[Infographic] The 12 Types of Video Every B2B Business Needs

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Back in the days of TV commercials, almost every video was a top-of-funnel asset. Commercials had 30 seconds to not only convince you to buy their product or service, but also hopefully entertain you, build credibility for their brand, and implore you to learn more. Those ads were hard working! And also annoying – but that’s beside the point.

With online video, and the rise of video for sales and b2b marketing strategies like account-based marketing, video is no longer a top-of-funnel asset. It’s having an impact at every funnel stage, from introducing prospects to your brand, to driving home your value drivers with targeted demos. What’s great is you can use an online video maker like Loom or Lumen5 for quick and easy videos.

Let’s take a quick look at where video fits in at each funnel stage, and share a designed infographic on the types of videos you need in your B2B marketing strategy to cover your entire funnel

b2b videos top of funnelTop-Of-Funnel Video – Educate and Entertain

For the top of your funnel, you want to make sure you’re educating your prospects without being too sales-y. This is where how-to videos, recorded webinars, thought leadership and company culture content live. It’s light, and prospects don’t need to be ready to whip out their wallet when they watch it.

This kind of content lives on your website, YouTube, and on your social channels.

b2b videos middle of funnelMiddle-Of-Funnel Video – Share Value Drivers

Middle-of-Funnel video is when you and your product gets to shine. This stage of the buying process is all about showing your prospects the problem you solve, and how you solve it. From detailed demo videos to customer testimonials, this content lives on your website, and on landing pages. Don’t be afraid to gate some of your longer informational content behind a demo-request form, or a post-roll call-to-action.

Folks that watch these videos are highly engaged leads – they wouldn’t care if they weren’t interested!

b2b videos bottom of funnelBottom-Of-Funnel – Sell Yourself

Now that your prospect knows what you do, and how you do it, it’s time to hammer home why you’re the best in the business. The bottom of your sales funnel is where nurture video content, personalized customer check-ins from your sales team, and post-sale instructional content works well.

This content typically lives in your email campaigns, and on dedicated landing pages or hubs.

The 12 Types of Video You Need

Now that we’ve talked about where video fits into each funnel stage, let’s take a look at the 12 types of video every B2B business needs to have in their library. Check out this infographic!

The 12 Types of Video Every B2B Business Needs

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