My 36 Step Event Planning Process

Written by me, Hailey Friedman.

Some background about me:

event planning process - hailey friedman




It’s been about a year since I took over BAMF fireside chat events from Josh Fechter here in San Francisco, and let me tell you– it’s been a wild ride ever since.

It’s been a blast, but it’s also been A LOT of work.

Before he moved to LA, Josh showed me the ropes behind his process.

Now I’ve got it down to a science.

Here are the exact steps I take.




For seamless events attended by hundreds of people…

event planning process

Step 1: Find a venue– Book a date

Step 2: Find a speaker– Someone engaging

Step 3: Intro call with speaker to confirm they have juicy stories and are engaging.

Step 4: Confirm event date with speaker

Step 5: Interview speaker for 1 hour– Take lots of notes

Step 6: Get bio from speaker

Step 7: Pull headshot from Linkedin

Step 8: Come up with event title (get approval from speaker if necessary)

Step 9: Create event page on Eventbrite

Step 10: Create event page on Meetup

Step 11: Create event page on WebinarJam (if there is going to be a virtual component)

Step 12: Create event page on Facebook

Step 13: Create 4 different emails about the event (2 weeks out, 1 week out, day before, morning of)

Step 14: Create a Linkedin post about the event

Step 15: Create Facebook group posts about the event

  • Can re-use Linkedin post. Include link to eventbrite to register for the event

Step 16: Get event volunteers

Step 17: Assign someone to help with Registration

Step 18: Assign someone to help with Photography or hire a photographer

Step 19: Assign someone to help with Video or hire a videographer

Step 20: Assign someone to help with manning the digital Webinar at the event

Step 21: Assign someone to help with Sound / Microphone at the event, and also be the person who passes the mic around for questions during the Q & A

Step 22: Assign people to help with putting out Chairs and clean up

Step 23: Assign someone to help with promotion / Ticket Sales

Step 24: Assign someone to help with finding Sponsorship partners

Step 25: Assign someone to help with finding Food sponsors or paying for catering

Step 26: Assign someone to help with finding drink sponsors or paying for drinks

Step 27: Create Bot post about the event (if applicable)

Step 28: Direct Message an invitation to SF Linkedin connections using Linkedin Helper

Step 29: Post Event on other event sites

Step 30: Email email list once a week about events

Step 31: Email Meetup Subscribers twice a week about events

Step 32: Read through notes and write up a list of interview questions to ask the speaker. Focus on questions that will pull out the juicy nuggets and stories.

Step 33: Send speaker your interview questions 1 week before

Step 34: Send an email the day before the event to get last minute signups

Step 35: Send an email the morning of the Event to remind everyone who signed up about the time and location

Step 36: Day of the event: make sure you have the following items

  1. Name tags
  2. Markers
  3. Pens
  4. Signs
  5. Tape
  6. Attendee List printed out
  7. Outfit picked out ?
  8. Makeup (if applicable ? )
  9. Leave work early
  10. Event crew to show up 1 hour early


Now go on out there and start planning your event!



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