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Millions of keyword suggestions, backlinks, Google Ads and your competitor’s Facebook ads — all at your fingertips.

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GrowthBar is the #1 Rated Google Chrome Plugin for SEO


Find Keywords, Backlinks and Searchgestions

GrowthBar is a Google Chrome plugin that lives in the search engine results page (SERP), so you can get SEO insights for every website and keyword, all while you Google search.

$29/month, but free for 5 days.

Hundreds of teams use GrowthBar to find SEO arbitrage

Competitiveness Score

Search anything on Google and immediately see how difficult it is to rank organically for that keyword. Use this score to determine whether or not you should pursue that keyword in your SEO strategy.

Millions of Keyword Suggestions

Search anything and get additional suggested keywords with monthly search volume metrics. All in your Google search results page.

Get Word Counts

Quickly see the word counts of pages high in the Google SERP. Make sure your content is at least as long to win!

See Competitors’ Facebook Ads

Yup, see anyone’s Facebook ads with GrowthBar’s Facebook feature. Beat your competition with smarter insights.

Export the Data

Open up any of the GrowthBar features—organic keywords, Google Ads keywords, backlinks, and Facebook ads—and “see more” for a full list of the top 200 of each. Export the list to a CSV for easy analysis and parsing.

Dominate SEO the Easy Way