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what is chatbot
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Email is dying a slow and gradual death. But in it’s ashes arises a tool far more powerful than it’s predecessor.

Introducing: the Facebook Messenger Chatbot

If you’re reading about Facebook Messenger chatbots for the first time, you are not alone. This tool is barely a year old and only being utilized by the most on-their-game early adopters. The growth hackers that are pioneering in this space are certainly benefitting by being first to market.

I encountered my first Facebook Messenger chatbot a few months ago in a Facebook group called Badass Marketers & Founders led by growth hacking legend, Josh Fechter. Josh often shares growth tips in that group and via email, but he decided to experiment by sending his growth hacks via Messenger chatbot.

His results were phenomenal: With each message he sent via Messenger, he saw an 8x higher click-through rate and 3x higher open rate than email.

I decided to give it a try myself.

The results? I was *stunned*.

So much so, that I had to sit down and write a blog post about it to share this powerful secret weapon with you.

Wait a minute, why is email dying?

what is chatbot

First off, let me say that I love email.

It has served me well as an effective means of communication with friends, family, co-workers and customers for years.

But I must say, as of late- it’s getting a little crowded in there, don’t you think?

I’m constantly overwhelmed with a flooded inbox, both on my personal and work email accounts. Plus, I’m one of those people who *absolutely* has to have an empty inbox at all times, which is getting more and more difficult to achieve by the day.

Can we fix this? There are some ways.

  • I downloaded the app Unroll.Me that let’s me easily unsubscribe from multiple email lists at once and then “roll-up” many of my emails into one curated email daily. This helps, but it doesn’t do any favors for the businesses that are desperately fighting to get my attention in my inbox.
  • At work, I try to cut back on emails by using communication tools like gchat or Slack.
  • Some co-workers I’ll just straight up text.
  • As a marketer looking to cut through the noise, it’s seeming ever more appealing to go “retro” by sending direct mail or handwritten notes (but that’s a topic for a whole different blog post!)

At the end of the day, you want your message to stand out- and that’s becoming a challenging feat to accomplish via email.

Let’s get personal…

The trend in tech- the further technology advances, the more personal things get.

Look at social media for example. It began with sharing text updates on Twitter, to sharing photo albums on Facebook, to curated photos on Instagram, to now quick raw video stories on Snapchat. It’s hard to imagine things getting more personal than sharing multiple video updates about our life on a daily basis.

A similar pattern can be traced through the way we communicate. From sending letters, to phone calls, to sending emails, to texting and messaging.

Even Messenger’s product boss Stan Chudnovsky explained that voice conversations require a third step that text conversations do not.

Bottom line: Today, the most intimate way to communicate with someone, is via text or messaging.

Facebook goes all-in on messages

Facebook Messenger Bot

You may have noticed that Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion in 2014. And since then, they’ve put a heavy emphasis on their “Messenger” tool. Going as far as to require Facebook users to download a separate “Messenger app” if they want to read the direct messages that friends send them on mobile.

When you receive a Facebook Messenger message from a friend, you’ll get a notification on the home screen of your mobile device that looks similar to a text message notification.

Do you know what the average open rate of text messages are?


Do you know what the average open rate of emails are?


Do you know what the average open rate of chatbot messages are?


what is a chatbot

See the opportunity here?


Okay, so what is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a tool that makes it possible to automate communications with others via Facebook Messenger. It is a tool that combines artificial intelligence and campaign sequencing and scheduling to create a “live” experience for the person receiving messages from the bot, also known as a “subscriber”.

Why would I use a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

If you’re currently using email to communicate with your email subscribers, you should consider using a Messenger chatbot to communicate with your Messenger subscribers.

It’s a more personal way to communicate with and build a relationship with your customers.

When you interact with your customers using a Messenger chatbot, it feels like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with you directly. A human to human experience.

Whereas via email, customers can often feel like they are communicating with your “brand”- it’s often hard to see the human behind it.

I’m convinced! How do I set up a chatbot?

If you know how to use an email automation tool like Mailchimp, then it will be easy to get accustomed to the chatbot automation tool ManyChat.

My friend Angelo Kwek will explain to you how to set up your own Facebook Chatbot. Say hiiiii Angelo!!

how to build a chatbot

What’s up guys, Angelo here-

The first step is to go to ManyChat and link your Facebook Page. You’ll receive an email and be directed to the ManyChat dashboard.

The Growth Tool

This tool is for user acquisition. Just like email, there are many ways to capture someone into your chatbot. Bar, slide in, modal, page takeover, button. Some of the embeddable widgets is a button and a box. The “other growth tools” is where things get a little more interesting.

The Facebook ads JSON is for those that know how to code the chatbot to do cool custom commands. The messenger url allows you to send a link to anyone or website and they will enter your bot. The comment growth tool is very useful to get a ton of engagement by running Facebook ads. If you want to know how to set up a growth tool I talk about more in this video:

The Broadcast

A Facebook chatbot broadcast is the equivalent to an email blast. You can send a message to your subscribers whenever you want. You can even target specific people in your subscriber list.


The main menu comes up when the user is chilling in your chat. This feature is great to setup some customer support or maybe a call-to-action to purchase your service or product.

Default Reply

This is the reply your users will get when your users try to ask you a question or tell you something. They will automatically get a reply back.

Welcome Message, Keywords, & Sequences

Welcome message is the message people will receive when you directly give your url to them, here’s an example of mine. Make sure to have a welcoming message and tell your users the intent of your bot. This is the perfect place for you give your users value. Free pdf or ebook perhaps?

On to the keywords section. These are the keywords that get triggered whenever your user types a phrase or word. You can then follow up with and send them down a sequence.

Sequences is equivalent to a drip campaign equivalent of email marketing. To add a new sequence, click “add sequence” on the top right hand corner. You can adjust the frequency the user will get the message and also the time of day the user gets it.
I go over welcome message, keywords, and sequences in this short video.

This should give you the confidence to go out and create your own chatbot.

And if I were you I’d give it a try, given that it makes it easily grow a list of subscribers and create custom campaigns, resulting in 88% open rates and 80% click through rates on all your messages.

  • You don’t need to know how to code to make a chatbot.
  • It’s not rocket science to make one.
  • Most online marketers have been telling you to build your email list.
  • I’m sorry, but that’s outdated advice. Email worked back in 2004, but its 2017 for crying out loud.
  • Become an early adopter of the new world of marketing.

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Here’s what the industry expert says about Chatbots…

In early October 2017, I reached out to Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy & Bot Academy to see if he’d join me for a fireside chat interview in San Francisco. Given that Andrew is a successful guy– who built a $30 Million internet business while in his 20s and has interviewed 1,000+ of the most successful people in Silicon Valley, like the founders of Linkedin, Groupon, Wikipedia & Pixar– I figured he’d be too busy to meet with me. To my surprise, however, he quickly agreed!

  • I knew he was a thought leader on chat bots because his latest venture is Bot Academy, where he helps businesses generate leads and sales using chat bots.

I found an awesome venue in San Francisco and invited all our local GMP and BAMF members to join. We had about 70 people in attendance for an intimate and engaging conversation with Andrew and he taught us a ton…

He taught us:

  1. Why a Messenger bot is the ideal medium to educate, build trust, and sell to your customers
  2. How to generate more leads & close sales with chat bots
  3. How to get 88% open rates and 80% click through rates on your messages

Check out the video from the interview above!


Want to chat with us about how to grow your business? Book time with us here. 

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