the Pixelbook specs and the Macbook Pro specs, I pulled the trigger and decided to purchase a Google Pixelbook off of Amazon so that I could get it shipped with my Prime account in 2-days for free. Here’s why I chose to buy a Pixelbook…

UPDATE (7/12/18): The Pixelbook is now 16% off on Amazon right now, meaning you’ll save $160. I don’t know how long this offer will last, so if you’re considering making a purchase, now would be a good time…


My Pixelbook Review


  • Super thin & lightweight
  • Visually pleasing
  • Touch screen
  • You can draw and paint with a Pixelbook pen and the Google Paint app (I’m an artist so this won major points in my book!)
  • Flips into a tablet shape or can stand up as a tent for hands-free video watching
  • Comes with easy access to all my Google apps like Chrome, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.
  • Google assistant is like Siri on your computer
  • The screen is stunningly clear
  • The instructions and setup was insanely simple. Even quicker and easier than setting up an Apple product.
  • Less expensive than a Macbook Pro. I bought the Pixelbook on sale on Amazon for $899 and also the Pixelbook Pen for $99 and with tax my total came to $1,074. A Macbook Pro would have totaled somewhere around $1,400 after taxes.
  • Ordering the Pixelbook on Amazon rather than on the Google Store site meant that I got free prime 2-day shipping, which was considerably faster than the 6 days the Google Store was offering.
  • You can plug the charger into either side of the computer. Surprisingly convenient.

pixelbook vs macbook pro


  • The keyboard is a little different because they needed to make room for the “Google Assist” button. You have to stretch your fingers a little bit further for the copy & paste commands, which takes some getting used to.
  • The track pad acts slightly differently when you try to highlight and drag items (also takes some getting used to)
  • Downloadable apps need to be available on the Google Play store. This can be limiting as there are some apps here and there that are made for Apple computers and are not compatible on a Google Pixelbook.
  • Lack of USB plug

Pixelbook Pricing

I managed to get my Pixelbook when they were offering a special discount of $899 (normally $999). See Pixelbook pricing below:

Pixelbook pricing

Pro tip: One thing I thought was confusing: Amazon offers packages like “Pixelbook + Charger”, but you don’t need to actually buy a charger because the “Pixelbook Only” already comes with a charger.

Pixelbook discounts are available if you are a student (10% off) or if you buy it used.

UPDATE (7/12/18): The Pixelbook is now 16% off on Amazon right now, meaning you’ll save $160. I don’t know how long this offer will last, so if you’re considering making a purchase, now would be a good time…


Pixelbook Specs

Pixelbook specs

Pixelbook specs 2


Pixelbook – Buy Now

Pixelbook Pen – Buy Now

Macbook Pro – Buy Now

Pixelbook Video

Pixelbook vs Macbook Pro – Which is better?

I’ve only had the Pixelbook for a few days now, so it may still be early to say for sure, but I think it depends on what your needs are.

It seems that Macbook Pro is a more powerful device overall that’s compatible with most apps and can run most software without a problem. Since most people are on the Apple train, if you forget your charger or need to run an obscure program or app, you can probably count on your Macbook Pro to get it done.

However, if all you really need is the internet and your shared Google Drive and Google Docs and apps– basically if you’re already very integrated with the Google Suite, the Pixelbook may be a perfect fit for you.

The final selling factor for me was the fact that you can turn it into a tablet and draw on it. As a personal computer, this seemed like a 2-in-1 win. I was getting a new computer and a new toy at once.

Also the screen display seems to be equally as beautiful on both devices.

pixelbook screen

If you’re looking to save money, the Pixelbook is cheaper (~$1000 for the Pixelbook vs ~$1300 for the Macbook Pro)

I’m having a blast so far with my new Pixelbook. However, I will likely also have a Macbook Pro to use at the office, just in case I miss it 🙂

Want to buy a Pixelbook? Get it here.

UPDATE (7/12/18): The Pixelbook is now 16% off on Amazon right now, meaning you’ll save $160. I don’t know how long this offer will last, so if you’re considering making a purchase, now would be a good time…


Want to buy a Macbook Pro? Get it on Amazon here.







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