How to Leverage Data to Drive Massive Revenue [Video]

Hailey Friedman Growth Marketing Pro

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So this is a video of a live fireside chat that I hosted in San Francisco last week with my new friend Asher.

Let me tell you a little bit about Asher–

He built 23 software projects before he discovered the secret to success…


I met him for coffee a few weeks ago and I was blown away by his growth marketing stories.

So I invited him to speak at a BAMF fireside chat. His full name is Asher King Abramson, Partner at Bell Curve.

Here are some of the things he shared with us:

  1. How one cold email generated $500k in 3 months
  2. How to save 20 hours/week with efficient data aggregation & reporting
  3. How to leverage your data to create viral ad messaging

A big shout out to our sponsor for the event, — ever heard of them? Their team built a game-changing tool that is basically a marketers best friend. It saves marketers 20+ hours of work a week by automatically aggregating all your data into one place, in real time.

Pretty awesome 🙂

Anyways, watch the video above to get the full scoop about using marketing data to drive revenue.



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